Terrain Pop-in NOT fixed after World Update 6

I don’t think the slider is the only possible solution.

Good news, I jumped over my shadow and set the LOD to 3 in the usercfg. Flying around in the Austrian alps and seeing none of the that morphing, performance smooth as silk! I’m in the team slider now :smiley:

You’re welcome. :wink:

I don’t think the slider is the only possible solution.

It doesn’t have to be a “slider”, it could be an enum (i.e. drop-down box or click arrows to select between low, med, high, ultra, and “this one goes to 11”), or it could be something else. I do think there should be an option in the sim’s GUI to adjust this further than the current limit of 200 (2.000000 in the UserCfg.opt file). This should apply to both the terrain and object LoDs.

This horse is dead, no more beating. We will have to wait for Asobo to implement it in the GUI to extend the option to the risk-averse masses. But in the mean time, us mavericks will keep on tweaking the file to our liking.

Fly safe!


That’s why you really see the terrain popping, because their geometry is different.

How does the Terrain Pre-Cache option work? What do the different settings do and how do they impact performance?

I was actually happy with SU5 and before the sim was unplayable for me with stuttering and low fps. I had everything maxed on Ultra, except for road and air traffic on medium. 1080p 100% render scale. I haven’t played the sim since WU6 so expect to get the update tomorrow.

i7 7700 and GTX 1070 with 8GB VRAM and 16GB system RAM

Aah, alright, got it. Yesterday I turned the LOD in usercfg to 3, was flying over the Austrian alps, the morphing was nearly eliminated in 2D.

Definitely going to have to check this out.

We can vote for this bug to be fixed here:

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I have also checked now setting the object LOD to 3 in the usercfg to see if it helps to mitigate the PG building morphing the cities. Flying over Paris I saw practically no morphing, and also London I would dare to say a lot less than with LOD 2. Just the performance on my rig seems to take a quite hit I see in quick panning around with the camera in external look. But the flying otherwise is still smooth on both cities.

Edit: No, this setting is not good, I managed to start the sim one time with it, now it has been hanging 3 times in a row when trying to start th flight. Going back to object LOD 2 and leaving it alone :sweat_smile:


Your videos prove nothing except that in one case the terrain data might get downloaded “on the fly” (no pun intended) while in the other case you seem to have already cached that data.

And note: the new “cache slider” has NOTHING to do with the above (it is related to objects being not withing the visibility cone).

It’s called terrain morphing and stems from the way higher res terrain data is displayed at closer ranges. No need to have a 1-5m mesh detail on terrain that’s 100nm away from the aircraft. Nobody would want that. The problem is that the distance at which the change in LODs (level of detail) is switched is way to close to the aircraft position and that the interpolation between the different LODs is not gradual but abrupt.

From what I understand, this same issue is the reason behind those transparent lines you see in mostly mountainous areas. It’s where the higher LOD doesn’t fit the lower LOD anymore and creates these rifts in the terrain you can look through.


Water tower at Alcatraz had no legs until I got within 400ft or so… And disappeared when I got any further away… Caching set to Ultra…

Soooo not acceptable!

Yea… just flew over The City again this evening. Bay Bridge looks okay to TI, but disappears over to the East Bay. Golden Gate doesn’t show up until you’re over South San Francisco. Sutro Tower is at least twice as big as it should be… there are a few things wrong to be certain.

But… it’s the “pop ins” that are most distracting. It’s weird to watch things “draw” as you get closer.

I get the same but have also noticed buildings change as I approach and that definitely didn’t happen before.

Popping is still very much an issue for me.

At Heathrow, buildings and airport furniture (taxi signs etc) popping into view ahead of me as I’m landing. As I taxied towards some railings, one part of the railings previously missing popped into view literally 20 yards immediately ahead of me. Moving back, it disappeared again.

This is not popping as described in a previous post by @Jummivana, I believe, where the popping was described as just occuring in Ultra mode (I’m mostly on high) when quickly looking sideways (my popping is very much straight ahead).

The fixes supplied by Asobo might have addressed the sideview popping, but the forward popping is more of a problem as it is very noticeable, and distracting during the most critical part of the flight. Asobo do not seem to have recognised this as a problem, and probably believe they have fixed the popping completely with their new Options entry.

But they haven’t.


There is definitely an issue with taxi signs and other airport objects loading at very short distance, despite LODs set to 200+. An obvious example is on the new WU6 landing challenge, the runway signs and windsock at the start of the runway only appear at very close range.

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Morphing is a better way of describing the problem. Pop-In reminds me of Marry Pop-In :wink:

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Pop In and morphing are two different things. Morphing means to gradually change from one thing to another. Pop in means to suddenly appear at a drawing distance. With a flight simulator a drawing distance is extremely hard to maintain in a smooth way, because you are in the air, and can see for miles. However it is also the thing that MSFS 2020 was originally famous for solving… or pushing to it’s limits.

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THX for the Lession…i never stop learning

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