Simworks Studios Vans RV10


Simworks Studios quality and my kind of plane = insta-buy. Can’t wait!

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I own the Vans RV-14 from SWS and it’s fantastic. This one is going to be just as good EXCEPT for the fact that it uses the G3X touch which is not that great. I was hoping for them to maybe give us some diff avionic options but it’ll do for now…hopefully WT will tackle the G3X soon.

SWS is really busy. PC-12 (release pretty soon?), Dash 7 (ready by now?), GA 8 and now this. Is it possible to have so many projects going on?

I am not too keen on the Vans, but if the price will be really €15, why not…

Looks nice, but as I already have the RV-14 I guess this seems too similar, even though it’s cheap and seats 4. The G3X is also my least favorite glass cockpit in MSFS which is the weak point of the RV-14, too. And the RV-14 includes tailwheel version, not sure if the RV-10 can even be built that way. Either way, I have no doubt it will be a quality plane for the price.

I have not bought the RV-14 specifically because of the G3X, and I will not buy the RV-10 for the same reason. I think the G3X is really bad, and it’s been made even worse by the WT upgraded GNS 430/530, G1000 NXi, G3000/5000 and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21. They are all very good now. Really hope WT works their magic on the G3X next. Pretty please :pray:


Regarding the G3X, there is a thread about updating it to NXI standards. Everyone please upvote it! Upgrade Garmin G3X to NXi Standards


I had to do a double take when I saw N829GW, that actual plane is based at my home airport. It is nothing short of immaculate.

Release date is Friday, February 3rd.

The only thing I’m not sure about is those seats which look extremely thin to me. Much thinner than the real thing. I’m hoping they’ll be padded out a bit before release.

Maybe they cheaped out on their build? It is a homebuilt after all…