SimConnect and the upcoming patch

After reading the current development priority list for the next patch, I noticed that SimConnect framerate loss is not presently on the list.

Is there any update on when we think we will be seeing this? This is currently blocking an advertised feature of the sim (Vatsim), as well as for folks like me with lots of additional sim hardware.

I understand that defects like install related issues need to take priority, but I’m hoping that us folks that want to fly on PilotEdge/Vatsim and have hardware that are waiting don’t have to wait for 2 development cycles (or more) before we can start flying in this sim.

Thanks for all your hard work and open communication!



Yeah I’ve noticed that having FlightEvents open to push GPS data to ForeFlight kills FPS which is a shame. Must use the same API that Vatsim uses.

Yep, the same remark has been mentionned in this thread : Fix Simconnect


The devs have ansered with an update: