Smaller and colored nameplates for traffic (Updated 2022-03-04)

They do work just fine. No issues with them.
Check your installation, delete and re-install them maybe.

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Yeah, after restart of the sim all is good :slight_smile:

This is why I added the “note” to my post and to the github readme that MSFS ignores the Community Folder after patching and a restart fixes it.
That applies to ALL mods, so a restart after a patch is anyway necessary.

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I created a new release v2.1 which now natively works together with the UIMOD “uimod-mugz-hiddenui”:


  • Don’t use the mod “uimod-mugz-tinyplates” and one of mine together since both define the look of the nameplates. So pick one of mine or the one from uimod.
  • My mod still also works standalone, so the UIMOD is optional.
  • v2.1 does not contain any changes to the look, it’s just for the compatibility

Thanks to @mixMugz to making his mod compatible and providing all required information.

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Is there a way to change the max distance they are visible? I don’t see any need to see plates for aircraft further away than 20 miles or so…

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great work, thank you!
i like the new style without huge original nameplate, but i need bigger font size for VR, i don’t really understand the parameters in the .css file :mask: anyone can help me?


Sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately there is no way to influence which aircraft get nameplates and which don’t. Also the distance is not provided, so filtering isn’t possible as well.

Hi all,
there was a change in the UIMOD “hiddenui” that made a fix for my nameplates necessary. Without this update, hiding nameplates using the hotkey was not possible since they re-appeared again.

So if you’re using the hiddenui mod with one of my nameplates mods, please make sure to update to v2.2 available here:

If you’re not using the UIMOD hiddenui you don’t need to update (but you can without any issues).

How do you download the zip file? I dont seem to be able to find it on github. Never mind, I found the ‘Releases’ link

@KevyKevTPA to not spam other threads, please post questions regarding the mod here in this thread. That keeps the overview and doesn’t annoy other people with off topic :slight_smile:

To install you go to the releases section on github:

There you download the latest release as a zip file.

In the downloaded zip you’ll find the different versions as folders. Pick the version you like and copy the folder into your Community folder.
That’s it.

@Coppersens, good idea! As for the mod, I downloaded it, but haven’t tried it yet. I promise I will soon! I’m just not used to finding completed mods listed as “Source Code” on Github, which is what led to my initial confusion. You may want to address that moving forward.

I’d offer my assistance, but like I said, I’m pretty much a Github noob and I have zero idea how to do such a thing.

But I will let you know my thoughts on the mod when I try it. I went with the “small red” option.

I won’t and therefore don’t need any help on this, thanks.
This is common practice for many mods and there’s a release page right on the main github page where you can download the mod as is.

Enjoy the mod.

@Coppersens, I am enjoying it. Quite a bit!

Like I said, I went with the “small red” option, and I really like the way it looks compared to the default. It is far less intrusive, much easier to read, and gives me the info I need without being overly obnoxious. I do like being able to see the plane type and such, but since you’ve provided so many different options for people who want that vs. those that don’t, that’s a really good mix in my opinion.

Bottom line, great job, and this is coming from a guy who wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it or not! I can wholeheartedly recommend this for anyone who is even curious enough to give it a shot.

Thanks so much for sharing it!


sorry for being so late to the game here but I’ve followed the instructions to install this mod, restarted msfs and my content manager shows its installed but I see no change in the nametags when flying. Here’s my community folder tree for this mod:

What might I NOT be doing to get this much needed mod to function?

Thanks for this mod

Is there a way to add further information to the nameplates such as destination and aircraft type? I find it odd that the MSFS nameplates offer so little in terms of info when compared to those of FSX.

The folder cppr-nameplates-small-blue needs to be directly in the community folder, that’s probably your issue.
The msfs_nameplates-2.2 is just the zip file’s name when downloading it and you have to take one of the contained folders and place it directly in the community folder.

Aircraft type is contained except in the v2 green version.
Other than that the only info provided by the sim is altitude and origin airport. There is no way to add more info since the sim isn’t providing it.
Sometimes the sim doesn’t provide any details, only the name. I have no clue when it does and when it doesn’t - seems a bit random to me.
I can only formar and omit data, not add anything that isn’t there.

In the v2 green version I chose to only display the altitude (if provided) to reduce clutter since this is the most important of the available data.

THANK YOU for the installation info. These look GREAT!!!

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Glad to hear :slight_smile: I’m actually using the v2 green since it has proven for me to have the best readability in all situations while still not blocking too much of the view.

Together with the hiddenui mod where you simply can toggle them, it’s the best combo for me, allowing for clean screenshots while still flying with a group.

One more request if you please, you’ve got my interest piqued now regarding the hiddenui and the ability to toggle between label colors. Would you be willing to explain/detail the installation steps to achieve this? I tried to find the hiddenui without success.

Thank you in advance!

It’s another mod and linked in the opening post:

For installation please refer to their thread.