Solution for Stutters & Pauses (updated for SU5)

Sems to be a solution. It works in offline modus. The stutters stops in the first flight. But need to test it few times more to be 100% sure. Thx

Offline modus is not the solution, because you lose to much comparing to the online modus.

I only get 35 fps when flying a simple plane, in the middle of nowhere, not a lot of clouds and no multiplayer traffic nearby. I think 35 fps is normal for this sim.

But yes it needs a lot of optimization. But i don’t think it was much better a year ago.

Its an solution, till Microsoft fix the server issue. Its up to you, if only online makes the game for you enjoyable, then enjoy the stutters. :wink:

Interesting. Altho im nor really affected by stutters and pauses, i lock my FPS to 30 and enable Vsync 30FPS ingame, which is mostly butter smooth. Some hiccups occur ofc when a big airport/PG city is loaded in, but thats it.

However, i did a 3D Mark benchmark on Firestrike (DX11) to see how HAGS, Gamemode and CPU priority will affect the test, heres my Result:

HAGS ON, Game Mode ON, CPU Application Priority:

HAGS OFF, Game Mode OFF, CPU Background Priority:

So, what do we see here is a bit interesting:
the result with HAGS OFF, GM OFF, CPU Background gave me the slightly better overall score. However, GPU and Physics score are lower, but the combined score is higher.

Also the estimated FPS, in this case for BFV is +5 FPS higher in the overall lower score with HAGS and Gamemode enabled.

So, i dont really know what to do with all this info. In the end, i guess, HAGS and Gamemode on or off doesnt make that big of a difference.

Also, im not chasing FPS in a Flightsim, my goal is to achieve smoothness. And the only way to achieve this, is to limit the framerate to a level that your system can reach in EVERY situation. In my case, even if i can go UP TO 60FPS in some situations, they go down to just above 30FPS in heavier scenarios.

I turn on Vsync 30 FPS in MSFS and set my Monitor refreshrate accordingli, this gives a very smooth stutterfree experience. Even if 30FPS sounds ancient in 2021,this is the way to go for MSFS. This is not your average game where you aim for 144+ FPS. Smoothness is what yuo are looking for! :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with you!

Though with a better optimized graphics engine,
it would be far smoother if one could raise Vsync-lock to 60 FPS,
as DCS does… And Indeed… 30FPS sounds ancient in 2021…

You might be interested in my thread:

Ok after several more tests, the sulution is to find a server where there are no faulty liveries, it has nothing to do with the servers or network speed, its multiplay players with a faulty liveries in there community folders. when I selected USA, that sever multiplayers had good liveries at the time I joined the server, hence no stutter, I guess its down to asobo to fix this problem.

Could the latest issued be caused by “Microsoft issues emergency update to fix game performance problems caused by KB5000842 and KB5001330” (Microsoft issues emergency update to fix game performance problems caused by KB5000842 and KB5001330)

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or … just change your plane to one less shared by the community . and enjoy multiplay stutter free.

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As sqlmike says, just lately a Microsoft Windows update KB5001330 affected quite a few games besides the MSFS and they have been forced to release an update to fix it, so on top of all the hassle we have, this only compounded our problem.

I have updated to fix this and carried out a few landings at Heathrow, and flown over London, with no problems today. Yesterday Charles de Gaulle with no problems.

P.S. I created a huge high-quality manually cached area around Heathrow a few days back but it was still stuttering on Approach and Landing, but today it was fine? so I don’t know what to make of all this!

Well if it’s a livery issue, I guess I’m happy that out of all the liveries I downloaded, I had to do a lot of rework on them in terms of the settings and how the sim is loaded.

I find a lot of them to be inconsistent. Missing callsign, wrong ICAO code. Tail number is problematic, wrong references, missing textures etc. So I had to rework on them to make them standard and stable.

I don’t know if it contributes to a solution, but today I manually installed the new Microsoft update fix since they noticed that the last MS update caused graphic problems to some games.

I tried it out and it changed…

…nothing. Still about 10 fps near ground (tried at Schiphol & environment).

Hi Captains
Here is a little tip for multiplay stutter problem meanwhile waiting the Microsofts fix for the problem. When I use PMP A 330 airplane with its liverypack (for FWB Development version ), there are not stutter at any airports with all multiplay settings on with 4K .
I havent test all liverypacks liveries for the airplane, but at least the Finnair livery does not cause stutter.
It does not matter, which airport I choose, I `ll get smooth game even at LAX, which is the hungriest fps eater.
Go and try yourself !

I hope this help over the hard times to get update.

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I use FBW A320 , its the best plane in my opinion out there at the moment, its not your livery that’s the issue , it’s another FBW A320 ( every one seems to be flying this plane ATM ) in the same sever as you with an livery issue .

change sever, and hope no one has a defective livery that match your plane
Change Plane , that sucks,
turn off multiplay. this will solve it. but alas no sharing a flight with your buddy.

Just to confirm, the stutter pulse’s ( the games pause) every second with low FPS, you still get stutter in the menu until you resolve it with one of the above.

I find it best to disable multiplay in the menu first, then select another server, re-enable multiplay, wait for 30 seconds or so, this gives the server time to find local players, if no stutter and your frame rate is back upto 40+ fps, you are good to go.

No other sulution will fix this until Asobo fix it, unless you know different …lol

Full ack. I set 20 fps and I am happy. Some people say that you need 100 fps even if your monitor can only do 60 fps. But I do not believe such a thing. I prefer “slow games” like turn based RPGs. A MSFS 2020 fits the bill. And an LCD monitor gives a nice picture at 20 fps, not like the old CRTs.


Still the difference between 30fps and 60fps is massive.
fps comparison

Well 60 fps is actually 50 fps here because gif can’t go beyond 50 fps i believe :slight_smile:

Of course theres a difference. Ill never play rainbow six on 30fps when i can achieve 144+, but that is not the point here.

Got some improvements now after not only updating Windows, but also Nvidia.

Not perfect, but remarkably better.

20 fps is indeed almost a picture.
If you like stuttering images. :wink:

My eyes gave me a steady non flickering movie with 60fps.
20 fps is not what i want.
I fly with x-plane now and have 60 fps with Great Brittain highres scenery and a very detailed airplane like the B738 Zibo mod.

I was hoping that MSFS gave me the same steady sim, but it’s fps going down after every update and the airliners are not what i expected so far.

I think i come back over 1 or 2 years and hope that MSFS is realy a flyable flight simulation.

The windows update KB5001391 fixed the performance issues i had with the sim. That windows update fixed windows 10 high cpu usage which is what was causing a lot of the performance issues not related to the multiplayer bug though. I have done 3 flights after that windows update on the 747 and 787 and i had smooth flights with no stutters.