TCAS / ACAS - Live Players

Sure seams it would be an easy implementation. Pilotedge and Vatsim were able to do this. Not sure what the holdup could possibly be!

ADS-B Out & In needs to be added ASAP because ADS-B Out is required to fly in US Class A, B, C controlled airspace.


Y E S . We need this

So much time has passed since the release, and the most important TCAS have not yet been realized

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Forgive me if I missed. Did anyone hear/read anything from ASOBO or MS side about TCAS implementation ?

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I agree but with a twist:

Displaying other aircraft icons around you, like you’d typically find in gauges having a “TCAS” mode, is not, but really not, what a TCAS is all about, and actually I personally believe this is not helping at all.

The TCAS is primarily sensing aircraft around you, both direction and distance, based on a few basic signals (I’m not talking about ADSB here but more ‘traditional’ TCAS devices). With this information, and many other sensors aboard your aircraft, it will compute and extrapolate trajectories in 3D space and check whether any could be closing-in your own trajectory.

One important point to understand is that it is perfectly fine having aircraft passing around you, as long as their trajectory is not entering a “bubble”, and the bubble size and priority depends on many other factors, related to the phase of flight (near the ground, high in the sky, your aircraft performance, its climb performance etc…). Only when a possible conflict arises, the TCAS will provide appropriate alerts, and eventually resolution advisories. In the latter case, the system can work standalone or in tandem with the other target in order to give both pilots diverging resolution advisories (one climbing and the other descending, but it could be one flying level and the other climbing more).

The Reality XP GTN and GNS V2 are actually offering a TCAD option. In the real world, you’d typically use a Ryan TCAD 9900BX with the GTN (9900B with the GNS). The RXP GPS add-ons include a complete simulation of the Ryan TCAD device and you can change its operating modes directly on the GTN screen for example, with the same menus, symbology, and feature set you’d get with the real devices.

The Ryan TCAD simulation which is embedded in the GTN or the GNS V2 is actually running our TCAS II Mark 7 simulation internally, in TA mode, so that it provides an authentic traffic alerting capability. This is the same TCAS device you’d find in airliners and it is delivering the same level of accuracy and operation as the real deal. In effect, the Reality XP TCAS II Mark 7 simulation is actually passing the official 250 TSIM tests (one industry standard for validating TCAS algorithms).

So back to the subject, TCAS is not just displaying aircraft moving around you on a map, it is much more than this, and if this topic is about displaying aircraft on the map page, it is important to understand this is not TCAS at all and although it would be good looking in a YT video, it is not the level of simulation feature you might want in a simulator for simmers.


Very important feature indeed, if this sim wants to solidify itself as ‘not only’ a VFR simulator. I just hope that there will be compatibility for SimConnect traffic as well. As to make sure Vatsim, IVAO, JoinFS, etc. work flawlessly.


For me, this is one of the most glaring features of FS2020. I fly on VATSIM quite a bit and sometime can’t tell static aircraft from real players on the ground. We need TCAS awareness at the very least…

Also, the option to display a name plate over the other player would be nice. I realize the name plate breaks immersion to some degree, but you can toggle it off!

True story, I flew out of SFO last night and waited for not one, but two aircraft that I thought were taxing before I pushed back, only to realize they were static. :rofl:

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Thanks for all the new votes! I’ve been trying to spread the word about this wish list item. YAY!

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Can you add tcas. It would be great for vatsim in highly populated areas.

Why does “real traffic” show up, while M/P or AI do not? Seems like a 1st day realization and fix.

In reply to WinsAloft:
A little offtopic, but do you mean static aircraft included in (payware) sceneries, or the static aircraft that the simulator loads in to populate the airports? When flying on Vatsim I’d recommend turning off the autogenerated statics for situation you described. Statics in sceneries are sadly not as flexible. I always get a little annoyed when they’re included, but oh well.

Name plates above players would also indeed be lovely to have. If you want to vote for that one, have a look at this thread: VATSIM / IVAO / LNM etc ALL need their SimConnect injected aircraft to show labels - #45 by MikeB54331

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Smash that like button. We need it ASAP especially for VATSIM and IVAO so trafic injected by their clients.

Seems Asobug doesn’t care about us or topic… but! I’ve found this guy on internet named laurinius who made a excellent mod to display TCAS/ACAS (AI+MP+IVAO+VATSIM).

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Regarding to that mod,

After installation I wonder if we are going to see traffic icons (empty or solid lozenge or TA RA symbols) on navigation dipslays or similar screens ? What this mod does actually from simmer perspective ?

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Check out the WorkingTitle G3000 mod. I’m not sure what the integration looks like for other avionics with this mod, but I have tested this one and I can confirm it works nicely. Just be sure to follow the steps in the to figure out how to enable support for the program.

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This mod is capable to display any traffic on G1000, GTN750 and others GPS as you mentioned as (empty and solid figures plus TA RA symbols).

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SO basically this mod is able to show traffic on the A32NX display?

SimConnect injected traffic (VATSIM, IVAO) should now be displayed in HTML/JS instruments that have traffic displays as well as on the VFR Map

After the latest update, the external program isn’t necessary to display SimConnect-injected traffic. Personally, I have tested with the CJ4, and it works like a charm. I have yet to test the A32N though.

ok but I didnt get how to get simconnect work because I see that its in the folder of MSFS and then …? :frowning: