SU5 How to fix the "thingy"?

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Sorry I don’t know what it is called. You know this little white bar at the top of screen that comes alive when you move the mouse, and lets you contact ATC, checklists, weather, etc? Well mine stays on all the time and i don’t like that. I have read the Notes, don’t see anything. I also did not like the yoke change and some of you on this forum told how to get to legacy. I’m ok on that now, but this “thingy”?

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I’m wondering the same thing. It used to fade to off but now it stays on all the time. I’d like to get rid of it for screenshots.

Go to
There is a mod called no toolbar handler, download and stick it in your community folder and it will be gone when you next fire the sim up


Without the toolbar, how do you use the tools? Also, I notice the ATC option is greyed out now in the custom menu toolbar. Anyone else have it greyed out?

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There’s a bug report for the fact that it doesn’t disappear right now:

And there’s also a Wishlist topic for the ability to remove it altogether:

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Move the mouse cursor to the top and they all reappear , move it down they all disappear

Does not work after SU5 for many users.

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The other issue with the Custom Toolbar prior to SU5 was that it appeared when doing freelook with the mouse. It should not appear when doing a freelook (ie, right mouse button pressed).

Ok I had it before SU5 and it’s working for me , but I’m finding a few glitches regarding the mouse now :man_facepalming:t2:

Move my mouse to my second monitor it disappears - move back to my primary monitor it reappears.

I tried that. I have 3 monitors, tried all 3. No go.

Let me share with you the gold worth add-on that removes that incredibly annoying white bar



I like it. Thanks.

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