TERRIBLE LOD is destroying a potentially great sim

You should use 9 for 900 in the UserCfg.opt file.

When the default is set in the Graphics Options screen for 200,
the UserCfg.opt has it set as 2.

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Yea I mean 9, I put 9


Is this how buildings are supposed to look? Notice how One World Trade Center in Manhattan and the building to the right of the helicopter look so terrible. This is when playing at 4K using the “High-End” preset but with buildings set to Ultra. DLSS is set to quality mode running on an RTX 3080. Display scaling in windows is set to 100%

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Yes, it looks the same on my display.

Intel A770 GPU. 4K, Ultra, DX12, TAA

Maybe just the reflections off of the building’s glass.

Did you also remember to set the cfg to read only? :slight_smile:

Well the simple answer is no, because they used to look A LOT better. Also New Jersey didn’t look like it had been nuked.

The textures appear to have the glass’ reflection embedded in the texture itself, which is why it looks so terrible.

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nope but work the same, because when I put 9, the fps into the game is soo bad, like 10 fps, so I think it work the same

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@NixonRedgrave @GAD16DK I create another post and see what moderator send me, in the last replies? same texture, so the problem is msfs, and if you read, another alpha test, say that he read into dev blog, msfs investigate about this problem, so I think the solution is that… here we are the link

Problem with texture quality - #14 by Giuseppe2020677)

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In my opinion, the best solution should be two separate sliders for the quality of terrain textures, separate for the range of trees, buildings, etc.


That would also be a great way to give the user more control of their system. But like i have said previously, i believe they have tuned down the crispness on purpose to make it more stable.


Yes, it’s true! Game doesn’t look crisp anymore! Textures look washed out!


Exactly. I even fly with LOD400 and it looks terrible. Everywhere!!!


Flying at 200 feet doesn’t count.


For what it’s worth IMO they have messed with the LOD levels, I would assume it’s to keep everyone smooth and within vram targets not just those with top hardware, that doesn’t mean they won’t bring levels back once they’ve fixed whatever needs fixing. Clouds are much the same story, they have gone from good to bad, to even worse and now back to good again.

Yer pays yer money, yer takes yer chance.


To be honest I’m happy enough… I stopped worrying months ago I just want half decent performance and the eye candy is just a bonus at this stage.

I still have melted PG buildings though which is quite annoying

One more observation. Each area covered by photogrammetry has different ground textures from the rest. Even at low LOD it looks very good compared to the rest. Definitely more realistic.


I’m officially done with this sim. The clear and apparent degradation in the graphics is nothing less than a joke and a scam. Especially when you consider just how much some of us have invested with the intention of running this sim in all it’s glory. I’ve never seen a game/sim visually get WORSE with updates.

Fair enough. A lot of hard work has gone into fixing bugs, CTDs, and just making the platform stable. Is it acceptable for it to come at a cost of visuals? There’s only radio silence when it comes to the FSX-like graphics. Xbox was always going to have limitations with visuals, but why do PC users have to suffer also?

I just flew KSFO - CYVR in the 737. Latest Canada world update. All online features enabled. Fibre optic broadband speeds.

PC specs and settings:

  • RTX 4090
  • 5800x3D
  • 32GB DDR4
  • 2TB SSD
  • MSFS Ultra settings (TAA DX12)

Descending through 15,000ft. A blurry mess. No distant buildings/trees:

More blurry soup and flat terrain:

Only at 4000/3000ft can you see structures to the horizon:

But don’t look at any distant mountains lol:

I don’t even want to get started with the night lighting and ugly distant sepia textures. Don’t fly at night. Too immersion-breaking.

If you don’t fly over 4000ft or so in GA aircraft, the sim is going to look amazing. If you fly airliners, don’t look out the window :grinning: :+1:



I can only agree with everything you just said. - The current state of the sim and the continuing digression is truly embarrassing. The fact that Asobo is not only ignoring the community on this major issue, but with the most recent SU didn’t even touch on performance improvements. - In my opinion that only confirms that it’s intentional downscaling to get a more stable sim. (Which is now not at all what they’ve advertised, or what i had for a long time from launch day)

Thanks for your photos. LOD and performance is absolutely terrible both day and night, and combined with the almost bipolar-like simulator, it’s just more frustrating than relaxing and fun.


Do you have an HDR monitor? :slight_smile: