South Africa world update

Neither Flightsim was really focused on Africa, and generally this region was very neglected. With the FS2020 it changed in a much more positive way. But there is always a room for a futher improvements. Currently there is one handrafted aiport and a landmark in South Africa, but I believe this country can recieve some much more attention and there is a few reasons why:

  1. It’s the home of the biggest park in Africa - Kruger National Park. Currently there’s no a single animal for the entire park.
  2. Some iconic mountains including Table Mountain, Cape Point and Drakensberg.
  3. Cities with a lot of landmarks from different historical periods ranging from the Union Building, The Voortrekker Monument, Johannesburg skyscreapers and of course the stadiums.
  4. It’s a very famous tourist destination.

I do agree with you that Africa should get a way more attention. This sim is great for sightseeing places that are adventurous. Flying is the perfect way to see the world from above to enjoy and experience the natural beauty. Africa has such a diverse landscape and climate zones. The ground textures are already there. What need is more objects: local vegetation, housing landmarks, animals, birds, and of course airstrips. everything to make you imagine you are actually there. The sim has so much potential, not just for serious flightsimmers who arw just interested in the technical part of flying, but also for virtual tourist pilots (to learn learn your their next holiday destination) and adventurous bush pilots.


There are quite a number of fan produced add ons for South Africa. has a fair number that you might like.


I vote not just a South Africa update but an entire africa update. While I understand that consumers will most likely demand North America, Europe, and Asia, it seems that Africa has gotten so little attention.

This should change. Africa is a gorgeous continent and some of the airports and landmarks need to be fixed.


Australia has had even less attention than Africa, from what I can see, but we haven’t complained - yet!

I dont exactly understand your issue with this topic.
First of all this is the Wishlist category, and I think that’s my post suits the purpose of it.
There’s also a topic for Australia with much more votes (including mine) and much more things goin on. For Australia you also got a great commercial scenery providers such as ORBX and FlyTampa. When its comes to SA (and for the entire Africa even futher) unfortunately there’s not so much quality products. Few that exists are often lack the quality (f.ex. Lanseria International) of other add-ons and are overpriced. I know that’s the price issue is not just about them being “naughty” but rather due to the smaller market limitations and the need of a bigger price to keep profits up. But I don’t think there’s that much to justify the much lower quality.

Then again, despite the fact that SA is on much more privelleged positions than many of African countries when it’s comes to add-ons both payware and freeware ones I believe it still could have more. It is still amazing country with so much diversity and beauty.

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Exotic! Yes some Africa world update could trigger my interest into this area to go and fly there and watch some lions or national parks! Count me in :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve already updated this request. Do you want me to cancel that upvote?
  2. My answer was to DarkerJoker1, not you. “way more attention” to one region is a bit over the top. You would almost certainly say something about “Bloody Aussies” if I went into the Australia World Update Thread (if it exists - I haven’t looked) and started pointing out all the “improvements” that could be made to such an over looked part of the world. Personally, I’d love to see Victoria Falls - town, attraction and Airport - modeled properly.
  3. As it happens, I haven’t downloaded absolutely every free addon for Southern Africa that I could find that goes anywhere near the places I’ve visited, and am very grateful for the developers who have put such work into these addons.
  4. In your post, BandyCypress889, you mention Table Mountain Voortrekker Monument, many stadiums, many parts of Cape Town and Joburg, plus Durban (which I haven’t visited so haven’t downloaded), Kruger Park (with animals), plus many other points of interest in that part of Africa.
  5. As for Australia, unless you purchase one of the more expensive offerings, you have exactly zero airports modelled, and just one city. Not much really, for a whole continent. Africa has Entebbe airport modelled, which is one more than Oz.
    I want to see a better South Africa, but while so many Australian cities are so much rubbish in the standard version of MSFS 2020, sorry, I can’t really sympathize with you

This is a bunch of people talking about a video game. Let’s all relax a bit and save the stress for our work environments.



yeah this sounds petty cool, maybe even a Egypt world update

How about a fix the simulator first world update :grinning: now that would be some update!

I’m originally from SA, it already looks better than some of the world updates, data and dem could be hard to get for some other African countries, new data for Mauritius would be great too


I think we all get pretty frustrated that the US & Europe in particular have extremely good elevation & satellite data while most of the rest of the world seems to have been excluded.

It’s worth remembering though that Asobo & Microsoft use the data that is available to them, & unfortunately for the rest of the world, by far the best data available, is for the US & Europe, primarily because they’ve sent up the satellites to create the data in the first place! This has been an issue for all simulators in the past.


Please we need world update for the whole of the African continent.

We have about 54 countries on the African continent with growing Flight Simulator enthusiasts.


Yes, and pretty much African countries in Equatorial Africa are looking like Swiss cheese with old FSX textures being mixed with spots of Bing data. Places like São Tomé look extremely bad compared to what they look in real life.
Sure, this is a very humid area of Africa so I understand that getting good aerials is more complicated there, but let’s hope that one day it will change.

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Let’s hope something positive Asobo/MSFS comes up soon.:ok_hand:

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Voted… you’re right about Africa. The LOD is reasonable (mountains) and trees work everywhere of course, but the rest… equal to zero. I hope it’s not a marketing consideration… Africa is so beautifull… and SA does not need to be a problem, I think there are plenty of MSFS customers in that country. When that is an issue, they could choose e.g. South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana for a world update ?

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I would vote and participate in this topic if it was titled “Africa” not just one country of it !!

South Africa is a part of the greater Africa, also one country does not exclude any other.
And to be honest imo the updates that feature several countries in one pack were always done at the expense of the smaller ones. This happened to Ireland, Iceland (except that Nordics were in generally very weak update for all the countries), and Austria…

I am from the US, but for years I visited SA every 4 to 6 months, and for a while lived there. I remember mornings in mondeor the sun rising over the hills. Or going to Sun city, on the road between joburg and rustenburg turning a corner in the road, and the road went down, and there were mountains, and a lake in the middle of the mountains. It was breathtaking.

I was going to get MSFS for the XBox anyways, but before it’s release, I watched YouTube, and I saw all the mods JLR29 did on, and truthfully, I was home sick. I still fly around SA a lot now on XBox.

I would love an update. The cities, dim data, landmarks. I would love if all the townships didn’t look like they were populated with two and three story houses. SA is known for just about every house has a wall around the house, but the black interpretation doesn’t know that, so it interprets the wall as part of all the houses, making the, bigger and shaped different. Walls are a distinctive feature of the landscape in SA, and one that would have to be incorporated into the algorithm just like churches in the UK and other architectural elements in other areas had to be for their world updates. I know it may seem silly to those of you that live ther, but trust me, any foreigner that comes into the country, the first thing that strikes them that is unique to SA is the walls around everything.if you don’t believe me, watch Itchy Boots first episode of season 5 when she buys the motorcycle in joburg. The walls ARE the first thing a foreigner notices that is definitely unique to South Africa.

I would love to be able to fly VFR with the elements and landmarks that I know. I would love to get the feeling of “ahh, this is home”.


All previous simulators had pretty lousy depiction of the African Continent, and as such I never visited. I’d love to do more exploration in many African countries, so it would be great if Asobo can see if they can find the right partners for CU (Continent Update :P) for Africa!

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