Smaller and colored nameplates for traffic (Updated 2022-03-04)

For those who want to tweak their nameplates further, here’s a HowTo which I don’t want to provide as a standalone mod:

(Updated to be compatible with SU5)

Hide numeric value from gamertags
XBox appends a # with a number to every gamertag that is not unique. Since it is mostly useless and makes the nameplates even longer, here’s how to remove them:
Find the file


and add the following lines after line 22:

  // remove number after gamertag
  data.title.text = data.title.text.replace(/#[0-9]*/gi, "");

Highlight specific names
This only works if you’re using the cppr-nameplates-v2-green of my mod since it contains a highlighting prepared already.
Again look for the file


And add there the following line (I exemplary added a few streamers, feel free to add others the same way. Note that you have to omit here the numeric part if you’re using the above tweak as well:

  // highlight some users from livestreams
  if (data.title.text.toUpperCase() == "SIMTOM2" 
  	|| data.title.text.toUpperCase() == "PIETER1982NL") {

You need to apply this change every time there is an MSFS update that overrides these changes.

With the two fixes in place, my file looks as follows:


How do I download the v2 green I went to the site and I can’t find the download link.

Go to the most recent release, which currently is this:

Press on “Source Code (zip)” which downloads you the full package.
Then open the zip and pick the version you’d like by copying the appropriate folder from the zip file into your community folder. :slight_smile:

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Would like to not have the Name only Aircraft and ALT, is this possible?

This tweak no longer works, correct? It prevents gamer tags appearing at all, having tried it a couple of times after it initially worked.

Is there a simple modification of the settings in your file to further reduce the text size? I am using the small red version. I would like to reduce the text size by about 1/3 to 1/2.

You can check the css file contained in the mod, there are font size settings. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try it again, got reverted by recent updates.

I added a fix to make my nameplates compatible with the UIMOD “uimod-mugz-hiddenui” which you can have both installed and toggle the nameplates together with the UI elements (using Backspace).
Please download the latest version if you’re using the UIMOD as well:


just to check,is it no nameplate for offline ai traffic

Is that a question? Not sure I understand it.

This mod just changes the way the nameplates look, not their logic when and how they spawn etc.

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Finally I found the custom nameplate mod to replace the ugly MSFS2020 default nameplate! Thank you!


Glad you lke it :slight_smile:
I really hope at some point Asobo will add more information to be available for nameplates (speed, heading, distance) since the other data is mostly irrelevant which is why I hid it.

It’s about time Asobo gives some love to the nameplates we simmer see all the time. At least they promised a hotkey binding for on/off without external mods…

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Great mod, wish they would implement this. Also wish they would make it so the AI has nameplates when you have AI offline traffic turned on since nameplates only work for live traffic

Interesting. I’ve never used anything other than Live traffic, and didn’t know AI had no nametags at all.

Is it possible to display the distance away of the other aircraft or is that something Asobo would need to implement?

Yes. It’s not possible at the moment.

Thanks. Hopefully they can do something and also allow to choose which details to display. Quick question… tried this out yesterday and the aircraft type showed (ie: Boeing, Airbus, etc). The readme mentioned that “Disabled display of aircraft type and origin airport”, but I see both (when aircraft gets closer to my aircraft). I was using live traffic with AIG paints. Wasn’t sure if I needed to do something for this.