Sim Update 7 Live Weather regression - a broken mess

Exactly. I had to divert to another aiport because my poor passengers were taking G loads of almost 3 Gs. Puke bags were necessary :).
It’s most definitely corrupted data like you say… we’ve encountered those issues in the past as well.

I’ve descended to FL240 as all is ok at the moment. I’m going to finish my flight, about 30 mins to go, then park it up and give MSFS a break until they can get this sorted.

I understand. I’ve switched to shorter flights so I don’t get higher than FL240.
Or bush flying.

Silly me for not keeping up with the latest issues. Climbing past FL300 in the FBW, wing view on, enjoying the scenery. Routed myself around last weekend specifically so I could take this flight.

All of a sudden, I start hearing flight attendant call sounds. Switch to the cockpit - dual engine failure, plane below FL250 and descending, fuel almost gone. Add more fuel, manage to get the engines started again, and continue on. Have a few more altitude swings the rest of the way.

Looked at the flight data after the fact, and my fuel quantity and altitude both plummeted as I was passing through FL350.

Thought it was the FBW dev version, but I’ve been around long enough that I should have immediately realized Asobo done broke the weather again…

Weathers messed up majorly Asobo!!! Fix it ASAP!!!

Here is your chance to improve things.

Just experienced for the first time how the fog disappears in the simulator. It is not a flowing transition but it dissolves every second in individual steps.

I’m not a beta tester, I’m too busy to do that. I have a full time job and kids to feed. In my spare time I’d just like to have MSFS to use, and have all its main features and functions working.

Is it really that much to ask? For the weather to work?

The sim has been out for over a year!


The same in my flight from EDDL to LGIR. It was not possible to climb above FL240 because there are wind up to 270 kts. Last but not least the aircrafts crashed. Please open the SDK for third party software to avoid situations like this, because it seems that Asobo can´t fix the weatherproblems since over one year

is this a joke?


It would be really nice for them to revert weather back to update 6 and divert the current weather “enhancements” for the public beta branch.

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I would like that too but i think not everyone wants that. Many wanted to have METAR based weather. And maybe are happy now. Would be nice to have the option to choose though. It feels like we are all forced now to need to use METAR based weather now. I have got used to the meteoblue weather now and know how to plan my flights with that type of weather. I think the weather we had was the most realistic weather we ever have had in a flightsim before. It never looked the same.


Yes, options would be nice. Otherwise we all have to use metar based weather whether we like it or not.

Exactly, i had the option before to choose METAR based weather using rex but i never liked it and never used it. I know it was custom weather in use but it’s the same thing i would say. METAR is local reports stretched out to be global reports of the weather. The only difference is how they choose to stretch it out.

I tried rex and I didn’t like it at all. The sky looked like I was playing fsx. I totally missed large weather systems and cloud bands.

Yeah it was like going back in time. And i like to move forward. That old type of weather does not fit the nice scenery either.

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Me too, but there are always people who get stuck in the past and are not open to new things.


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I like the idea of having visibility from METAR because that is hard to predict though. That is the only thing i want from METAR right now until they are able to predict that better.

Should be real nice if we could choose the options of what we want from METAR.

I could live with that. But I can’t live well with static weather at the airport, but now it seems i have to.

Yeah it feels sad realy.