Switzerland Terrain Mesh Add-on Very Bad Performance

Dear all,

I just bought the switzerland terrain mesh and from Geneva (French -Swiss border) going to main Switzerland, the fps were totally decreasing and spawning in the middle of the country, then my plane could not even move and I could even not press start.

Is it the same for you ?

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you should atleast mention which one you bought.

Switzerland Mesh by FSDREAMTEAM it seems :slight_smile:

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Thanks for advising that.

Was looking at it, But since Switzerland is in new world update, might just wait on that

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frame rates destroyer

Actually, when something is on the market, we shoule be able to refund it. Indeed, you never know what you buy or if it will work. Just a test period of 1 or 2 days.
It is enough but I’m often disapointed by the paying addons. Actually the free ones are better done, the only thing is that they make the game take so much time to load at the launching of the game.


Agreed, they should have a refund policy of some sort… and a more robust rating system.

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There are a few freeware DEM’s of Switzerland available. This is the best one I’ve tried and not much of a performance hit. There are so many freeware DEM’s available now.

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Me too, it´s a bad addon, performance decreases a lot.

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Before buying from Marketplace, always check out freeware. A lot of them are on par with payware items. After marketplace items get good reviews you can step up anytime.

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good advice,. but good payware is usually way above good freeware.
you only need to do some research, there always will be reviews, yt vids etc.

If not happy ask for refund

There are NO refunds on digital products after activation. 95% of the time.

Can always file a charge back if you really want it


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Which with most vendors will earn you a place on their blacklist. I did that ONE time - simply because a product was a piece of copyright infringement. At SimMarket. After their refusal to issue a refund, I charged back the $18 or so… it wasn’t even about the money. It was the principle. IMMEDIATELY, SimMarket took away my access to all 40 or so products I have purchased through them and I no longer had access to updates etc until I closed the dispute with PayPal. PayPal was nice to still refund the money out of their own pocket, but that wasn’t the point. My access was only reinstated after I closed the dispute. So I do NOT recommend that route to anyone who still wants to keep their account with the vendor.

Yes that is true
But some shops refund / cancel orders if customer not happy
Sure something to think about before buy anything

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I have the same problem. I got about one minute of flying over Switzerland and then the game froze. After restarting computer tried three other times and as soon as I choose Switzerland location and the game starts I can fly for a few seconds and then total freeze. Have to use Task Manager to shut down game. Never had any problem like this with any other purchase. Lowered the settings to medium from ultra, still won’t work in Switzerland.

Yes I totally agree with you but you know what ? I had like 80 GO after 4 months of lauching because nothing was like under photogrametry or so…

BUT and this is the only drawback but still very IMPORTANT, it took 35 minutes to lauch the game everytime cause they are in the community folder and so the games “discovers” and rediscovers it everytime.

Otherwise, honnestly, I would have never bought any addon.

I have bought the Swiss Terrain Mesh and it will not download from MS Store. Spoke to FSDreamTeam for help - none given and will not give an MS Store contact for help or refund - they are absolutely useless. Anyone any idea how to contact MS Store?