Suffering with poor FPS after today's update? Please submit a ticket!

short sighted comment

I was somewhat fortunate. I did the dreaded “Steam Verify Files”. As expected, I was required to re-download the entire game over again.

While this didn’t fix my slow performance or stutters, it gained me enough frames to make the sim somewhat playable. Playing in the low to mid 20s isn’t the most enjoyable experience, but at least I can get in the air now. And it’s closer to the performance I was getting after the UK update.

But it’s a far cry from the 40+ I was getting before the UK update.

I am running hot as well. I think I’m going to take a break from the sim so that I don’t harm my hardware investment.

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Here’s everything I did, a couple of weeks ago, and performance is around 25-30fps on 4k HDR Ultra

Hmmmm maybe, but bear in mind this sim will always be able to work your CPU to its limit, we’re all pushing the graphics as high as we can. Efficient cooling is a must, particularly if you’re a hardcore simmer

I’ve got a Ryzen 7 5800x with H100x cooler, working hard with FS2020 sitting at constant 4.8GHz (no overclock), I’m pretty much always CPU main thread limited, but I can fly for 4 hours and CPU temps are never over 55°!! (I just checked after tonight’s flight!)

Hey @moxiejeff, a lot of that advice is sound but please be wary of some of those tips, there is no magic bullet and in fact some are counterproductive in the long run. For example, setting max performance for everything can introduce stutters so you end up chasing your tail down the line.

I also want to point out that the list is very 2D gaming specific, and any VR pilots reading this should have a look at @CptLucky8’s threads and especially with the Quest2 look at @TonyTazer1504’s VR settings thread here.

One in particular - I would strongly advise not setting flightsimulator.exe priority above normal. In fact, doing so can actually hinder performance rather than help it.

Changing priority does not make anything run faster, ever

Manually setting the priority for a process simply sets the base priority for threads belonging to the process. The process may set threads to run at a higher or lower priority if desired, this is up to the programmer. However, this is done on a case-by-case basis according to the logic running on the thread in question. Threads processing I/O run at a higher priority than threads loading assets from disk in the background. If the program sets its own thread priority, the process priority has no effect.

Priority only affects one thing: which thread gets access to execution resources first

If a high priority thread and a low priority thread are both ready to run (not waiting on the system to wake them up and give them something to do) the high priority thread will be scheduled on a logical processor first, followed by the low priority thread. If two logical processors are available, both get scheduled; if only one logical processor is available, the high priority thread is scheduled and the low priority thread is placed in queue.

When multiple threads of equal priority are ready to run – and no threads of higher priority are ready to run – they are executed in a round-robin fashion for a set period of time. Once that period of time elapses, they get kicked off and go to the back of the line.

When a thread of higher priority becomes ready to run it will take the place of a thread of lower priority that is currently running if there’s no free logical processor at that time. In other words, threads of high priority can kick out threads of low priority.

Thus, threads that are heavy on logic and computation, or are otherwise not time sensitive, are assigned low priority. Threads that are time sensitive are assigned high priority. Mucking with priorities can result in time sensitive threads not having access to the resources that they require when they need them.

In the context of FS2020, which is very single core heavy, the problem is compounded. In fact, setting a lower priority is often more helpful to reduce stutters, at a slight cost of latency, as threads have more time to complete.

Anyways, sorry to rant, glad it got you up and running but if a hotfix or future update hits I’d recommend revisiting your settings to trim it back again. Getting your PC to run hammer and tongs constantly is a good “get me performance now” solution but as the sim improves you can reduce to improve your PC longevity.

Just my 2 cents, hope it’s useful.


So just to clarify – I never said it was a magic bullet and never said this was to be used for VR. Just explaining that following all the steps in my post has allowed me to run 30fps with zero issues.

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This is just a nightmare to any hardware god damit…what a ridiculous optimization…really bad and poor…every update it worses …

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Absolutely, sorry not shooting you down. Just wanted to add some context for down the line.

9900k, 3090 here, what is your cpu usage when things go bad?
I think they shifted stuff back to cpu from gpu. At least this is what I experience. Everything maxed out, externally locked at 30fps, 5120x1440 was perfect pre patch. Now the same as you report.

Did another test, over Shara desert and Pacific ocean
No trees, no cars / streets, no buildings, no clouds.
7- 9 fps
RTX 3090, I7 9700K@5,1 GHz, 32 GB DDR4, 4K resolution, 1 Gbps internet

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I noticed something similar what you describe.

I’m seeing two types of performance issues based on my observations. Perhaps a few more, but I noticed this.

Type 1: this is the less annoying(if you are normally above 60fps)one with a drop of 15 fps approximately. This drop comes along with minimal stutters. Whats so remarkable here is the temperature of the cpu. By this type the temp rises by 10 degrees.

Type 2: instead of type 1 the cpu temperature drops by approx. 7-9 degrees. This type comes with fps between 15-20ish together with heavy stuttering, making the simulator unplayable.

Again these are just my observations.

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This actually kind of worked! I am able to get a consistent enough frame rate to enjoy some flights after setting my Render scaling to 80. Used to run smooth @100 though and I expect it to again when they figure out what they messed up but this will keep me flying for the time being. Thanks for sharing!

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Tried this myself. Departed from Forks, WA, flew the length of the Salish Sea with no FPS drops. Crossing Victoria on Vancouver Island, FPS dropped from 60 to 15 and stayed like that for 5 minutes. Landed at Friday Harbour with FPS back in the 50’s.

Took off from Friday Harbor and crossed Lopez Island and instantly got a FPS drop back down to the 20’s. Upon reaching the eastern side of the island, they returned to normal and I turned north to land at Orcas Island. Entering the East Sound at Orcas, FPS dropped to the teens again and stayed that way for another 4 minutes until I was short final.

Interesting throughout all of this, my new NZXT Cam monitoring software has been showing GPU Load as 0%…

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Mine is terrible since the update. How can they vastly reduce draw distance (yet again) & make performance worse.

Before the update i was almost constantly limited by my GPU (1080ti with a i7-10700k. Still waiting on my 3080 to ship) & now I’m almost constantly limited by the mainthread (CPU) with huge, long lasting stutters & CTD’s. Same settings as before, flying the same routes & without mods installed.

How can a game go so backwards 7 months after launching… oh yea, they’re currently trying to downgrade & bring it closer to the upcoming xbox version.


Can anyone advise if Game Mode should be ON or OFF please? I read many area where they state OFF and JazTwoCents (who is big on performance from Hardware), suggests setting it to ON.

LOL… so true.

I honestly believe the visuals in this game were probably the best at launch. They keep chipping away at making them worse, while somehow making performance worse as well. It’s baffling.


Ok, finally got another stutter fest of course at the end of a 10 hours bush trip of the Alps… this time flying at 1500 feet from Udine to Ronchi dei Legionari in live weather. I’ll try today if I can replicate it and thus if this adds to the problem locations or if it was totally random (or bush trip related?).
Interestingly, monitoring with MSI, no fps drop reported (!) cpu running normally, but gpu dropping to 0% use at each stutter. Temps normal. Both VR and 2d.

It’s far too complicated and time consuming to Submit a Ticket, especially if you do not have English as your mother tongue, but I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has done so, as I suffer from the same problem.

I spent some time flying around the Maidstone, UK area which is affected by the fps slowdown using the development mode to hopefully find the culprit. I have no idea what most of the stuff is, but at some point I changed something and the stutter went away. I turned off developer mode off and the stuttering returned. Unfortunately I didn’t get it to do it again but I did spot something on the attached pics which happened when the stuttering started and disappeared when the stutters did.
Hoping someone can shine some light on it

Edit: I’ve now cleared the stutter problem at Maidstone and have started a new flight with a different aircraft and it’s still good.
I flew through the problem area with the sim objects window open and ground vehicle check boxes checked, then returned to the area and the problem disappeared.
Now to restart the sim to see if it stays fixed

Edit: the fix works after a pc reboot. Just don’t switch off developer mode.
Does anybody have a good easily findable problem area I can test?