Some Terrain Tiles change up close

On SU6 now, experiencing something I’ve never had before;
It doesn’t happen everywhere, but around some areas of B.C so far I’ve noticed terrain tiling in very obviously and unpleasantly. It’s in a circle around my aircraft, and it looks something like this:

This happens along the whole airport, amongst other areas around here. This is CYPK (Pitt Meadows) if anyone else wants to check theirs

As a little extra aside; It’s almost as if, at such a close range, it’s changing to the lower zoom level, as the color and outdated/muddy satellite data strongly resembles what it looks like on the world map when I’m zoomed out a bit.

Any solution to this?

This happens to me after the Austràlia update

this “bug” exsists since, well i don’t know anymore :sweat:… it’s when there are different LOD data sets for the same ground texture and there is nothing you can do about it.

Just observed this yesterday again in the region around OR23 airstrip in Oregon. (Default scenery without any AddOn).

Its quite a bit immersion breaking, hope it gets fixed someday.

Same behavior can be seen at Latin VFR KBWI scenery, where even the runway color changes.
Not sure if that can be fixed by the dev or is related to the same issue.


Same here. I just experienced that issue on a flight in Mexico:

Here is a short video demonstrating that LOD ground texture issue around MMVK / MMDD. It’s related to the distance of the aircraft to the tiles, even vertically. You can see the high detail tiles disappear completely when I gain more altitude and reappear when I descend again.


To moderators:

Terrain texture loading bug - Bug Reports & Wishlist / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

High Jigsaw,
you probably can make a similar experience when flying in the Arcachon area (former homebase of Asobo)
Flying there over some region with a phantastic texturing at the beginning, this texture becomes replaced gradually by a very bad one (tile by tile).
Thought, Asobo would know that and get it corrected with the latest update. Probably it’ s not as easy as we might think.

Bye, walter

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These mis-matched tiles are happening everywhere:

From the very beginning MS has worked with the flight simulator according to the principle “product matures with the customer”. When do MS / Asobo want to correct this annoying and terrible mistake? Does anyone know of a definitive statement on this? Or is that not repaired at all because MS / Asobo want to force the users to the MS2024? I’ve now switched to X-Plane 12. The landscapes and cities are not that pretty, but each plane is very easy to fly because the flight model is obviously much better. I’ll return to MS2020 when this major bug is fixed. Greetings from Germany.

The X-Plane FM is better?