The Halo spaceship DLC

They don’t. It’s MS.

Don’t download it and it will show as a generic plane. Just like any other (fantasy) aircraft you don’t own.


Well said. It’s tad bit arrogant to think that the sim can only be this way or that way or on these can be included but not those. I’ve been simming since the 80’s and I take it seriously as well. That said I believe there is room for everything and anything in a sim as long as it’s well done. I mean the day I crash into a Halo jump ship on short final my attitude might change but until then, bring on the spaceships. :slight_smile:


Choose what you share the sky with in multiplayer - Community Support / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Might be a solution for all of the above apparent stress?? :slight_smile:

Just watched the new Halo TV series. (nice) I’m wondering if they have already created such a really detailed 3d model, why is the FS version so loveless?

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Would crashing into a 152 on short final make you less angry than a Pelican? I don’t see how one is worse than the other.

For example I may fly the pelican ‘properly’ and respectful of others. But when my 3 year old wants to climb into my lap and fly a 152 hes obviously wreckless.

Please note this is just a general question to play devil’s advocate and not meant in any argumentative capacity. But your point is echod by others, the same people buzzing the tower are gonna buzz it in a 152, 747, magic carpet. Halo pelican. This is the very core of multiplayer.


Yes but this is rated E for everyone, so you cant crash into anyone, you just fly through them, you cant knock them out of the air with your jet wash and in turn they cant do the same to you. So in effect there is nothing physically you can do to other multiplayers other then your visible presence… I dont see the issue here. But maybe I just have WOKE up yet? I dont know…

Is there athread for this aircraft which focuses on it and does not contain all the moaning and bickering by old men yelling at clouds because of this aircraft they don’t understand ?

If so, please direct me to one.

There is too much offtopic in this thread.


Unfortunately not

Totally agree with this.

A 3d model for a movie/series would not work in MSFS.

  1. Such models are likely being created using “splines” (bezier curves and NURBS) not “polygons/quads/triangles” which cannot be easily converted (it would mess up the geometry) so you better build it from scratch.

  2. In general these models are way too detailed and not optimized. VFX scenes render hours to days even on large rendering farms (many computers spread across the net just rendering images) so the level of detail on the model doesn’t play the largest role (raytracing and particle effects are the real hogs there). Basically these models already got screws with hundreds to thousands of polygons (if it’s a polygon based thing). This would render never close to real time on a single consumer computer :wink:

Also, likely, these two models (series vs. sim) were created by all different people. Movie production companies normally work with freelancers who provide the models for this single purpose. The movie production companies on the other hand are not part of Xbox or Microsoft - they are also just hired to create the episodes. 343 Industries basically doesn’t have access or to the files used for this TV series :wink:

Multiplayer was always a fantasy, even with real aircraft. Have you seen how some people land their planes?

I worked with Newtek Lightwave for almost 12 years starting in the mid 90’s. I’m aware of certain differences. Nevertheless, other modules in the FS show that higher details are still possible.
(quite apart from other competitors in the gaming sector)

Regarding access to the raw data, it is difficult to assess since 343 Industries is officially named as a partner.
Even MS as the licensor shouldn’t really have any worries there, but yes, everything or nothing is possible.

To you point 1.
In general, you are wrong. Most 3D-models for VFX/CGI in movies are done with polygons, not Nurbs.
Nurbs are more used in CAD for production, like for designing cars or all sorts of products.
But in VFX CGI, the vast majority is of course poly-meshs.
Sure, depending on the model and task, NURBS modelling might be used too. Of course. But not that much. Depends on the model.

To your 2. point:
Sometimes these models are super detailed, sometimes not. But in general, movie VFX and games get closer and closer. Especially now with Unreal Engine 5 that can render millions of polygones.
So it’s total nonsense to say that would not render on a consumer computer. It does.
It all depends on the engine.

I don’t want to be rude, but please do a bit of research before you confuse people here with wrong or outdated information.

I’ve been flying the sim since February and I just did my first multiplayer. I was surprised by how much normal all the airplanes were behaving!

I was blown away. People were taking off, taxing around, landing, doing pushbacks and parking. Nothing too crazy going on like spinning in circles and vanishing. It felt way more immersive. Imagine seeing another airplane take off! Imagine seeing an airplane land and then park!

However, I was in St. Louis for one specific, very illegal, purpose in mind and it seemed like everyone else had the same idea. :laughing: All while flying way better than the AI.

I think I’ll be keeping multiplayer on for a bit.

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Can’t we all just get along?

I’ve seen the disappear a split second after landing, but that’s kind of cheating. Yet at other airports I’ve seen them taxiing around the airport, back to their gate.

I don’t think that’s very fair.

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I just had to take it through the Mach Loop,The mach loop flight was hilarious with it, with its turning ability I had to actually slow down at some points of it but I highly recommend trying the mach loop with it

I think many users of the sim don’t understand the fact that if YOU don’t own it or download you will never see it, same with all the liveries.

Ahh, a fast vertical takeoff airliner is a better substitute? :joy:

What if you want to buy it and use it on certain days but not on others?

Uninstalling it on the “don’t want to see it days” isn’t really going to be a solution, as then it would just get substituted for something else, as others have said.

There just needs to be a better way for the user to select what aircraft types they see when flying in multiplayer. “For the user to select” being the key phrase here.