Snow Cover or No Snow Cover


In your screen shot, Live Weather is not active. If it was, that menu would be grayed out. It shows that the active mode is the “Clear Skies” preset. In this window, the word “live” only refers to the time of day. If you intended to select Live Weather, for some reason, the selection did not “take”.

Good catch. I uploaded the wrong screenshot…lol

Yeah, this really shouldn’t be this hard to figure out… MeteoBlue’s maps can be quite accurate. How hard can it be to just inject the same data into the sim? Apparently pretty hard as live weather hasn’t been that accurate (even to what MeteoBlue has themselves) since day 1.

Here is snow cover in Innsbruck on MeteoBlue:

As you can see, only the mountain tops have snow. In sim, the valleys and everything else are covered by snow.

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I fly from Munich to Tivat , in Tivat 16 Degrees Temperature .
But all over there Snow like on the Northpole .
Then suddenly after landing and taxiing . All green . Oh come on . Is this again an Joke ?

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Just made a flight from Toronto up North. According to the Meteoblue map Toronto was on the edge of recent snowfall area. In the neigborhood of Bradford I started noticing some patches of snow on certain fields and roads, in the neigborhood of Barrie the whole landscape became slowly snow covered. First only white fields between green trees, later on all trees were white also. It seems accurate to me…

It started snowing in Sweden (in real life) and unfortunately that was not represented in the live weather settings.

Repro steps:

  • Start the game
  • Choose a flight path that takes you over Sweden (ie Stockholm)
  • Make sure live weather is enabled
  • Notice that there is no snow coverage

Did you check what the data on the Meteoblue website says? I have been testing this a few times. Only the darker blue areas on the snowfall map will show snow in the simulator. According to this map right now you should see some snow just north of Uppsala.

Hm interesting. Thanks for that

Not always happening… here’s a bug I just filed… beautiful VFR weather in SIM vs. RL.

METAR - KGEG 260253Z 06007KT 1SM R21/P6000FT -SN BR BKN006 OVC011 M02/M03 A2984 RMK AO2 TWR VIS 1 1/2 SLP130 SNINCR 1/1 P0005 60009 T10171033 58021

One thing I noticed in the past was that just prior to loading live weather, MSFS first loads clear skies. Then after a few seconds MSFS feeds in the live weather. If the live weather fails to load you are left with clear skies. You can see this if you change from one of the preset weathers to live weather once a flight has loaded. But this is only how it worked up until the last update when they added snow to live weather.

Now if you change from a preset weather I see clear skies loaded first, then sometimes followed by snow, then followed by live weather. If for some reason the live weather doesn’t load you could be left with snow now. This would explain the snow in St Barts screenshot above.

Here is a flight loaded at Mount Isa YBMA. And if it ever snows in Mount Isa the rest of the world is in for a really bad time.

After I selected scattered clouds preset in the world map screen I loaded the flight and it looked like this.

I then selected Live Weather and clear skies appeared briefly.

Then snow for a couple of seconds

And then finally the actual live weather.

Note - after selecting live weather I didn’t touch any MSFS values, just took the screenshots.

After a bit of testing I found that the snow transition only appears on the 2nd flight loaded after you start MSFS, but not on the 1st flight loaded. Also after you did the initial change from preset weather to live weather (via clear skies and snow), MSFS didn’t load either clear skies or snow again. Instead just doing a direct change from live weather to preset weather and vice versa.

So this clear skies and snow before live weather scenario is repeatable and you always get:-
. 1st flight -> preset weather -> clear skies -> Live Weather
. 2nd flight -> preset weather -> clear skies -> snow -> Live Weather.

Why MSFS behaves like this is anyone’s guess.


Not my experience. I always shut down my PC after a flight. So on every new flight the PC and sim have been just started and is always default set to live weather. I don’t play with the weather presets and always live weather is loaded instantly. I can see the actual weather when the ‘ready to fly’ animation starts and it doesn’t change when entering the cockpit. When there’s snow I will see it right away.

Problem here as well. Today in Stockholm we have about 10 cm snow.
Today in sim:

One of the main problems is that it also need to be MUCH snow in the simulator to be white on the ground. With like 1 cm snow, still fields are green. They should be grey/white then…

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Is it a bug that roads all turn white while the fields stay green? It looks really off

Out in the country it would make sense, snow on dirt roads, grass sticking through in fields. But not in cities, it looks inverted.

Yes, that looks inverted to me as well.

The terrain generally get snow cover before roads do, but that may depend on atmospheric conditions and things like traffic density. Worse case, with really cold temps and heavy snowfall that lasts a while, roads and terrain will receive snow cover at about an equal rate. But, here in the Midwest, I can’t think of any time that I’ve seen the roads get fully covered before the land around them did.

This was also remaining ground cover. The sun was out, above 0c, roads generally melt first if not already cleared or salted. Those don’t look like low traffic density dirt roads.

This view is what you get out on trails when either there’s low snow cover with vegetation sticking out or the snow has been compacted down by people walking over the trails turning it into longer lasting compacted snow. You can get the same effect on dirt roads although then you see the tire tracks standing out while the edges and middle melt first. Perhaps those are all dirt roads and steam rollers are the preferred mode of transport :smile:


I have also issues with the depiction of snow cover. I am flying in the area of Linz (LOLO, flying north to the hills, with peaks up to 900m) and the surrounding hills (all are covered in snow in RL). We have actually about 10-15cm snow cover when I look out the windows. Also meteo blue knows that there is snow cover (a litte bit less accurat), but unfortunatly, in the sim all is green as it is summer.
The clouds on the other hand seem to be loaded correctly (so I think live weather was working), only the snow cover was missing.

In my area we have snow above 800 meters and it was very well depicted yesterday evening. Today, same place, live weather on with matching clouds, temperature and winds and… no snow even if the temperatures are still negative.
Not far away, in the Alps, I still see live snow (and I mean live snow, not snow that was already on the bing images) so I don’t know why my mountain range has lost its snow right now.

About snow and roads: the model works very well for dirt roads but feels unrealistic on paved road around cities.

Edit: the more I test the more I tend to believe they have some sort of safe mode for snow. Meaning, if the server that feeds live snow is not working for a reason, parts of the the world get a winter snow coverage anyway.
Right now, with live weather working I don’t see any snow on small or medium mountain range: German Black Forest, Jura and Vosges (they had an accurate snow coverage yesterday evening in the live weather).
However the main valleys of the Alps have snow (see Courchevel, Chamois AO02…). I notice they are located on parts of the world map that is depicted with a snow cover so I guess those are the “safe to have snow in winter” places.

Edit 2: this afternoon the snow is back in the smaller mountain range… who knows why?

When it works, I’m quite satisfied by the accuracy of the model. Here is a comparison for the situation in my area yesterday. I took the picture above while flying yesterday, at the bottom is live weather from the sim (taken with exposure enhancement because it was already night time when I came back).
There were three different situations visible IRL: full snow coverage of more than 20 cm with snow on trees, full snow coverage of less than 20 cm without snow on trees, partial or almost non existent snow covering. All those three situation were accurately depicted in the sim.

There is loads of snow in real life where I have been checking, snow appeared for a few seconds and then disappeared. Cycling between clear skies and live weather has no effect. Its not essential, and in my opinion there are loads of problems far more important to solve. Its just disappointing that they waste their time on less important eye-candy all the time (snow, night lighting) and it never works… Time well spend once again. In the meanwhile the flight model is still a joke, flight director lateral bars are not working on any aircraft with autopilot off and so on… I literally haven’t seen anything fixed properly since release other than visual stuff…

Had snow here on xmas-eve and xmas most of the time it was reflected in game, now weather is clear and snow pack has disappeared. WoW guess the sun is burning extra hot these days…BTW we had between 5"-1.3’ on the ground.