SU6 mistery

Apart from the World update VI , I can find no inforation as to what would be updated on the Simulation Update 6 that will be released on the 7th September. Does anyone know?

That‘s because there is none (except the already announced bug fixes, see „News“).

And there won‘t be an SU6 update either on Sept 7 2021 - so not sure where you have this from :wink:

We will be getting a WORLD update (only).

Note: World- and Simulator updates alternate each month (so far).


I think there is a SU6. Here is what they said earlier"

Since World Update 6 was delayed by about 2 weeks (Sep 7 instead of mid-late August), I think it’s safe to assume Sim Update 6 will also be delayed for a bit.
So far they have not specified anything that will change in SU6 AFAIK, but I wouldn’t expect it to release until at least 4 weeks have passed.

The changes listed in the linked thread are for World Update 6. The sim core is also updated, but it still counts as part of the world update.


Off course. But at some later point. NOT on the Sept 7 2021.

As I already said before: this relates to the upcoming WORLD update (WU) 6. That is NOT a simulation update (SU).


World Update 6 will contain some fixes related to the fallout from Sim Update 5, but the full Sim Update 6 won’t be out for a couple of months.

Thatt’s what I mean. What would these fixes be?

The previous poster already linked to the 19-August Development Blog. Those fixes (probably not complete - MS-Asobo generates a full change control note the day of the actual release) are mentioned in there.


As for Sim Update 6, it’s likely going to be pushed back since World Update 6 was delayed. A new Roadmap showing September to November 2021 will be released 09-September per Community Management.

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Why to know about SU6 when they have to fix a lot of issues of SU5 in WU6?

That‘s what I already wrote: „Check the news“

-Fixed crash in autosave in bushtrip missions when the user has a non-ASCII name” What does it mean “when the user has a non-ASCI name”? All Greek to me…

Basically non-standard characters
LMGTFY: non-ascii characters - Google Search

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Really not a lot of point rolling out World Update 6 in 4 days unless they can track down and fix the current data streaming problems first…

The real question is, will they be providing the usual number of newly broken things with WU6 like they are so fond of doing!?!


If past updates are any indication, knowing something is broken has never stopped them from releasing it.

But really, as much as I want to see some of the SU5 stuff fixed, I’m concerned that they’re going to horribly break something else that will make it unplayable for me again.


I don’t think that you are the only one here on the forum who views the ASOBO updates with some trepidation.

It would make a pleasant change for there to be a smooth update process and at least one step forward without any multiple steps backward in regard to bugs and issues.

I’m hoping against hope that they have finally learnt from their past mistakes and release a tested and relatively bug free update.

I am far more interested in having this than anything like Reno Racing or any new aircraft or any new gaming features.


I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s not because they delayed this update that it won’t be horribly broken. They also delayed the UK update and it was qute the dumpster fire on launch.

Ditto. I’d like long-standing bugs (like ones from launch that are still alive and well) fixed over any new features or content. It would be much nicer for them to fix the crumbling foundations before adding extra stories to the building.


Nicely said…


Totally agree with you.