SimWorks Studios and PILOT'S Dash 7!

This shouldn’t happen. The Dash7 is perfectly controllable with 2 engines out on one side, IRL.

Concerning performance questions; Try to take off with only 3 engines running.( no payload of course.)
Climb performance is better than with all engines at MTOW

No, all engines are working, gauges stable, anti skid on, packs off or low, just this spin which seems to come out of nowhere. I was thinking and thinking more and I’m wondering if it may be something wrong deep in the model of this particular version. I’m flying Air Greenland with default gps. Now, this particular model has a bug which I reported to Pilots already - on some distance some textures around windshield go black. I’m wondering now, since noone else seems to have had this skidding thing, if it’s the model’s fault? Code? I’m not IT, please forgive my ignorance if I can’t name these things properly.
I will try the other modeltomorrow, the gtn750 one and see if there’s any issues with this one.
What model do u use Luis? Maybe there are bugs characteristic for some models but not others?

Are you landing on snowy or icy runways and skidding off due to surface conditions, just a thought.

I get the impression that you are flying only in Greenland. I’m not sure if you’ve tried landing elsewhere like Florida or Spain, any place that has warm weather and would not have icy conditions on the runway surface.

Well, yes, ice, snow etc, but I was flying around Greenland with other aircraft: a320, a330, md80, twin otter, ATR, king air and none had these issues. This is the first time it happened :confused:
And that’s why I’m starting to think if there are any other issues there which are related to certain models, f.ex I never had engines shuting down on me, never had problems with autopilot, lights around a/p console etc, but no one here seems to be experiencing skidding problems

All the models share the same flight model and other .cfg files.
The notable difference between this plane and the others you’ve flown is that this one has twice as many engines as the others - are you sure that your throttle and mixture/condition lever control assignments are set for four engines and four propellers?

New version of my improvement mod, now on I toned down the lift slightly from the previous version as I noticed that it was taking off a bit too early, and also added the little triangle on the speed tape:


I don’t use assigned keys. I move all of these manually (with a mouse), so there’s no risk of moving some but not others, or doing in appropriate command. My joystick is configured to control all four propellers at the same time, so power levers move simultaneously. You can have a look at my landing here:

Everything I did here was exactly the same as in the landings, where I skidded of the runway. I mean, take a look and please, do find what might be wrong as I can’t.
Stefan from Pilot’s support says it might be related to icy runway. Can’t dispute that. He knows better for sure, but it’s just this thing, that it’s the only aircraft that did it :confused:
Unless there’s something wrong with the scenery of the airport itself?

That landing looked fine to me. All I can think of is that when you’re using the cursor to move the condition levers individually there’s a chance that one of them won’t click into the detent properly and sit slightly above or below it.

Just watched your video and noticed a few bugs.

  1. The spoilers should extend at main wheel contact anf the idle gate should open at main wheel concact as well.

Both items are essential IRL. Spoilers extend on all airplanes with mainwheel contact.

  1. The idle gate should make only a single ‘click’ or ‘thump’. The double sound you here happens only of the gate opens and closes again.

  2. The propeller ground range lights should be blue, not red. That’s an advisory, not a warning.

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I noticed that prop ground range lights come on when reverser is activated. Maybe that’s how it’s working in dash7?
Yes, the thump sound is double. I struggle to activate reverser after landing until I have aircraft firmly on ground, all three landing gear on ground and aircraft slowing down.
I did have a thought which I will explore later, maybe today evening. Aasiaat is where I first experienced the veer. Than I modified the scenery and put another runway on top of the one included in the scenery which was uneven. The reason for the other runway was to see the runway lights which were not visible from the distance due to incorrect terraforming. Anyway, since than I did not experience the skidding. Maybe it’s the scenery and something weird with the runway and I’m just barking at a wrong tree.
I will check and let everybody know :slight_smile:

So this is a recording of this skidding. If someone wishes to review it to see exactlh what I mean when it came out of nowhere :confused:

Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that they think the reverser in this sim version of the plane is tied to the nose gear being on the ground. That would probably explain why you find it hard to slow down until the plane is fully on the ground.

The blue ground range lights should come on when the power levers are below flight idle or at the DISC. position. Can’t remember exactly.

IRL you almost never use reverse in the Dash7 and like on every other airplane you don’t apply reverse thrust until the nosewheel is firmly on the ground!

Idle reverse, (disc) immediately at mainwheel touchdown, but not more than that.

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Just like bazonk3rs, I was watching quite a lot of youtube videos and my impression as well is that reversers are used as soon as main gear is on ground - at least the sound of engines suggests the reverser is activated.

Oh, it’s soo hard with no actual manual or example flight described in the manuals :frowning:
Why would we not use reversers on dash7? My impression of stol aircraft (airliner in this case) is that apart from exceptional engine performance and wide wings, there will be reverser available to make the aircraft even STOL-er, safe to land on short strips, increasing margin of safety in a way during landings on wet, snowed over, icy runways?

What you hear in these videos is the sound of the props with the power levers in DISC, not reverse.

  1. Again, you DON’T apply reverse with the nosegear in the air.
    Image if one of the outboard engines spools up slower, or not at all into max reverse.
  2. The Dash7 touches down so slooowww, that if you apply full braking, the Dash7 stops before the engines have fully spooled up in reverse. :joy:

Of course on slippery runways reverse will help slow you down, but especially under these conditions you have to be extremely careful with asymmetric reverse.

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I’m a little bit puzzled by the fuel transfer.
Transfering from 3 to 4 seems to work
Transfering 4 to 3 seems to transfer 4 to 2.
Transfering 3 to 1 does not seem to work
… and so on …
Thk for the help.

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I red somewhere that the craft stops before reversers get to full power. Makes sense not to use reversers.
In that case, I have another question. Operating on ice/snow the risk is, that excessive use of brakes will heat up braking discs, which will lead to snow/ice on these to melt and once the temp goes down there the water there would freeze up and disable brakes/impair braking action. Is that a thing in dash7?

Regarding Ezy1978
I did transfer fuel once, but just once, that was before update. I did not have to do it again after update and roper fuel needed calculations :slight_smile: when I transfered fuel it was from #1 to #2 tank (I think), but to be honest, I did not suffer fuel starvation, landed safely, didn’t explore the possibility further

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Anybody else trying to map the condition levers to keyboard shortcuts? My aim was to find a way how to smoothly move all levers at once that I don’t have to use a mouse for lowering rpm’s after take-off from 1200 to 1070 but I had found that only the “notch” positions can be assigned in the Control Options.

“Condition Lever Cut Off” for Fuel Cut-off
“Condition Lever Low Idle” for Low Flow
“Condition Lever High Idle” for Normal Flow
“Set Condition Lever” for Max RPM (that’s actually very convenient)

Exessive Brake heating on the Dash7? No way.
I’m not aware of any brake freezing problems on the Dash7. Once parked, you usually immediately release the parking brake to avoid disc warping, but this applies to most airplanes.

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I have
F2 “Decrease Mixture (Slow)
F3” Increase Mixture (Small)
Assigned. It only takes 2 or 3 presses to get 1070.

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This video is easy to understand, but it uses reverse when the main gear touches the ground.
However, full reverse seems to occur after the nose gear touches the ground.