SimBrief Update? Or do they just want my money?

Just curious where you live that it’s only 82? Mine was 97 EUR, and that’s the price it’s showing me when I go there now, they upped it from last year. Did I overpay?

I just went to the website and looked at the pricing page. That is for ultimate yearly.

What does that page show for you?

Interesting. When I see the pricing page it doesn’t say that it includes VAT. And I logged in and checked my renewal pricing and it is €82. I’m in the UK. It’s presumably a VAT issue, in that you are paying it but apparently I am not.

I’m not particularly familiar with the UK tax code, but it may be that online services are not VATable.

Hmm, maybe those outside the EU don’t have to pay VAT.

And people say Brexit wasn’t good for anything, saved you 15 EUR/12 pounds or whatever lol

I just wanted to know if the update when you get a newer cycle will happen automatically in Simbrief for free?

I think you are right and Simbrief without subscribing Navigraph is maybe just worthless.

10,77€ monthly or 97,15€ yearly

Not sure what your asking, maybe there is a language barrier here.

It’s like this.
If you don’t pay, you get an AIRAC cycle of their choice. They periodically update it (for free, automatically) for their free users. But that may only happen every 2 years or something.

If you do pay, you get (automatically) the new AIRAC cycle every month (in simbrief and to download in order to integrate with the sim and addons). You also get access to older AIRAC cycles (each month you were subscribed you can access even if it’s no longer active anymore).

I wouldn’t agree that it’s useless without a subscription. For the vast majority of users an outdated AIRAC isn’t really a big deal.


VAT (sales tax) is one of those things that is different everywhere, both in terms of the rates and what you pay it on. In the Eurozone, as far as I know, VAT rates are set individually by the member states. So an e-commerce solution has to know both which tax domain (usually country) you are in, and whether and how much VAT to charge you.

If online services don’t attract VAT in the UK, then this was likely the case before Brexit also, since our government hardly ever removes VAT from anything that already attracts it. So I’m afraid we haven’t identified one of those elusive benefits yet :slight_smile:

Edit: removed a whole bunch of repetition.

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OK ich mache es mal in meiner Muttersprache. Ich wollte nur wissen, ob die Aktualisierung der Daten bei der kostenlosen Version von Simbrief automatisch erfolgen, oder ob ich manuell immer überprüfen muss, ob eine bessere Version verfügbar ist. Das die kostenpflichtige Variante immer neu und aktuell ist war mir klar. Aber ich wusste nicht wie wenig aktuell die kostenlose Version ist.

Ziemlich sicher dass das automatisch geht, weil man ja immer nur eine AIRAC hat als gratis user. Soweit ich mich erinnere hab ich da nie was gemacht.

Aber wenn dir so AIRAC wichtig sind musst du wohl oder übel zahlen, weil ob die alle 2 Jahre mal gratis updaten und du es dann 2 Monate nicht mitkriegst (wenns nicht automatisch wäre) ist dann wohl auch schon egal.

Ich find übrigens auch dass das ziemlich teuer ist, aber mit den Charts die auch dabei sind hab ichs gemacht. Nur für die Airacs würd ich persönlich auch nicht zahlen.

Sorry for the german

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Yes, for me it is EUR 81.64 as well after price adjustment. It is agreeably expensive for my third world ASEAN income level, but since I don’t have expensive hobby outside Flight Simming, it is fine.

As for outdated AIRAC in SimBrief, it is very finicky and very specific. Plus, some payware aircraft have their own AIRAC database, so you kind of have to match the flightplanning tool (SimBrief), the simulator, and then the aircraft as well. For many people who don’t do serious simming, it is quite a hassle. In MSFS you have a much more updated AIRAC than in SimBrief, which might not be the case in XP. Some procedures in airports have been replaced, so the flight planning tool will only show outdated ones that no longer exist in the sim. Now, don’t get me into the aircraft.

If you are not into detailed airline pilot role-playing, a simple tool like this should work for most of the cases:

Which ones? As far as I know you download new airacs for (major) payware planes via the Navigraph app. Thats what I do

Also for the OP, I am pretty sure you can still buy a sub to the Airacs only which is a lot cheaper than the prices being quoted here for the full package (which includes charts)

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

It is not using MSFS or XP’s own navigation database, which is why you have to download via the Navigraph App individually.

Some paywares like ToLiss Airbuses, or even complex freeware ones like FBW and ZiboMod doesn’t maintain their own database. Once you update your MSFS / XP, their database is also updated.

Op-et all - It’s a matter of how much you will use it. I fly 2-5 times a week, all big iron, so having a real as it gets Flight Plan is important, having the latest AIRAC data is too. The annual subscription for me work out to about 8 dollars a month or so, cheap insurance. I do lots of “test” flight plans as well, just to see how it does the work, and that means I am using it almost daily or every other day. I think aside from the OS, that is most used thing ON PC, maybe Explorer, or music player. It’s however a personal decision. I did start out with the monthly rate, and determined my use and then switched over to annual once I realized I was going to use it enough.

For lots of places, you can also use, and get most of the information you need, it’s free, but have account to be sure. The FPs there are also complete, and if you print them out, get AP diagram, and approach plate as part of package. I use that one lots to get charts and plates, as have not figured out how to in simbrief yet. You can also tie in Charts8 into MSFS to see moving map but have not done that as MSFS is off my system, too many errors.

The basic navigraph subscription which includes the lates AIRAC but no maps is about 30 dollars for the whole year. I’ts perfect if you don’t use maps and only want flight planning with the latest AIRACS.

I don’t know if Navigraph still offer subscriptions for just the nav data (without charts). Alternatively, you could also consider this:
As far as I know (but you should check again to make sure), you can continue to use the AIRACS you bought with your subscription even after the subscription has ended. Since you can cancel your subscription at any time (as far as I know), you could consider to subscribe for only one month every six months. This way, you would only pay EUR 22 per year (less than EUR 2 per month) and your nav data would never be more than six months old (which depending on where you fly, you may or may not notice).
Of course, you would only be able to access the charts during the months of your subscription. But the nav data should remain available afterwards, unless they have changed that.



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