Terrible apocalyptic photogrammetry of Vienna

nice cinematic style video from Cinematic Flight on youtube! But the city looks like some bombs had hit it

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Berlin and Zurig look really nice. I’ve noticed a few other small towns in Germany that has been mashed beautifully. With Vienna, and Austria, there must be a kind of issue that has prevented MS from applying the same photogrammetry and mashing styles.

Haha nice one, i know the struggle, but I’m not much of a football fan though :smiley:

Yet big fan of the local beer and “Berchkerwa” ! Maybe that would make an interesting POI :thinking:

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I was at that fest a couple of years back, it was great fun… or at least what I can remember of it as I am also a too big a fan of Fränkische bier.

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on my XBox, photogrammetry is not loaded at all, in Vienna… Just like it was before the last World Update. No way.


If you keep on having PG data streaming issues your best bet is probably to follow the instructions given here:

the adjustments were supposed to have been made by the last update, obviously it isn’t so! An what are the instructions you’re referring to ? I only see an announcement and pool.

Hence the statement, quote: „… but we are still working on this issue.„

Again, I quote: „Please vote on this thread…“

That is all I know. PG streaming works for me though (in Vienna and everywhere).

No, unfortunately this is what the aerial images of that area look like. Even on Bing maps you can see this terrible “textures” everywhere in Vorarlberg.

“If you keep on having PG data streaming issues your best bet is probably to follow the instructions given here:”
err what, the instruction you were talking about was to … “vote” ?
They were saying “working on it” before the release of the update. Are they still on it ? Who knows ?
Please… don’t try to sound optimistic if you have actually no help to give.

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Yup it really is poor PG when you think I left there to fly over the Wuppertal just a few minutes later


The photogrammetry is broken.

I was in Vegas yesterday and at ground level it was just blobs. Turn it off and you have basic buildings again.

It’s weird.


No, it‘s not. It is clearly a streaming issue. That‘s another issue. As explained above.

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Does that not constitute to be broken? I.e not working as it should?

If you mean the photogrammetry itself: no. It is the streaming thereof which - for some - does not work.

A “vote” hardly qualifies as an instruction, but whatever. I suggest you stop lecturing people here, which really serves no point. Many people have been exchanging the tips you mention already. I guess this acknowledgment of Asobo is better than nothing, even if it predates the last update !
So, ok, it’s a streaming issue, but the result IS bad PG. And ultimately, regardless of the cause, the game ISN’T working as it should.
PS: and FYI, I had already voted etc, which doesn’t prevent me and others to seek possible workaround etc, since, as you say yourself, it does work better for others…


Keep topics focused on MSFS and not on others. Those that can not abide by this will have their account actioned.

Lol what a plane is this? Looks cute :smiley:

It’s the Toprudder 103 Solo fron Asobo that you can find in the marketplace under Bundles … When the PG is good I love to buzz around the cities in it


Bad PG is also a result of bad photography. If you would look around in Frankfurt, Hamburg or Copenhagen, or many places in Paris, you see how nice good PG can look. Some cities… big cities… just have bad material. Or material that MS/Asobo/Bing could not aquire.

Your statement implies every PG failure is MSFS “the game” to blame. That is not the case. MSFS depends on all kinds of data, work thousands of people are involved in. At the last update (WU-6) we found updates for every previous world update in CM. Check it out. New York photogrammetry improved with WU-6 also. These updates are connections… scale adjustments to new data we download from servers, when we get there.

Things are on the move. Tip: Clear your running cache and switch it off, if you don’t want to run into surprises… things are changing atm. London will be updated eventually… Vienna and Amsterdam too.