Steam Edition Complete uninstall


I’m trying to solve CTD issues and need to do a complete re-install of MSFS for the Steam Release. I have previously done re-installs but have noticed that when i launch MSFS it still has some of the old settings like the change of location of the rolling cache and the size of the rolling cache. Where are these settings stored and how to do a complete uninstall removing everything MSFS related.

I Have removed the MSFS folder in appdata\roaming\Microsoft flight simulator on previous re-installs but still MSFS still remembers the settings.

Settings are stored on the server if i’m not mistaken

Can you do a repair in Steam?

I have done repair in steam several times never has it found an issue. This time i’m changing it all to a different SSD drive, got a clean 500Gb SSD just to put MSFS stuff on.

I suspect your barking at the wrong tree.

It’s not the install, not the game.

This might help - seems to have info on Steam uninstall.