Teensy lc or arduino pro micro for throttle quadrant?

which one of the two would be easier to build ? The pro micro is half the price of teensy lc where i live. i plan on

  • 4 throttles(linear slider potentiometer)
  • one elevator trim(rotary pot)
  • 1 brake throttle(slider pot).
  • 1 5 way selector for flaps
  • 1 5 way selector for air brakes
  • 1 toggle switch for lights
  • 1 toggle for beacons,
  • toggle for autopilot
  • 4 on-of-on for individual fuel mixes.
  • Couple more toggles for DCS world.

The pro micro afaik supports 8 axis total.i have been able to find some code for it,the teensy i haven’t been able to find code for ,i saw a youtube vid where the teensyduino ide has it preloaded.I may have to program the boards for signal high/low for the 5 axis toggles for which i have teensy code for from a ets2 button box build. Are teensy c libraries the one with the .h files cross compatible with the Arduino ?

The pro micro can be configured as an joystick, which makes it a lot easier with direct support for potentiometers and switches. It is then also directly recognized in the sim. Really easy to do if you have some experience with Arduinos. As far as I’m aware, rotary encoders might a bit more tricky, as you need to convert the input to a switch signal (since joysticks don’t have rotary encoders).

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i see it is the pro micro then,i had cancelled the order,but i will reorder it now. The arduino forum seems more active aswell.

I just ordered a bunch of them through AliExpress, they are really cheap. My home cockpit now has a couple of them in use, next to Arduino Uno and Mega.

Leobodnar.com has some nice interface boards with breakout terminals and already configured for many uses. They also have lots of switches and knobs with outputs appropriate for interfacing.

i would love to use a leobodnar but its sort of expensive,my whole aurdino/teensy based box comes out to the price of a single leobodnar(device+customs+shipping).plus it would be quite fun to code things than to do something out of the box.

I use the Teensy 2.0 for my controllers and the Teensy 2.0+. It’s really simple. You use the same code as Arduino. The cool thing is you can give each board it’s own VID/PID combo so they are unique.
I did learn (barely) enough so I could modify the core files so it shows up as only a joystick. Not a keyboard/mouse/joystick. Making a joystick/controller is simple.
I also use a pair of MEGA2560s with Mobiflight for my main button box. As many of the functions I wanted to control don’t have the ability to assign them in the UI.

Can’t argue on price. And the Bodnar stuff is Arduino with their programming on custom boards. I just mentioned it for those unable or uninterested in rolling their own.

My first board was a Bodnar. Limited inputs for $$$. But it is plug and play, so… Kind of like buying a prebuilt as your first computer…

True. But I’ve done the interfacing thing and it works very well. I’m just now at a stage where for me it’s quicker and easier to buy stuff from Bodnar and just wire it up.

Hey guys, have been going to make a switch panel using a MEGA for some time now. Have all the components & switches wired up just haven’t had the time to get my head around the programming. Anyone able to send me the coding for this?


I used Mobiflight. It’s really simple to use. The only drawback is that it doesn’t do potentiometers.

Teensy Based Button Box Code - Pastebin.com i used this for ets2 box for the buttons the same code may apply.some little tweaks.Supports signal high low etc

Thanks for the reply guys. Am looking at both options. I use SPAD.neXt however Mobiflight might be an easier solution.

Doesn’t get any easier than this. Use Mobiflight, it’s awesome!

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with Beta potentiometer support has been added - it should work for throttle and speed brake, etc

Download mobiflight for free on the website, go settings and enable beta updates, restart & update

Feedback is appreciated!

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Woohoo! You da man. I just finished my throttle quadrant yesterday and had to run it through a Teensy 2 that I had in a drawer. It’s mounted to the bottom of my button box so I may have to run it through one of the Mobi boards. I’m printing my trim wheel now so I’ll probably hook them both up at the same time.

this is awesome.both linear and rotary pot supported ?

mobiflight should also add support for 5 way selector switches like those used on electric guitars for pickup. Those are great for flaps

they should have 5 individual pins which can be connected to MobiFlight and to each you can assign a specific function.