SimWorks Studios PC-12 (47 and NG)

SimWorks Studios announced their 2022 Roadmap today on Discord and on Facebook. Part of that was announcing they are working on 2 Pilatus PC-12 offerings:

#4 Pilatus PC-12: We recently signed a licensing agreement with Pilatus Aircraft to bring their PC-12 to Microsoft Flight Simulator! Our current plan is to make two PC-12 releases: one will be the PC-12/47 which will come with a mixed glass/steam cockpit. Our goal is to have the aircraft out towards the middle of the year, built to the same standard as the Kodiak. The second would be the Pilatus PC-12NG with a fully-fledged custom glass cockpit, but due to the code work required, this is going to come in 2023.

Looking forward to this one!


Yes, that is awesome. This plane deserves a good rendition in the sim. For too long it has been ignored.
Im also hyped about the “other plane” they will announce later, i think i know which one it will be… :grin:


Definitely buying! Love it even more than the TBM!

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Ah the PC-12 and SWS too. What a combination. Awesome news.


I’ve been anxiously awaiting someone to make the PC-12, and I’m extremely grateful to see it’s going to be SWS!

Because of the Kodiak, SWS has made it to my top 5 favorite developers.


I am so happy SWS will be doing it. After flying the Kodiak I have full confidence in SWS , graphics, sound, details, realism… pretty much every aspect.

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I’m tickled pink as well by this announcement. The PC12 is one of my most flown aircraft in X-Plane 11. Very versatile aircraft and a ton of fun to fly. I’d have settled for a new Carenado version for MSFS, but I’m sure this’ll be even better.

Sign me up!!!
:+1: :+1:

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Nice Aircraft ! Thanks for the Info.


Based on my experience with the Kodiak, it’ll be great to have a PC-12 from SWS.

I’m now officially a “Raving Fan” of SimWorks Studios. :slight_smile:

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Like others have expressed in this thread I too am THRILLED to hear SWS is planning a PC-12 release. The Kodiak is stellar in every way, and surely if their PC-12 is similarly comprehensive it will be a rare treat.

That said…

Their indication that the first version would be “…the PC-12/47 which will come with a mixed glass/steam cockpit” likely indicates it will likely be the classic (Pre-NG/NGX) cockpit layout pictured here:

Having had extensively flown this version of the PC-12 from Carenado in both FSX and X-Plane, that would certainly be a treat in MSFS. And if they offered the option to replace the GNS530 with PMS50’s GTN750 (as Carenado did in X-Plane with Reality XP’s GTN750) then oh baby… all the better.

Now, with that said…

SWS’s indication that the second version would be “the Pilatus PC-12 NG with a fully-fledged custom glass cockpit, but due to the code work required, this is going to come in 2023” would be THE ULTIMATE PC-12.

But understandably, “the code work” they’re talking about is having to build the NG (and NGX) version’s Honeywell Primus Apex avionics suite from scratch I assume. It’s a truly fabulous avionics suite as can be evidenced in this image (with the NGX version’s touch screen controller, at bottom of center array):

And here’s a comprehensive tour of the Apex array from Pilatus’s YouTube channel:

Clearly, one can’t just plop a G1000 or G3000 in a PC-12 because well… that’s a not configuration that any PC-12 in existence has - so far as I know - so it’s going to take some real programming work to accomplish a fully functioning (or acceptably complete) Apex Avionics array.

And with THAT said… HERE’s my cockamamy suggestion to the team at SWS:

If SWS were to partner with either the Working Title team or perhaps PMS50 (the GTN750 developer) to create the Apex Avionics to speed things along and give the SWS team the breathing room to work on the graphics and flight model…


…and, presumably, offering subscribers above or beyond a certain number of months BETA access followed by a big discount or FREE version at initial release – then hey, I’d join at $10 bucks a month in heartbeat. No regrets. I love the PC-12 that much. I bet many (hundreds) of flight simmers do too.

Of course, I’ll still do the Snoopy dance when I get my hands on even a previous generation PC-12 with steam/glass combo… but to be sure, having an NG or NGX version with a reasonably complete and functional APEX Suite would be NIRVANA. I’d likely never fly another aircraft in MSFS again.

Well except the Kodiak now and again!


And may I suggest they don’t do any Patreon or Early Access shenanegans. Just release the plane when it’s nice and ready and then sell it via the regular channels please.


I understand your sentiment Megadyptes, but don’t get me wrong. Its perfectly normal to wince at the idea of an elite “insiders club” consisting of a individuals who can afford the privilege. I get that. Totally.

My Patreon suggestion however is specifically targeted at development of the PC-12 NG or NGX with the Honeywell Primus Apex system, and for good reason. Though comparable in features and function to the Garmin G1000/3000 systems, it’s 4 screen UI layout and interface logic is an entirely different animal.

No simulator up to now (FSX, P3D, X-Plane, etc.) has ever featured the Apex system to my knowledge, and if you watch the video I linked to above from Pilatus that covers the general functions and features of the system, it’s immediately clear that programming this beast into a bug free MSFS version from the ground up would be a monumental effort that clearly is going to require some time and great deal of effort.

SWS themselves estimated 2023 in their announcement, but let’s face it, it could easily take longer to perfect, and I wouldn’t be surprised if got shelved at some point so the developer could focus on other projects that have more immediate financial return.

But if an enthusiastic number of subscribers to a Patreon effort allowed additional programmers to join the project, it could not only be achieved within a faster timeline but could also include more accurate and in-depth functions that might be understandably left out in an initial release as “coming soons” had there been fewer individuals working to perfect various sub-systems.

Just look at the MSFS G1000 & G3000. An entity no less resourceful than Microsoft itself may have spent years to get theirs up to speed for initial release, and it still took the Working Title team to add a handful of missing functions.

Add to that the benefit of having a host of interested and passionate subscribers who would likely be more thorough Beta testers for a plethora of system functions and you have a win-win for everyone…

~ The developer ends up with an incomparably feature rich product that likely generates more sales.
~ The subscribers get to participate as much needed (and likely more thorough minded) beta testers.
~ The final product is likely more robust, feature rich, and reliable for their input and feedback.


~ Everyone else will more likely get to purchase the product when its “nice and ready” via “the regular channels” MUCH SOONER (in late 2022 perhaps) than MUCH LATER (like in 2024… or maybe never).

And consider this on that last note… IRIS Simulations announced in July, 2020 they were working on the Pilatus PC-24, which uses the same Apex system, but when asked by someone on their announcement’s Facebook post just last week if the project was still happening, they replied “Nothing new at the moment, we anticipate development commencing later this year." Huh? Commencing? Sounded last summer like it was already underway. I’d bet dollars to donuts the challenge of programming an acceptably working Apex system is where lies the rub.

So in general… yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion that developers should take their time and release their normal aircraft in a normal timeline, with no “shenanigans”.

Problem is, there’s nothing in the least bit “normal” about a PC-12 NG/NGX with fully functioning Primus Apex avionics system. It’s arguably the best GA aircraft ever produced. And it’s never been simulated before. And there’s probably a reason for that. Programming it to look and function like the real thing is most likely a daunting, time consuming, and headache inducing endeavor.

That SWS even broke the news that planned to give it a shot, makes me respect them all the more. In the meantime, their unparalleled Kodiak will have to fill the gaping PC-12 NGX hole in my heart.


SWS and Iris should collaborate together on the Honeywell EFIS

This are great News…:wink:

FINALLY a new avionics system. I am so fed up with staring at the same Garmin displays all day long no matter what plane I fly. Maybe in 2023 I won’t be playing Microsoft Garmin Simulator anymore :slight_smile:


Perhaps try the CJ4 if you want something a bit different. It’s probably realistic to the real world that most aircraft use Garmin equipment. You might find a small percentage of Avidyne, Aspen or Bendix King/Honeywell but it’s pretty much Garmin for GA.

Really looking forward to this! The PC-12 is that “If you could buy any airplane” airplane that I’ve been in love with since getting a thorough tour of it at their sales & service facility at the old Jeffco airport in Colorado. That was the old 12/47. A few months back, I had the opportunity to sit in the business end of the new NG and was amazed at just how cozy it was and how “digital” it appears on person. Lots of new tech to learn!


100% with ya on this!

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and there I was, finally flying my virtual Twotter thinking “well I can’t see me needing any other models for some time now…”

Completely forgot about the PC-12 (and if Iris are still doing the PC-9). Day 1 purchase.

There is something about the PC-12 that makes me go “Oooh!” every time I jump in the virtual cockpit. Such a joy to operate.

edit: I have no interest in the NGX version, though. Not for me.