TBM930 Mods

Morning folks!

I know too many mods can mess things up but which mods are the best to use for the TBM930?

Greatly appreciated!

I like: https://flightsim.to/file/918/red-flashlight-night-mod


I can highly recommend theese two mods:

The second one for the G3000. (:


Has anyone noticed a dramatic increase in the number of CTD you get after installing the TBM930 Project and G3000 mods?

I love these mods, but I seem to have a substantial increase in CTD since installing them. Hoping it is coincidence or that there is something I can tweak if it is related. Would hate to go back to the defaults in the TBM. :slight_smile:

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Nope. Havent had any issue because auf the mods!

I had problems with CTDs but it has turned out it was my OC of my GPU. → Lowered it by 100Mhz → no more CTDs since. :slight_smile:


I think my problem may have been related to SimToolkitPro. I stopped running that with Flight Sim and the sim had viewer (brief) freezes and it did not crash on my last flight.

Anecdotal as it was only one flight, but fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


Much appreciated thanks dude!

Not a mod per-se, but I created a fix for the game freeze you can encounter in the TBM MFD flight plan if you click the down button in certain circumstances. Information here

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Most certainly something I’m doing wrong, but after I installed the G3000 mod (which is generally awesome) I can’t find a way to zoom the large map on the MFD any more.

Is there now a different way to adjust the zoom, instead of turning the knob in the lower right?

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You need to be on the right page (MFD) (:

I must be doing something wrong, but since installing the MSFS TBM 930 Project 0.5.3 mod, I can’t seem to turn on the autopilot. Without the mod, no problems. I can’t find anyone else mentioning this, so I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Upper panel right. Three position switch that enables AP and Trims. Flip it to the correct settings.

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Ah-ha! Thank you.

Hey Gang. I was wondering if there are any good TBM mods out there a la CJ4 or A320? I see there is a TBM github mod but it hasn’t been updated since october / november and not sure if it’s good anymore with the latest versions.

Thanks for any input.

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If you are referring to GitHub - guifarias31/msfs_tbm930_project: Improvement project for the MSFS default TBM930. - that one is great and still works fine with the latest MSFS version.

And another MUST-have add-on for the TBM: Release g3000-v0.3.4 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

I use both, and wouldn’t fly without them (especially the G3000 mod, it’s awesome)

Hope this helps,



Actually, this mod has been abandoned, and it does have minor issues with the latest MSFS release.

This guy has branched it and made the necessary changes. This should be your go-to from now on. That old one will never get updated again.


Thanks a bunch. Just what I was looking for. Cheers.

The TBM mod is nice. Doesn’t do a whole lot, but fixes the issue of torque increasing as altitude increases, which is just reverse of the real deal. Makes a few other random tweaks as well such as improved exterior lighting and removes that stupid 30% gap at the lower end of the throttle that does nothing.

I’m mostly happy with the stock lighting. I find that many of the landing light mods end up brighter than a carbon arc search light. But I think I’ll see about incorporating the performance parts of this mod.

As nice as this mod is, it’s really just a small edit of some of the aircraft files and doesn’t do a hell of a lot. I would love someone to really take on this project and do what others have done the DA62X, Bonanza Turbo, and other such aircraft mods to really take the TBM to the next level.

I’d love to see an equivalent of the XPlane Hot Start TBM made for MSFS, but I recall reading something for its devs that they have no intention of releasing MSFS mods, which is a shame.