SimWorks Studios PC-12 (47 and NG)

A RFDS interior, a cargo interior and passenger interior would be pretty cool !! (Although, understand if that would be too much work)… any idea what month your aiming for release?

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This makes sense. Will these be sold as two completely separate, full-priced products? Will there be any sort of discount if you own the legacy PC-12 and want to get the NG? I’m dying for a PC-12, but really want the full glass.

They will be separately priced, it is too early to think about a discount. The avionics on the NG are a big piece of work so most of the price will be for that.

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It is fair enough, and unlike most other dev here you do care about model and system :slight_smile: Although I tried to reach out to you on Facebook after my first purchase and you never replied… ha ha

Thank you for doing both models, I think the mix avionics one is better for a sim, like aircraft with the G1000 after all they are all the same to look at, and cheap win too as no modelling of the cockpit instruments is required. So kudos to you guys for doing both and sensibly prioritize what probably will be a more fun version too, waiting for you PC12s :slight_smile:

Asking for discounts ha ha ha simmer favourite sport “But I had the MS FS 95 version I should pay 50% less” :smiley:

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FYI the NG does not use Garmin avionics, it uses the Honeywell Primus Apex suite, so they have to create it entirely from scratch, which is why they don’t anticipate that one being released until the end of 2023.

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One reason more to buy it :slight_smile:

Any news yet on when the first model is going to be available?

Hunting for end of '22.


I have a lot of turboprops in my hangar, including your Kodiak. I’d love to see different avionics in the planes and was hoping for the Collins in the PC12.

Do you have an ETA for that?

After looking into it, I might have to pick up your Kodiak.

Essentially all my favorite SimTubers called it the “Golden Standard” when it comes to 3rd party aircraft.

It is available on Xbox? Haven’t been on the sim to check.

Yes it is available on Xbox. At the time it was released it was unique, now there are many more good planes. Still, we are working hard to improve the Kodi and surpass it with the PC-12.


Hurry obewansimworkskanobe you are our only hope from the dark galaticarenado empire and their sith pc12

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@SWS: Please implement home cockpit use for ALL functions from the very beginning along with a proper manual. Every mouse function must be adressable via a custom output (Mobiflight, FSUIPC etc.). This should be considered as a very basic precondition for every aircraft to be released.

I have that half finished Carenado thing and getting really angry about the lack of any documentation about keybinds etc. I guess these just do not exist. These guys are kidding us. The implementation of this aircraft is xxxxx…


Really looking forward to this one.

Same here. From what I’ve seen, they’ve done an amazing job with the Kodiak, so I’ll patiently wait for their version of the PC-12. I’ve been so tempted to buy the other one, but too many horror stories and buyers remorse.

I got the other one and love it. But… its not complete. Hopefully SWS can complete it properly.

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Yup judging by the Kodiak craftsmanship, I’m confident the SWS PC-12’s visuals will be as beautiful as the Carenado’s interior.

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You can rest easy. If it’s anything like the Kodiak we will be able to control everything. If we can’t from day 1 then it will be fixed. This happened with a couple of switches in the Kodiak but we spoke and SWS listened.


If the PC-12 is as good as the Kodiak that means we haven’t improved in our craft. At that point we cease support to our products and will open a nail salon instead.

Seriously, we cannot show you the breakthroughs we have had recently with the PC-12 just because of the placeholder visuals. The Kodiak helped us build the engine basics. The PC-12 will get us to advanced engine, avionics and at some point some highly requested features. It takes time but we will do a very good job.


Oh hell you got me excited now. The Kodiak is already way above my expectations so please take my money lol