SU5 graphics quality

I think the best way to see pixelated clouds is when a lightning strike… well, strikes.
They become horribly blocky for a few seconds.

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“Fluffiness” has lot to do where the sun comes from:


Except when it was. Afraid cloud rendering for me is much better now than pre-SU5 (and more dynamic too).

Am no expert but are there not many more variables in play than simply the update…

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I recorded a view of some clouds. There were a couple of places where I spied that kind of speckling on the clouds in the distance. After recording I noticed my recoding quality was down at 50Mbps. I normally record at 90Mbps. but hopefully this is okay.

Processing now.

Upped to 90MBps.


I can’t speak for your experiences, settings or hardware, but there was no shortage of people complaining about the clouds before SU5. Some of those same people are still complaining about them, only now they are blaming SU5…:confused:


I dunno, something odd definitely going on, to me the clouds are way worse than they were before SU5, I noticed it pretty immediately.


Can I ask why you are complaining about this on an SU5 thread when you were complaining about the same thing before SU5 was even in beta?

The colour banding and rough, pixelated cloud edges are visible in those videos too. It wasn’t that bad before.

Clouds were already downgraded with SU4, but it’s with SU5 that quality took a major hit. Some things have been restored or improved since then (thanks to complaints!), while others like lighting and clouds have not.


Don’t forget your are looking at a YouTube processed video as well.

Sure, even so it also happens in the sim as you must’ve seen. Bad compression there too? Would certainly explain the colour banding.

I don’t remember seeing any colour banding, but I did see a few cases of graininess at the edge of clouds.

I can point you to a much earlier video that has lots of clouds in it. I couldn’t tell you the quality I used for these recordings.

This one is from three days after release.

And this one is from a few days later:


I record with GExperience - an app that is included with Nvidia and enables High Def recordings.

Thanks for your reply. So did I use GE but my recording wasn’t as smooth … However I have come to the conclusion it’s possibly that my system and sim are PCIe4 NVme but I was recording to PCIe3 and I can soon change that . Btw did you load straight up to YT or have you maybe changed the parameters with another app because usually mine just get added stutters?

I recorded all the above with GE to a PCIe Gen 3 disk. It’s a 1TB 970 Pro.

Well then that’s a little strange as my Crucial Gen3 is about the same speed as your Samsung … However my tame weather vid was to the 4 and is much better so I’m not too worried.

This is from today (just a pic, still too lazy to start with videos)

Instead of clouds, why don’t we talk about the horrible reflections?


I’m not sure if the new raymarching applies to clouds or not. Hills, mountains, and buildings all look much better than clouds.

All of you guys having problems with your clouds… did you modify the user config at all? And possibly forget to turn off “read only” for SU5 so that it changes (and then reset your own settingts)?. I seriously do not have any of these issues… except for the cloud reflection on water.

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I don’t think they are affecting the clouds, I just tried swapping between low and ultra and saw no difference.

Ah, I meant that they are reflected in a more convincing manner than the clouds.