SkyPark, NeoFly, OnAir, FSEconomy, Air Hauler 2, AirwaySim - which is the best

I would really like to open a discussing to see what Flight Sim Career Mode Add-on is the best. I’ve been doing some research but I find a lot of mixed opinions.

NeoFly and SkyPark seems like great newcomers who could possibly take over the show, but do they stand a chance with OnAir, their client base seems very loyal and the game has extensive features…

What do you think?


I use Air Hauler 2 for Airliners and Neofly for GA.

Neofly is great for flying from Airport to Airport in the country or beyond.


That’s interesting. Have you ever tried OnAir for Airlines and if so how did it compare to Air Hauler 2?
Is there anything you think Air Hauler 2 should implement from NeoFly or vice versa?

I just bought Air Hauler 2 , haven’t messed with it much after I got stuck. I also purchased SkyPark, I’m having some fun with it so far. I haven’t been able to figure out if any of the two can actually make flight plans for you to fly.

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There’s a guy called Kiwi Mace on youtube that does great in depth Air Hauler 2 tutorials. He has one on scheduling passenger routes which might be helpful for you. I haven’t given the game a go myself, just been watching youtube tutorial videos for research purposes but hopefully Kiwi Mace can help you out

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Skypark without hesitation. Onair is very expensive and for beginners (You can’t fly big planes from the start (painful)), not to mention bugs and malfunctions. Long live Skypark which brings freshness to the simulation.


lol onair is not “very expensive”… its $35 a year which is like $3/month.

I agree with you that the grind to get to bigger planes is a bit annoying.

pretty sure skypark is more expensive than on air LOL

Hi there,
Is Air Hauler 2 worth $50.00

No, if you pay monthly, it’s 9.50 per month for Onair!

Im so curious to try it! Out of everything that I’ve seen so far in my research it definitely has a great onboarding experience and Jeff and Bridgit are great tools for when you’re stuck on the way

If you pay once a year the monthly fee equals $3 per month. I definitely think there should just be one up front fee but that seems to be a thing of the past

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This is an interesting topic. Up to now I never used any of these products, so maybe my question is naive, but do they also provide voice-over accompanying the various phases, or are they all text based? I ask this because I really like voice-over in flight simulations, as in the old FSX missions and lessons, so I am searching for MSFS addons with this characteristic.

Sadly in My Opinion No
Long winded thoughts: to back that up
Regarding air hauler 2, to be clear I am coming at this from an existing customer point of view. I found for existing customers, we only get $16.50 off USD from the retail price of $49.49 USD, as of this post. That ends up being roughly 33% off. From what I gather, it will communicate seamlessly with MSFS 2020 (obviously). Same as in Air Hauler 2 for the X-Plane 11 counterpart, you’ll be able to add your own aircraft into the market. Basically from what I can tell by reviewing the Manual provided by the developer, these are the only two real standout changes they had to do with the basic program to make a compatible with FS 2020. All the other features of the program appear to be the same as the X-Plane 11 version as far as I can tell. Maybe there’s more under the hood development that I am not seen as an end user. But regardless from my point of view it’s a hard sell.

As I stated above, for me this will be a very hard to justify giving the developer another $33.00. This looks like to me the discount should’ve been 50% or greater for existing customers (especially, for customers who bought the product within a 12 month period), to me I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth but your perspective may vary and that’s just fine. It’s your money you do as you see fit. Now will I bend the knee and give the developer the $33.00, at this time I don’t know. I do like the program and have done videos on it in the past. But ■■■■ them, why did they have to make it so expensive. Yes, I know the answer, but never mind.

Maybe Neofly and other products will continue develop an add multiplayer capabilities to their products which in turn would give air hauler 2 competition. Now to be fair, if you’ve never own the product before, then I would say the full price of $49.49 would be justified because it is a good program, so don’t get me wrong. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, if customers will buy it or not. Just my opinion cheers to all Dion. Youtube: #Dionm01


I can see where you’re coming from. I feel like this happens a lot these days, paying for updates that are quite minor… And yes, programs like NeoFly seem to develop at such a fast pace. The developer is really on it and implements the feedback of the users - from it’s release date the developer has actually updated it every week with the requests of the players! NeoFly is quite different from Air Hauler 2 as it doesn’t have as complex features yet… My team are looking to develop a tycoon type of game like Air Hauler 2, but we’re still in early research phase. If anyone would like to do our survey and take part that would be awesome.

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I took your survey, and hopefully information in that survey will help you to create a robust product. Cheers to you Dion Youtube: #dionm01

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^ This.

Neofly is great for a bush pilot career. OnAir and Air Hauler 2 are more oriented towards an airline/big jet career.


Both Air Hauler 2 and Sky Park are a one time purchase. I’ve read that Skypark may go to a subscription service for advanced features, but as it stands now, Skypark is a one time purchase.

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I think so. I’m more into a bush pilot career right now, for which Neofly excels, but I have both Air Hauler 2 and a 6 month subscription to OnAir, and I will stay with Air Hauler 2 when I fire up an airliner career. OnAir is too tedious. I’m not into skills trees and leveling up like in an FPS.

For me depth of Skypark is not worth a subscription, yet.
There‘s still nothing to spend your money on and missions repeat from one point on.