Stream Deck Default Keyboard Commands Fully Mapped with Icons

I mapped the majority of the default keyboard commands for use with Stream Deck, so I figured I would share my files with everyone in case you might also find them useful.

You can find the following here:

  • Stream Deck Profile
  • Icons (.psd and .zip file of all .png’s)
  • Full list of MSFS commands (.xlsx)
  • Screenshot of the few commands that require custom mapping in MSFS beyond the default commands (mostly to make Stream Deck toggle buttons work)

I’m still trying to determine ways to make the toggles more useful and I have not yet tested all of the commands, so please let me know if you have ideas or come across any issues.



Well done and thanks. V useful. Microsoft / Asobo should be paying you out of their millions for doing what should have been part of the basic release.

thank you so much for your time and effort this is amazing

Thank you and you’re welcome.

Thank you and you’re welcome. I’m glad you find it helpful.

This - this is great! Looks like I have some of The views wrong, even though I have all controls as default. Will have a look at let you know if I have more feedback

Can I do a XL version with all this and post here?

Wow, this is like Christmas!
I spend hours to start something similar, but without custom icons.
Now I´ll use yours.
Apprechiate your work -thanx a lot!

Nice work.
In a similar vein I did the same for Matric App -

Thanks! Make sure to check the (short) list of custom keyboard mappings that I implemented. I don’t remember if any of those were views.

I’m waiting to see if there are any Black Friday deals to snag an XL myself. I currently use StreamDeck mobile. I was thinking we could use the 15 tile version for a few weeks and wring out any bugs before we start creating a second version just to minimize additional re-work. Thoughts?

Haha. I’m glad it helps. You’re welcome.

Cool. I’m not familiar with that. Do you run it on a second screen through SpaceDesk or similar?

It’s an Android client app, I run it on two Amazon Fire 8" tablets

Ah, guess I won’t be trying it out :wink:

Nice work!

Maybe you could benefit from some stateful toggles that pull status from the sim itself! You can use your icons on the buttons from here as well!

Give this a peek!

@RMROC451 Thanks. I followed the user guide and got started with the StreamDeck Extension, but need to dig in a little more to understand the various button types and fields.

I also need to install SimConnect too, right?

Nope, msfs has the dll already :slight_smile:

Hi AFGOODY, this sounds great. I haven’t purchased the device yet but plan to. Can you replicate the “knobster” from the Garmin with it?
Thank you so much.

This is brill. I take it it i open the streamdeck and type in the command for each button or is it drag and drop from the xl file. In any event well done.i will be sending my logitech switch back and using the credit for another FIP. BTW have the best Christmas you can

Thanks, this is so useful and nice!

Thanks so much. Just ordered my Stream Deck. This will get me off to a good start with organization. Cheers.