Stuck on "checking update"

I’ve been stuck on this screen for hours. Last night everything was working perfectly. Is this happening to anyone? Problems with servers?


I’ve the same problem. I also uninstall and reinstall it again but it is always stuck on “checking update” screen. Yesterday I had some problem updating the FS to the last version released, but at the end I fix it. Today there no way to move on from the checking update screen.

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Same here, if I disconnect the internet the game loads in offline mode but I’m unable to access the marketplace or any online functionality.


Same problem since this morning

Hi, I’m in the same condition,
I was going mad trying to figure out what’s going on, at least It’s not just me, must be some network issue with MS.

Any update guys?

How full are your community folders?

I’ve only FBW and freeware kai tak scenery, anyway it’s the same even if I run the sim in safe mode disabling every addon

Same here when is this nightmare to stop very frustated last year
started oke then it hapenend.

For \Community ? Jummivana very recently announced a freeware addin, that would be installed in \Community… check out

… so check your source for manual update, she mentioned this link to,

I just flew then returned to the game 30 minutres later and I am now stuck on the Update screen, This sim really is the pits, I’ve about had enough of it now !!


same here, they probably resetting their servers , ill come back later

This evening for some reason FS is loading saying unable to locate internet connection so I’ve had the choice between ‘Safe mode’ and ‘normal mode’.

My internet is fine and have never seen this problem before.
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Ah yes, that old Chestnut,lets blame that, mine are empty


Yeah same here. Im not surprised tho

Same here. :triumph: :sob:

Oh, I just got through it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not trying to blame. I’m trying to problem solve. Since that is the culprit 95% of the reports we get.

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Had the same problem. Tryed to repair on steam and after that i had to download the whole game inclusive all updates. I love this Sim but this is not cool :rage:


Where does that % come from and where are your facts for saying that, or is it a guess?
My problems are plentiful and NEVER caused by the community folder which has always been empty. If you are going to post percentages then back them up with some facts as I reckon thats a guess and I could just as easily state that 95% of the problems are not connected with the community folder, but I won’t because I have nothing to support the THEORY !

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