Stuck on loading screen /

havent been able to start the sim normally in 2 months, stuck on loading screen as above. will only load after disconnecting and then reconnecting internet connection, then error message about data connection. have re-installed entire sim with no luck. was hoping update would solve, but problem persists after sim update 10 today. any help would be appreciated. thx.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues.
Look up in this thread to my post dated May 13th.
Links to the troubleshooter checklists for this issue are there.

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also the most common issue in meanwhile which match with these kind of symphoms:
if you had ever google-maps-replacement installed, remove your windows hosts file and restart your pc

@TheSevenflyer this point must be placed within these FAQ :rofl: … it is currently only mentioned within “PG issue FAQ

thank you for the responses. no map replacements ever installed. have followed all check lists from may 13, including vanilla state and then full reinstall. still wont load without disconnecting and then reconnecting internet----then get low bandwidth warnings in sim even though have gig/sec speeds… not sure what to do at this point…

we have reports where it was helpfull that user restarts its router. Some others also reported issues with the DNS of the ISP, so may be try to set a custom DNS (, or ). Some tests where you disable your antivirus solution , might also be worth.

And of course, think like: if you connected via WLAN, try out with connecting via network-cable.

We have also some seperate topic about connection problems, with helpfull other hints ( e.g. Low bandwidth Message - Connection Lost - Switched Offline )

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Unfortunately, this isn’t even playable now. I did the disable/enable on the internet/ethernet I have with Gigabit speeds, but the servers are so slow to update the rest of the SU’s that it takes days to even update the entire program. I hope MSFT puts some resources into this ASAP.

I was doing some troubleshooting around this over the weekend to see if I was getting a bottleneck somewhere on my side. In an unrelated issue, I was using the Pandora Music App and suddenly I was unable to load this app as well. This happened around the same time I was now noticing not being able to get into the sim.

My home PC is using an ethernet cable to take advantage of a truer gigabit connection and not have interference to Wi-Fi. Well, I decided to disable the ethernet connection and just relay on the Wi-Fi which is pulling down ~300-400 averages. In doing so, everything loaded fine both now on the sim (and Pandora). Odd. Makes me wonder if I have a funky ethernet connection which is causing some problems. Anyways, relying on the Wi-Fi connection, I’m back in on SU10.