Support for Wide FOV VR headsets (removing Frustum Culling issue)-

The Culing in the Pimax in FS2020 is on a completely different level. Huge blocks are shifted around 15-20% of the field of view. The angle of canted displays of the index are significantly smaller. and the index is automatically maintained by PP, so that it hardly appears there.

And yes, the problem can only be solved by Asobo, by changing the viewports. A little intervention.
Other software manufacturers using OpenXR have also solved it quickly. But apparently Asobo has little interest in supporting some hardware that is not branded by its client. At least that’s what it looks like for me.
“Will be examined” When?


@OlieTsubasa443 Any update on this at all please? From the sounds of it Pimax seem to believe Asobo are unwilling to resolve this problem, despite Pimax themselves offering to assist Asobo with how to fix the problem.


Yes, we need a solution soon as possible. Any work around until then ?

Please Asobo, fix this issue so that Wide FOV VR headsets such as the Pimax 8KX (and a few others), will work with sufficient performance in MSFS2020 without engaging Parallel Projection. Your customers are your word-of-mouth marketing team - so it’s important to acknowledge and address issues such as this, where there is clearly a good appetite to see them happen … many thanks in anticipation.


I have had black checkerboarding/culling on airport and water terrain since SU5 even on standard fov headset (Quest 2)

I have also seen a thread of similar impacts in 2d

Asobo/ms, please look into this issue for large fov hmd’s.


Yep they need to go Non-parallel projection. Swallow their pride and call Pimax.


Asobo Please fix this & remove the parallel projection requirement!


Unlike other games, running MSFS without parallel projections works perfectly except the culling is wrong on the left and right. SO CLOSE! Most other apps have you cross eyed and other issues too…so i feel like this should be an EASY fix (politely understanding coding is NOT easy, so love to our coderz). Keep upvoting until we get a SU# assigned!


Is Asobo or Microsoft even Listening ???

What bothers me is that this barely needs any work to get fixed , yet they still refuse to fix it. Its just culling, which means the sim is intentionally clipping off the rendering of textures and objects outside of around 110 degrees FOV. There’s nothing wrong with the rendering itself. It’s just limited on purpose to offload the GPU.

This fix can be done with 2 lines on code in a Unity game/application.

Well well… as long as narrow FOV headsets such as G2 doesn’t need it, they wont bother fixing it.

Ive contacted Asobo multiple times regarding this. As a Pimax representative.

Haven’t got even one single response.

Thanks for that.


So glad to hear you working so hard to get this done! I’m such a fan of the 8k X

Thanks Pimax!


Also, thanks for your video on the vr hand motion/controllers and workarounds.

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It’s been a year now, i can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed yet. This pushed me back to DCS and Il2, both of which work flawlessly with Pimax.


What’s bothering me is that I’m quite interested in the new Pimax headset coming out Q4 next year but as I sim 98% of the time in VR of which 90% is Microsoft flight simulator 2020 will it make sense to upgrade to their new headset if Asobo and Microsoft are not going to support the wide F.O.V. :neutral_face: . In regards to the clipping that is happening, if you do not use motion re-projection as even with my high-end PC my 8K X struggles at the moment and now with SU7 it is much worse

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Still nothing…I’m ashamed I keep checking in on this.


We have been in the same place for months. Presumably more things like gloves, legs and overworked top hitting will be put in between in the near future.






Such a long way away but atleast we have a date. I wonder why its 2023? Is the Windows Mixed Reality Reverb G3 with wide fov gonna be available then? I’m being sarcastic btw.


The day on which wmr is pulped, because the tracking problems keep new buyers far, and the support for the old devices has expired.