Sim self deleted itself and reinstalled!

I just got an update in the microsoft store and downloaded it, started the game and the simulator deleted itself and now I have to download the whole game again including the community folder !

I have it installed on my work laptop when I travel and at home and both did the same thing!

What is annoying is the whole sim is gone including all my community folder !

Had the same problem myself. Super annoying that it deleted everything. I have a fast internet connection but it was still hours of downloading.

Fortunately, lots of the settings are saved to the cloud so it did not require me to reconfigure.

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I have lost all my third party files , 100G !

Was you in the public beta?

I suspect this may have something to with gamepass or a licencing issue but you should never leave your package files in their default location. Always move them to a different folder and update UserCfg.opt with the new path.

I use MSFS Addons Linker » Microsoft Flight Simulator
for my community stuff. Basically the community folder will be located in a safe place. FS2020 will only have a reference to that location. Whenever FS2020 gets deleted (G. knows why) you will only lose the references and still have your community folder with all your downloads.

I think the answer to that is going to be “Yes”.


If that answer is indeed yes, it more then likely explains the cleaning out of community folder, and redownload of simulator

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This has never happened to be (Touch wood) but just in case it ever did i always make a backup of everything ever 2 weeks or so

Feel for ya dude

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I don’t use gamepass.

Yes and I backed up the Community folder and when I downloaded the official release I restored the community folder and deleted the backup … now 2 weeks later the sim self deleted everything !

I guess you didn’t uninstall in the insider app first

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Yes but why two weeks or more after the update goes live? Unfortunately I deleted my community folder backup when I restored it after the official update.

Why would Asobo suddenly do a patch or update that wiped out the whole sim and community folder weeks after the update went live? If it had happened two weeks ago I had a backup!

Did you leave the insider hub via the insider app?

Wasn’t the deadline the 13th to opt out of the Beta, or it did it for you?

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Then I really don’t know what happened. Please take my advice and not leave Community and Official in their default locations at all.


I didn’t get the chance as the update official release downloaded and ran before I had a chance to delete the beta. Like I said above up until 2 weeks ago I had the community folder backed up. Why now? It’s bizarre!

I’ve installed the sim on my D drive since release, and never once had any of these curious installation/update issues.

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Steam for the win


I highly recommend you install Community mods in another folder, not in the MSFS folder. the freeware AddOnLinker is your friend.