Terrible FPS with Ryzen 7 and 2080 Super

Running a Ryzen 7
2080 Super
Samsung Evo Drive
3840 x 1080 Res

Nvidia Ge Force Experience Suggests i run at High End Settings

I have run through and set control panel as per a youtube video to optimize global settings for best FPS using this post here Test settings for rtx 2080 super

A can never get about 30FPS in the air with low scenery and if coming into a decent size airport it drops below 10FPS.

I thought to set the FPS max to 35 so that the GPU doesn’t try and get above that with no help.

What i find strange is with the Nvida HUD overlay on the GPU% is only at like 30% and the CPU is around the same, yet the game will not give me decent FPS.

I saw on another video that there was an windows update that was messing things up so i installed that just in case but still no real improvement.

I wish i have looked at my FPS before but thought it never to be to bad, however now that i am flying with the 320neo and maybe pushing it more it becomes really noticable.

Any suggestions, or tests that i can do.

The problem is currently the game uses 1-2 CPU cores for rendering and they max out to 100%, especially with the larger aircraft with Garmin/digital displays. There are optimizations coming and the DirectX12 implementation will help greatly with this. The best option now is to limit CPU intense settings and Overclock your CPU as much as you can.

  • Check each CPU core, 1-2 cores will be maxed out at 100% even though the total CPU usage is @ ~ 30%. The CPU is the bottleneck, so the GPU slows down.
  • Turn off live air traffic and lower the update rate for the digital displays.
  • Overclock CPU as much as possible.

You might be experiencing [BUG LOGGED] Multiplayer Stuttering after world update - Liveries Bug report

Try turning on Win10 Game Mode. This gives me an extra 10-15 fps with my Ryzen 5 and RX780. Some will disagree but it works great on my system.

Unless you have proof game mode on won’t give you that much boost. The game runs on servers so performance can vary.I can have 40fps at the same airport and the next day the fps is 30-35.

Let me see how I can get you proof.

hi thanks for the replies, tried everything that is mentioned as still no improvement. Was looking at easyjetpilots videos and he runs a machine half as good as mine and he was getting over 20FPS at a parking in a medium size airport. On his settings, i can only get 13FPS. is there a way to actually test if a GPU is giving what its supposed to give.
My only other thing im thinking is my internet speed is a bit slow, i only get about 15Mb but i have only set Bing maps on not the other setting.

Still i jsut feel the sim is not using up the power of the PC. i have overclockes my CPU in the bios and now running the RAM at XMP cause is 3000mhz ram.

What Ryzen 7 do you have?

Check your GPU temp with MSI Afterburner. You can test it with FurMark as well.

And play MSFS with all online features off to test it, including Bing. Use the rolling cache. Because internet is important if you use photogrammetry.

i think its the 3900

i have nevwr had photogrammetry on but yeah will try now with not bing too. will turn it all off.

what is furmark?

An app to test GPUs, just like Cinebench, etc., for CPUs.

My old system which was a Ryzen 7 3700x and an RTX 2080 Super never really gave me above 40fps and would drop to as low as 16fps at KJFK but my resolution was full ultra at 3440x1440p.

However i can already see that you are using things that do not really add to your systems performance (like Geforce experience). That would never get installed on my system.

There are a lot of factors involved into making sure that your system is optimized and i dont have the time to go through everything. If i can find one of my old posts on avsim i will copy and paste and hopefully it will help you. (Thats if i find it)
Good luck

Settings check for AMD processors
Make sure that you are NOT inadvertently doing an all core overclock (OC) . Some motherboard manufacturers have 1 click OC settings that do this but it doesn’t tell the end user that with an all core OC you lose single core performance boost overdrive (PBO) which is able to boost single core much higher than the all core OC.

Ensure you have PBO enabled

Ensure your memory’s XMP or DOCP is enabled and the timings are what they are supposed to be.

OS (Windows)

I recommend a clean install of the OS then install all updates but that may not be possible so move on if you cant.

Install the latest chipset drivers from AMD!!

Game mode on / Assign the sim to performance under the graphics performance preference section

After installing the Chipset drivers then in the windows search box type in “choose a power plan” . Select the maximum performance power plan.


I no longer use an Nvidia Graphics card so i cannot give the best graphics driver version. but i typically do not upgrade drivers with every released version. However in the driver settings my settings were application default for pretty much everything with the exception of power in the driver settings. Let the sim (application default = the sim decides the settings) which is what you want for best performance.
(I also make sure i DO NOT install nvidia experience) For the people who know how it works great. For people who are new or do not want to go in depth with setting it up properly its not worth the headache and could be the very cause of your issues depending on what it may have changed.

Run some benchmarks (heaven, 3DMark timespy and compare) If your numbers and results are comparable and similar to your specs then you can move to the sim knowing the hardware isnt the issue.

As for the sim these were my specs

I am on a 34 inch ultrawide so the resolution is 3440x1440p with a RTX 2080 super

AMD Ryzen 3700x / 32gb ram @3600 cas 16 / 512/1TB Nvme for OS/Storage serviced on top of an Asus Rog Strix B550 F Gaming WIFI mainboard.

I used to sit in the high thirties to low forties in the Airbus A320 default AC with the sim resolution native to my monitor 3440/1440p and the sim set to stock ultra. For me the sim will drop to the low twenties in the major airports like KJFK but for the most part was happy.

The text immediately above was typed in January before Asobo borked the performance of the sim. I upgraded the CPU and GPU in February so i cannot give specific performance numbers as of now.

I would suggest you spend the time to completely go over your hardware to make sure its all configured correctly and you’re getting the performance that the system should provide.

Sorry for the long post. Hope it was somewhat helpful.


wow thanks so much for this, i will give it a try tonight. You spec is bascally exactly the same as mine with the exception of the second Nvme and im running 3000mhz ram.

This was to a degree my experience too the sim was running super smooth last year. I do however want to bench mark and just see if there may be something wrong with the GPU and will check the BIOS for the rest.

Def need to remove Ge Force Experience. Rather just update driver manually and stick with a working driver and dont update unless it broke.