SU5, before....and after

I’ll just leave this here.

Edinburgh - before SU5 + SU5 hotfix

Edinburgh - after

This is photogrammetry and bing maps data ON!

There isn’t any metric by which this can be considered a success.
Furthermore, my performance over that city was no better really than when the first photo was taken, indeed with the culling stutter introduced in SU5 when moving your head I would say it was actually worse.


Did you strafe and bomb the place!?! From Tiffany’s to Walmart we went…


I was sure this had to be a troll post or you had some settings not set right but yeah I Just checked with everything set to ultra and wow…yep this is exactly how it looks now. What a huge step back. This has to be a glitch?

The building detail looks like beyond ‘low’ and most of the autogen stuff just…disappeared? Terrible


Wow !! If that alone isn’t enough for the naysayers to admit that they screwd up, nothing is.


Most of these buildings are autogen (Edinburgh doesn’t have photogrammetry) and I’m assuming the type/look of buildings that auto get generates isn’t always the same between flights,hence the difference between these pictures.

This doesn’t make sense because I’m able to to reproduce the OP’s post identically, exact same buildings exact same locations:

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Try to switch to “Medium” graphics preset, click save and apply. Then switch back to Ultra and click save an apply. See if that fixes it!

We had a discussion/discovery here, affecting an airport in the UK, could be specific to this region?
See: Settings do not stick since SU5 - #14 by HXArdito

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To be fair I did a few different sweeps after I saw it the first time. It’s patchy so sometimes it does load more, or less.
But no matter how many times I tried it the castle is always floating.

Clearly this is a server load issue. Which raises the rather worrying question…is the core concept (of streamed scenery) fundamentally flawed?
Not popular enough…can’t justify the cost of the servers.
Too popular, it never works again.


Have you sent a copy to Zendesk?
I would imagine that you have…Well they had to squeeze into a Xbox….now, that’s squeezing!

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Well, that just kind of reminded me why I had turned off reflections. :-/

More loaded in this time, but the buildings are wrong. Remember after UK world update we got regional architecture types? (see first photo) now all of those have been replaced by generic office blocks.
It’s almost as if SU5 corrupted my installed world update. It still says it’s installed. But clearly something is wrong with the building types. (and the castle once had a flag and didn’t float in the sky)

The patchy load in…server load related almost certainly.

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For me it looks like this:

which is indeed still wrong. - the building types are wrong.

Not sure if you can see in this pic from my original screenshots earlier this year, look at the buildings.


It’s not just the building types either, look at the lack of detail on this concrete (also missing that building at the base/in front of it)


The building is also missing windows now. These very clearly look like “low” building detail


Do you have bing data ON?

Your Screen shot puts us in mind of the Earth after People Documentary and especially after making our Post SU5 short flight into London City from Elstree.
Prior to SU5 we were experiencing Silky Smooth and Micro Stutter free Visuals using a Just Flight Turbo Arrow on Ultra + settings. 45+ FPS on the Apron at London City together with 40+ FPS over the City in Scattered Cloud.
Orbyx London Buildings were well defined and Glinting in the Sun light.
The Gherkin’s Green glass was especially nice looking and all the other buildings in London looked as though they were inhabited.
The Up Date process went without a hitch and after waiting for the Dust to settle after the frenetic activity on the Servers determined to explore this latest incarnation of our beloved Sim.
We noted the improvement in FPS but also were aware of the more than slightly diminished quality of certain Graphical elements.
The former subtle Light and Cloud effects are no longer apparent and a slightly stark bleaching out of colours seems to prevail instead.
Flying out of Elstree trees and buldings were popping in and out together with lots of flickering evident.
Over the City we were experiencing the much Lauded 10 + FPS increase.
Our passenger Marcellus muttered “There’s something most Definitely Rotten in the state of London” and looking down the City reminded us of the Documentary Earth after People when the people had been gone for at least 20 years.
Even the Orbyx London Buldings have lost ‘something’ and the Gherkin is no longer Emerald Green.
Before SU5 our System had no difficulty with running MSFS 2020 with all the Bells and Whistles clanging and blowing.
Post SU5 i’ve noted some changes and it’s not just with our beloved Sim.
We are impressed with the FPS improvement but an indication that all is not Rosy in our Flight sim Garden became apparent when i noted that Beloved Co Pilot has not been making Screen Captures lately.
BCP was Flying in FSX Gold last night.
Flying out of KORS in a Carenado Piper she was commenting on how lovely the Clouds are in in that venerable old Sim and remarked that they reminded her of what we had been enjoying in MSFS 2020 pror to SU 5 !

We just spent quite some time reading the ‘Lone Voice’ Posts.
Although we appreciate the improvements that are being made to MSFS 2020 and applaud Asobo’s efforts to bring the Sim to fruition we also are aware of the Extreme disatisfaction that a large body of experienced Flight Simmers are suffering at present.
We would kindly suggest that those Lucky enough to have a Problem free experience of our Sim not to discount their valuable input which will ultimately assist Asobo resolve any prevailing issues.

As to the Grumpy Moaners,…
Well,… They will more than likely be the most contented and happy of us when these teething problems are sorted.

Night night Guy’s. (23.38 GMT here in the Sad Old Dis United Kingdom).


Mine looks like this. Ultra/high mix. Content manager is up to date.


Not sure if related, Rolling cache by default was On for me after the update SU5, I never used this before. Set to Off and delete Rolling cache.

Mine too. The whole dam thing is over exposed. Fresh install of Windows 10 on the 27th, fully updated, latest Nvidia drivers and a fresh download of MSFS. No add-on or any other software installed except for Chrome.

HDR looks terrible too so I turned it back off in Windows.


This Picture describe the whole update 5 problem LUL



The sim looks as barren as Aerofly FS2 in those pics🤣