SU10 on Xbox - Positivity Thread

I got SU10 on my X-Box this morning, followed by many Gb of world updates. Installed the lot, started up and no mouse, restart and no keyboard, restart and we’re away :slight_smile:

I bought the Spitfire yesterday in anticipation of good things and so far I am impressed - despite doing things in a plane i have never done before, I have not seen a single stutter or glitch or freeze-frame, nice and smooth. No audio dropouts either.

I would just like to say thanks to the dev teams as it appears that SU10 was worth the wait. :+1: :+1: :+1:

The acid test for me will be to take the spitfire down to London and do some barnstorming - I have steered clear of London because the graphics are always screwed up and the stutters make it unbearable.


Seems OK to me too, though it’s early days yet.

The worst thing I’ve found is on the Citation jet; the flight displays are too dark, even when they’re turned up to max. This was an issue some time ago, and it was fixed, but it’s back. It’s easily fixed in the Garmin’s lighting configuration.

But yes, pretty good so far.


Overall - yes I think its a positive update…I cant say my performance increased or anything like that…its seems pretty much the same. But at least I haven’t seen anything horribly broken and my first 2 flights were problem free.

Update is doing well for me. Does anyone know what the key bindings are for the taxi ribbon and pilot nameplates? Looked briefly yesterday and didn’t see them. I’m sure I just missed it.

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The key bindings can be found under Controls/Miscellaneous.


Flights are smooth as butter. But sometimes I lost keyboard or mouse cursor.


Wow. I may be in error here but it appears that SU10, along with enabling DLSS, has given me a 25-30% increase in FPS on my 2080, going from low 40s to mid 50s. What I thought might be stutters were actually my small plane being buffeted around by the air. Smooth. Thanks, developers.




Great update, better performance and no broken addons on my end!


Is DLSS relative to Xbox ?

PC only I believe,I was wondering why no one was commenting on the SU10 improvements as those not on the Beta should be well happy ( especially Xbox)

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Thanks CB! Appreciate it.

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I’m on PC and I am completely blown away again. Thanks to everyone at Asobo and Microsoft for the great job. Please let’s keep this as a baseline for the future updates.


I very much appreciate the bush trip fixes. You can restart the bush trip. You can restart from the last checkpoint. If you crash, you are in the air at the last checkpoint, not crashing into ground. There were actually two bush trips that I was locked out of by bad position saved that now I can do.


You’re very welcome. :hugs:

I am not trying to hijack this thread because other than loosing a couple of FPS, everything seems smoother. Good update for me so far.

I am interested in how to brighten up the Garmin. Do you have the link to the discussion or if not too long, what file and line is it done in?

Thanks in advance.

Ok DLs complete. And it wont recognise anything except xbox controller. Mouse, keyboard, hotas and TBv1 are completely gone.

Anyone else having control issues on xbox?

I have not, however I was there for the entirety of the beta, so I didn’t have to have a major update for final release.

I have two Series X — one with the Thrustmaster Hotas One and the other with Thrustmaster Boeing TCA yoke pack, second quadrant and TPR pedals.

I’ve also got a keyboard, mouse and Xbox controller (for camera and nose wheel).

Neither have control issues.


No problem. In the Garmin panel (below the centre screen), press Aircraft Systems, then Lighting Config. Press the + button or move the slider to the right.

It seems to “stick”, so you’ll probably only have to do it once.

I had to restart 3 times - 1st was no mouse, 2nd was no keyboard, 3rd was all good.

Yeh have done restarts, several full xb reboot and cache clears too.
Best i got was can recognise peripherals all as defaults but when i try to re assign buttons it now doesnt recognise any inputs apart from xbox controller.