Stuttering, Liveries, CTDs, Possible Fixes, Observations

This may help some people but your mileage will vary and this is MY experience and what I found out from countless hours of testing…

First my specs:
CPU AMD 3600
RAM 32gb
FX 5700 XT GPU (21.4.1 drivers)
750w PSU
IMPORTANT (you’ll see later) MSFS202 version = STANDARD purchased through Steam
Dual Monitors, 32" freesync enabled, 1440 res
MSFS is on new SSD

I’ve been on the forum having a lot of issues with CTDs (VCRUNTIME140/.NET and some .EXE just crashing to destop). After the last update I was getting the stutters issue that others were reporting as well.

After multiple attempts to Asobo for help I received the same cut and paste email about C++, clean your community folder, etc. none of which helped with the CTDs. No disrespect they can only do so much and have to try a solution to fit everyone, I get that. I have no hate for them at all - they are trying.

After some months of dealing with this issue or that I noticed that when I get stutters there was always someone around that was in a custom livery - yes, Asobo knows this and put it up on their website for MP don’t use any custom liveries, check - but last night while flying on the E. USA server but at Charles Degaule airport I saw someone at a terminal with a flashing nameplate! Strange enough but what I also noticed was that my stutters sync with the blinking nameplate AND that when I got close to the player their model never was drawn by the sim. So I grabbed my phone and began making a video of what was going on.

Now, we’ve known liveries seem to be causing the issue with stutters but now there is this “flashing/blinking nameplate.” So I kept recording and flew away from the player and when I got to max distance to detect the player my stutters stopped and their nameplate was no longer blinking. A little bit further away and their nameplate disappeared (like other players I was moving away from).

So still recording I turned back toward the player, the nameplate appeared, then it started blinking and at that point the stutters returned in sync with the blinking nameplate.

Fastforward to this morning around 0830 I go on the sim and jump in a twitch group flight with someone people and have a couple players log in to fly and they have blinking nameplates and my stutters returned! No one else was having stutters or seeing the blinking nameplates just me. The leader of the stream was adamant about people using default liveries so I asked “person X and Y what are you flying?” They responded “Default aircraft with default liveries.” I went one step further since this was a GA flight for fun “which default aircraft?” Both said “STEAM GAUGE C172” while I and others were in g1000 version or some other GA plane. Also both of their C172s never showed any model, just blinking nameplates

One of the pilots mid flight ended up switch to the g1000 version and his nameplate was no longer blinking AND I could see his model but I was still getting stutters because the other player was still in the steam gauge version…

Being someone with the STANDARD version of MSFS2020 I decided to do something radical (I wanted to do this anyway but…) I logged off and purchased the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS 2020 and downloaded all the aircraft, airports, etc. After buying the upgrades I went into my hangar and all planes were downloaded and everything looked good.

I think rejoined the flight at another airport in my same g1000 C172 and a player in the steam gauge 172 and his nameplate was NO LONGER BLINKING and I HAD NO STUTTERS! All models loaded and everything went fine for the next hour or so, no ctds, no stutters, etc.

I then went and flew (without a restart of the sim) with another streamer on N. Europe server. This was a ~3 hour flight. I loaded in with the Mooney (and a custom livery for the Mooney) and as soon as I did the streamer started getting stutters when my nameplate appeared in her view. I IMMEDIATELY logged off to the main menu and watch her on twitch and the stutters stopped exactly when I left. I grabbed a default Mooney livery logged back in and everything was smooth as silk.

NOTE: I always use generic aircraft models in my settings for both multiplayer and AI (I don’t fly with AI anything) aircraft.

So what the heck does all this mean?

Here’s my conclusion, again I’ve done all this on my own and been tested things for at least 3 months until now, if you have a different bundle than some players in multiplayer and they are flying aircraft you don’t have you will get stutters along with a blinking nameplate. So “default aircraft and liveries” to them (based on their purchased bundle) is not the same for you with standard. Next there ARE liveries made by people out there that causing stuttering WITHOUT a blinking nameplate.

I also “believe” that these conflicts from bundles AND liveries/addons are causing the VCRUNTIME CTDs well, because they are conflicts in data.

This would also make sense for people who report flying over “custom” scenery but may also be flying to or over an airport that is in one of the bundles that isn’t in standard edition. So the crashes and stutters seem random but really they are not, it is when you are over or around different bundled scenery THAT YOU DON’T OWN or HAVE ACCESS TO.

Bottomline, if you don’t have MSFS planes from other bundles you’ll see a blinking nameplate AND get stutters. If you have those aircraft and someone in draw/detection distance is in a custom livery of any type, you’ll get stutters but no blinking nameplate. If there is a conflict between which purchased bundle you have vs. other players you will probably have CTDs.

This has been my experience and I played today for 8 hours straight no crashes at all, no stutters after the upgrade to P.D., and using no custom liveries. Take it for what it’s worth, I’m not a programmer, I don’t work for Asobo of MS, just someone who loves this sim, loves flying, hates technical issues, and doesn’t stop until there is a solution and this seemed to work for me.


Nice detailed post. My experience and my conclusions are the same with regard to the flashing nametags. I wasn’t aware of the stutters without a “blinker” nearby, but I will experiment.

This is DEFINITELY hotfix worthy - the sim becomes almost unusable - and I hope that Asobo is aware and working on it.


Thank, mate! If this can help ANYBODY so they can have an enjoyable experience and love the sim even more I’m glad it can help.

I’m interested in what you find in your experiment. Let me know but I bet you’ll get stutters without blinking nameplates with other players in a custom liveries. Get a friend to load up in a custom livery and see what happens. Now, remember custom “aircraft” from 3rd party may or may not count as “custom livery” as if you don’t have the 3rd party aircraft the sim seems to make a generic model no problem at all and they don’t cause stutters.

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I moved this thread from Bugs & Issues to General Discussion because the subject was not reporting a bug but providing their experience from testing.


Thanks for that! I wasn’t sure because this is an experience with multiple bugs…


So if people have different aircraft bundles because they have different versions of the sim and we fly with multiplayer switched on we may see stuttering but that’s not a bug? Well it sure sounds like one to me and a big one at that!


I was also struggeling with stuttering when being close to airports. After reading I turned on the generic liveries for multiplayer. Did not help.
I’m currently testing the same but with multiplayer turned off. So far no stuttering.

On the one hand I hope that this is the solution since playing with massive stuttering does not work for me, but on the other hand I will miss the other players. I really hope Asobo can find a solution for this problem.

Thank you!


Just another concept I’m toying with: Also my guess as to why you can fly 3rd party aircraft and not have an issue is because there is some kind of logic or trigger in the programming to tell the sim that “this is a 3rd party payware/addon aircraft and tell other players around the same thing, if other players don’t have this aircraft use generic model” and it does just that. It doesn’t get further for checking for livery or anything else, just puts a model down and moves it with a generic skin.

That sounds like to me that you have their aircraft but not whatever custom livery they are using at the time. Generic should work, that I think is part 1 of the bug; part 2 of the bug is if you don’t have the Asobo aircraft from the other bundles you get a blinking nameplate AND stutters. It is strange and this all start after the last update that is for sure, at least the blinking nameplates, however I’m thinking that all the CTDs and whatnot are caused at the root by the same thing - bundle compatibility.

Not that I care that you moved this, but, don’t you think this is a bug?

Second point, whenever I’m in dev mode, I often see tons of errors and warnings about aircraft, typically default Asobo aircraft… I’ve often wondered if these errors are real errors and why the console is reporting them… I wonder if it’s related to what you’re seeing OP?


I’m afraid I agree with @FlyingsCool5650, this is bug report, and @DracoRPG3979 is detailing the steps to repro, the steps therefore Asobo can repro, which are explaining why this is bug.

You’ve definitely done a fine research with this! You might want to also consider this:
Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you


I think all these errors are related in someway - the CTDs with the security access write errors with VCRUNTIME, the scenery, all of it. I can’t provide evidence like I can with the livery/blinking nameplates thing, but how the clients seem to crash or stutter from other aircraft, scenery, etc. all “logically” seem related.

As for it being in the “bug” forum or not, meh whatever if the moderate wants to put it somewhere then so be it. Hopefully people will see this and it will help them or at least get them looking for other work-arounds or evidence to find the problem(s).


That was a great article and I think 100% dead on with your MP display other players actual aircraft.

I think this is a bug report as well and something I kind of stumbled upon but I think it all adds up to all the CTDs and things like that. I’ve been PLAGUED absolutely PLAGUED and dumbfounded by the VCRUNTIME CTDs, the .NET and VCRUNTIME, and stutters and it seems all linked to this or these bugs. Hopefully someone will get something out of this and it helps them.


Feel free to create a bug report. Please follow the Bugs & Issues category guidelines.

Before reporting a bug, follow these steps:

  • Check if the issue has been identified in our Zendesk articles or Known issues
  • Check if a similar thread doesn’t already exist, if so, use the voting system. Please do not create duplicate threads .
  • Report only 1 issue per thread – be specific.
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That explanation makes much more sense. Rather than moving it, you should have asked him to put it in bug report format.


I recently had an issue where I was flying the FBW A320 mod and so was a friend. I had the FBW livery and he was using a downloaded JetBlu livery. I had very bad stutters and couldn’t see him. When he changed to the FBW livery I could see him and the stutters stopped.


Recorded a short video of this bug when it happened to me. As soon as the “blinking” user left, the stutters were gone:


stutters,freezes,ctds happen with multiplayer and a.i aircraft set to off as well


Sorry, but how is this not a bug? Is it a feature?


That’s it. That is exactly how my stutters were happening and what it looks like is if you don’t have the same bundle as that player or in otherwords the same Asobo aircraft downloaded into your game you get the flashing nameplate and stutters. From your video I am guessing that you were in the standard ed. A320 and that person probably had premium deluxe and was in the Dreamliner. I’m going to try to upload my video(s) off my phone on here so you can see it as well.