Some Terrain Tiles change up close

On SU6 now, experiencing something I’ve never had before;
It doesn’t happen everywhere, but around some areas of B.C so far I’ve noticed terrain tiling in very obviously and unpleasantly. It’s in a circle around my aircraft, and it looks something like this:

This happens along the whole airport, amongst other areas around here. This is CYPK (Pitt Meadows) if anyone else wants to check theirs

As a little extra aside; It’s almost as if, at such a close range, it’s changing to the lower zoom level, as the color and outdated/muddy satellite data strongly resembles what it looks like on the world map when I’m zoomed out a bit.

Any solution to this?

This happens to me after the Austràlia update

this “bug” exsists since, well i don’t know anymore :sweat:… it’s when there are different LOD data sets for the same ground texture and there is nothing you can do about it.