Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

close to EDDL i think it look better now,but there are so many around!
yes close EDDL is a lot better

Can you solve this 800 km problem in post 214, Ebro river, airport LEZA
Many thanks and best regards.

Many thanks for your efforts!

But I worry it’s only a drop on a hot stone, as there are too many of these glitches around the world :frowning:

For my part I have given up and just stopped using the sim. It’s nothing but frustrating, considering the other scenery issues (coastlines, clouds, missing imagery etc.). I’m just checking the forums time by time to see if there’s any development.

Same here after mi fierce defence of Asobo and MS policy here and in other forums I give up the defence and the sim.

We need an Option to prevent us from automatic download such messed up ■■■■. Why I cant decide for myself if I update my software :man_shrugging:?
My favorite Christmas Gift, well done :+1:


Haha yes. I already had a go at it. I’m gonna check it over again & upload when I do a new version

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I realize that. But it’s keeping me amused for now

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To capture screenshots and recordings without the washed out effect turn off HDR mode in Windows Settings. Settings > System > Display ,. select item Windows HD Colour settings which is below the title Windows HD Colour and turn off HDR option. Make your screen snapshots/recordings.

I do assume, there will be no delay of the fix by any test or whatsever… :wink:
No seriously, it is always a bad idea to release an update just before Christmas or on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend. But I am confident: Once identified, the problem can be solved easily. It seems to be general and it was working before.


Seeing the same graphic issues after update. Spikes that disappear when approached. The graphics are a mess. Too bad, I was enjoying the sim. They will fix it.

Newfoundland, Canada.

I was going to go up and check things out at Red Wing, but the Icon doesn’t have any de-icing equipment. But I was able to capture this spike from the airport. I’ll go back in with something that has deicing and take a closer look.

También tengo esos picos que aparecen por todas partes, me ocurre tras la actualización del 22 de diciembre, antes volaba en Peretola (Florencia-Italia) y estaba todo el terreno correcto, ahora en la misma zona aparecen muchos picos y mesetas. Para mi, corregir este error es urgente, es muy molesto ver el paisaje así.

I also have those peaks that appear everywhere, it happens to me after the december 22 update, before I was flying in Peretola (Florence-Italy) and I was all the right terrain, now in the same area many peaks and plateaus appear. For me, correcting this error is urgent, it is very annoying to see the landscape as well.


Because having 1000’s of customers running different versions of the simulator would be even more of a nightmare from a dev point of view. They would have to always test version x to latest which would create even more anomalies to the ever evolving nature of the sim. This would mean more resource and likely less testing, therefore more bugs. Because everyone is always on the latest build, from a testing point of view this means they only have to test most recent build against latest development build. Makes sense from a software dev point of view.

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Yep thanks. I knew how to do that. I was asking if there was a better way to capture HDR as GeForce experience doesn’t seem to capture the shots correctly.

Same « river wall » in Rivière-Ouelle, Québec, Canada. (47.4404009, -69.9821009)

Hi @DatedLake601019,
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Have you turned on the real-time weather? I know Minnesota is a real freezer in Winter and I’ve experienced -30 in Celsius there. My photos were taken before the last update and that’s why the earth was so green in spite of it was in December. The spike will grow as you get closer. When I tried climbing up to the top, the height became 7,000 feet and more. Nearby is one more spike. You can easily find it if you fly along the Mississippi to St.Paul from Redwing.

Yikes the spikes, RJOO approach. Kills the vibe :frowning:

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