Something gone wrong when flying into clouds

Yes it definitely is worse now. I can assure you I was “inside” this cloud, yet the full sun brightness is reflecting off the aircraft. It just looks wrong and silly.


Yeah this seems like it’s got to be unintended functionality / bug…

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Is there an HDR toggle in the settings that might have been switched to “on” by default during the uodate? because the blown out imagery (in cloud and out of it) looks like forced (and poorly authored) HDR.

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Yes, I’m fairly sure this is the cause. Now playing the game feel like watching an HDR movie on a monitor that does not support it: over saturated, washed out colore, too bright …

Due to Xbox release (most TVs have HDR while most PC monitor do not), they probably forced some HDR optimization which break the colors on non HDR screens and make them look bland and washed out.

I hope this will be fixed asap. It should be tied to HDR toggle, not on by default everytime. It’s killing the experience for me.


Yes the clouds and cloud-self-shadowing and quality of the skies should indeed be rolled back to the early Flight Sim days when the skies were photorealistic and every single cloud was so hyperrealistic that every camera angle could have been from a desktop-wallpaper.

Everything else is fine in my opinion, I wonder about dozens over dozens of hate threads but not a single person was mentioning the weather systems shadowing and cloud quality.
Everyone was was only about some “bad ground textures” (An issue I personally have never noticed, and notice it not even now in direct before-after screenshots. But these beautyful fantastic cloud and meteorology quality has significantly degraded which is sad because it was state-of-the-art photorealism and the skies are the most sophisticated programming ever made. A masterpiece of software-art which must not be downgraded :wink: ).


Actually … first item on my list! :sunglasses:

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No HDR on my PC or sim so that is not the culprit in my particular scenario.

Would say this is about volumetric lightning that is discussed and voted on here

No graphics downgrade they said…

The problem still persists.


Geee that looks so fake and artificial. Not like in real life at all. Hope they have that fixed soon or at least give setting options to those with better GPUs, because I can already hear the complaints when FPSs drop when increasing the graphics again.

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I have set up a thread in the bugs section where you can vote on this problem, your contributions would be very welcome: Bright sunlight when inside clouds


Thanks for opening the bug topic! Yes, sadly we are still not having an immersive feeling while in clouds.
I find it particularity problematic when the cockpit is not shaded correctly while in the clouds. I will post a video in your topic to emphasis the problem.


this needs to be addressed, It looks horrible

IRL when an aircraft enters clouds, the pilot’s eyes go immediately to the instruments, Studies have shown that pilots who do not focus on their instruments when entering clouds continue flying for about 80 seconds before spatial disorientation most likely ending in a crash. VFR flight into IMC conditions is one of the top reasons for fatal crashes every year.

For those that want to fly in an immersive environment, it shouldn’t matter how ugly or how beautiful the clouds are because you shouldn’t be looking at them. The Private Pilot training and the IFR rating all have flight time “under the hood”, that is the windshield is blocked simulating flying in IMC. Try a flight with your windshield blocked from takeoff to the approach DH/DA or MDA.

OTOH, VFR pilots should always be looking at clouds so they don’t fly into them.

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Pains my heart to see those screens…this was MY SIM…:sleepy::sleepy: It was just perfect, visually. Now just flying close to my hometown feels like fsx++ …while before it looked just great. That happened yesterday, and when I saw the mutilated scenery, the downgraded look of it pained me too much. I closed the sim and haven’t fired it up since. I really hope for a return to the great sim we had for 10 months…


it must be the xbox thingy, don’t know just a bit of a cast of downgrade so as to make the sim run on an x - box processor.

Absolutely agree with you regarding looking into the instruments when entering the clouds. While i’m not IR rated yet IRL, done some instrument flights and that exactly how one should do when entering the clouds.
However, the ironic point here, is that if the sun is still causing such a high glare, you don’t feel like you’ve entered the clouds at all. It could look just the same as being temporarily surrounded by clouds, or between cloud layers and you might look outside for ground visibility but you won’t find any.
Regardless of what you should do , the sim should give the right visual cues that you are entering a cloud, as it did much better in the previous versions.

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For me the issue manifests itself in a horrible green/pink tint. I’ve stopped flying and am living in hope that WU6 will see a return to pre SU5 clouds. The moment I could no longer deny that the previously beautiful clouds were really gone occured from 5:40 on this flight over Hoy in Orkney.

That’s the point. The assumption here is the software has HDR on, but you don’t, which causes these graphics artifacts.

Hopefully, they just didn’t have time to finish the coding around handling this with and without HDR, they made some changes at the last minute and had to make a choice (if that is indeed the problem), and better handling of colors will be coming.