Square looking navigation and strobe lights on AI planes

The nav lights on AI planes when observed at a distance appears as red, white and green squares and looks very bad, especially at 4k or for those who run at higher resolutions other than 1080p. They look like oversized pixels and they shouldn’t be a single solid color. I took a few pictures to demonstrate the problem.


Please investigate the issue. The individual light “bulb/orb/source” needs to be redone.

Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in SU6? Ever since I updated, I don’t see any AI traffic in order to confirm if the lights have been addressed.

Seems the AI lights still aren’t fixed. They still are squares and look very bad.

Compare the AI lights to the runway lights. Notice the sizing of the runway lights are nice and crisp and looks much more realistic, why the AI lights are solid green, red and white squares.

Voted… As you can see, the runway & taxiway lights also look “squarish”. I’m sure if this got fixed, all other light orbs will look better also.

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Yes, when you look closer at the indvidual light sources you can tell. The lights have drastically improved overall in SU6. But I wanted to make this issue aware to Asobo so that they can enhance the lights even more.

Same here 5120×1440 - voted.

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Also notice that some of the lights don’t even line up or attach to the AI aircraft properly. I notice a white light that was floating way behind the aircraft.

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I’m on MS Store on PC. Running reasonable spec machine:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz
Radeon 6800XT GPU
32 gig ram
Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor

The GPU settings are for MSFS to handle things (if that makes sense).

It runs msfs at around 35 fps under any condition with everything on ultra.

BUT other aircraft lights are a problem - they look like boxes and I have no idea how to cure it.

Looking for some help please? I’m not particularly PC literate so step by step would really help/

I’m hoping this screen shot will illustrate what I mean if you click and open it.

Many thanks

Not sure how long you’ve been with MSFS and had the ultra wide but this seems to be a lingering issue not fixed after the runway light fix.

I refer to them as flying Tide Pods™ (do not eat) and they are very ugly.

cropped screenshot

Edit: they would look OK in fog with a bit of brightness reduced as they are but clear skies should be more of a pin point and be able deduce it’s orientation.

Thank you for providing some comfort that its not just me! Agreed, they do look like flying tide pods or if you’re in the UK, flying ariel pods (same thing).

My pleasure … and I suppose this is an unrecorded issue to my knowledge since last update to fix “most” widescreen lighting.

EI widescreen Arial/Tide™ Pods still exist … on a crisp clean night GA and others should be so easy to see and make out direction.

Bumping this one since it was a part of the night lighting issues post but that was closed. I’m sure anyone who is flying at resolution higher than 1080p has seen this issue.

It’s SO BAD in ultra wide screen, the lights are HUGE and sadly, outside of in a cloud or fog aircraft lights are tiny pins of light so even a mile away you can discern direction as they appear separate. In game especially in ultra wide (even directly ahead so it should not be stretched) you get a globby TidePod™ of light.

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Here’s another image for reference. 3440p resolution on settings. Giant pixels or orbs for nav lights.

I’m really wondering why thy this does not get some more attention. Only 24 votes. Could it be that people don’t use any ai or does it depend on the screen resolution?


Yeah it looks awful


On multiplayer airplanes the green and red lights are also to big and to bright in the distance in daylight and in the night… Thats look very unrealistic!

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There is a way to make them look more realistic on AI aircraft…. It requires editing the “lights” section of the aircraft cfg…. Most AI are from FSX… but Asobo lights are used in MSFS…. As for the trailing white light it’s because the light points don’t line up with the plane…. It takes some working around and messing around to get them lined up on the plane

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