Support for Wide FOV VR headsets (removing Frustum Culling issue)-

It is really sad and disappointing that Asobo and Microsoft care so little about the VR and the great fun that is wide FOV. It can’t be so difficult to solve this issue. I was going to pay the full price but until this is fixed I will pay 1 euro every 3 months with the gamepass. Worse for them.

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I stupid took Premium DeLuxe. Wasn’t worth the money. Basic is completely sufficient.

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Yea! …wait. 2023? That’s ridiculous! End of summer 2022 seems more acceptable. Support for wide FOV includes just a few minor tweaks!

Change the viewport angles

Change the culling angles.

Change the render mask.

And boom 30-40 % frame rate boost!

Other games gave this sensible priority.
See Subnautica Subzero, or Assetto Competizone, or DCS World

This shouldn’t take until 2023 you ARE flightsimming with VR. Wide FOV is LITERALLY CRUCIAL for PILOTS!


That’s what standard VR looks like. May as well fly with toilet-paper rolls to see through.

For a sim that says performance matters the opportunity to boost fps ~30% should weight this change into MUCH sooner implementation. 2023 is a slap in the face to VR users.

I feel that open XR should make this a cakewalk as even a modder was able to make it work for Subnautica Subzero (less than a week after game release and there was NO VR support)

If my understanding regarding the hurdles to WideFOV is wrong please detail them in a reply! Else we will feel that one of the top wishes for VR is being effectively can-kicked into upto 24 months from now?

MS/Asobo: Please consider reprioritzing this request …say July 2022?
Personally I will have moved on by July 2023.

Anyone else jaded by that release date? l
Please reply!


Much too late 2023. :-1:
And if it’s only at the end of 2023 we still have 2 years to wait. :angry:


I totally agree with you. This timetable is nuts. We can’t accept that date. :thinking: :rage:
**/Asobo: Please consider reprioritzing this request …say July 2022?


Does MS/Asobo ever respond to our posts directly?


But I think that the clear statement “2023” was a direct answer to put an end to our “whining” for the time being.

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It looks like the massive culling is now affecting 100 degree devices as well. Saving power at the wrong end. Here is just one example:

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Well, maybe :thinking: now Asobo will fix the culling before 2023!!!

@legia92 Rather, I’m afraid they will tell G2 owners that the software doesn’t support custom cover mods.

Just started my VR journey with brand new Pimax 8k X and upgraded hardware (RTX 3080 Ti, i9 12th gen) only to realise that I can’t disable parallel projections in a hunt for a better performance because of that frustrum culling issue! That’s a bummer! Even worse, that the problem goes far into 2020 and not only wasn’t yet addressed but the solution is planned into distant future!!!

So, I’ve must admit, MSFS 2020 at it’s current state (February 2022) isn’t fit for any serious VR flying, as it lacks of proper support of any wide FOV goggles.

Shame on you Asobo!

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MANY users are happy to find the highly anticipated wideFOV support is now in a planned state, but stunned to simply see 2023 listed. The concensus has been that that is simply too far in he future leaving upto 22 months, which was in fact viewed by some as insulting

Could Asobo kindly reasses this?

I feel a Q4 2020 would be appropriate/reasonable given how highly voted it has been and consideration with what barriers may exist.

Thank you for any consideration that could be made. Perhaps explanations, insights, or more definitive timing that would help users of wide FOV headsets to understand why we are to fly with blinders on so to speak.

Respectfully, the WideFOV community.

you realize they have quite a few requests? and after all VR players are a minority. I think 2023 is okay.

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Unfortunately, in the case of your request and many others, no one can be certain whether the delay is due to other requests being more pressing (as bkeleanor correctly pointed out), manpower shortages, or whether they don’t have the technology in place to make the change the way they want to do it. Or maybe they’ll have to wait on changes A, B, and C before yours can happen. Plus, no one knows what the more immediate future holds. They may have to re-prioritize something, or something already on their list may take longer than anticipated.

In reality, unless you get a massive number of votes that requires them to change their direction, we’re all at the mercy of MSAsobo. I’m not complaining about that - but it’s just reality.

Vr is the only way… there is no other way. Ever.again…


screenshots are better none VR.

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Hey! The OpenXR Toolkit team has a few ideas for things to investigate regarding wide FOV and culling issues. But we don’t have Pimax devices…

Please head to our Discord server (see our website) and to the #pimax-issues channel if you want to help with the effort.

Expectations you should have: None. We don’t know whether we will succeed. But we will try.

Requirements to help: own a Pimax device, ability to experiment with test-quality software (comfortable dealing with registry, log files, etc), report and document your observation well (meaning solid written English).

So far we’ve been playing with some very very basic stuff with OpenXR and FOV. Since we don’t have a device, we added an option to “simulate” canting with our G2, but it’s quite imperfect.

Here’s an example of something achieved in ~1 hour with less than 10 lines of code:



Note how we were able to push the improper culling to the right. The remaining culling was imperceptible (admittedly with the “fake” canted G2, so not necessarily OK with a real Pimax).

There was a loss of quality (lower PPD), but if this technique proves to work, we could implement more things to reproduce this same effect without the lower PPD.

We need people willing to help testing/experiment. It’s not going to magically work right away. You need to be willing to invest time trying things that will fail, or look terrible. And hopefully we will get somewhere, little by little.

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing some folks on Discord!


Great to hear. Have a 8kx but not much time to help. Maybe be able to do a little bit at times

Yes please Asobo! Fix before 2023!

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Pimax users-

We’ve released a new version of the OpenXR Toolkit (1.0.5) with an experimental feature to reduce the effects of over-culling with Pimax headsets!

You can find the feature under the “Appearance” tab, and it is called “Pimax WFOV Hack”.

When set to on, it greatly reduces the amount of over-culling when using Pimax headsets without Parallel Projection and in Normal FOV mode.

It does not completely remove the culling, there is a a little bit of culling remaining left of the left eye.

Looking forward to the feedback!