The silence since SU7 was released is deafening


Hi all,

Apologies in advance for the extremely long post.

I hope everyone is enjoying their flying time, though for some of us in the community, that’s hard-done at the moment. I was having a great time before SU7 dropped. I was flying mostly in VR in my Reverb G2, had the settings dialled in so that I could fly a big airliner into any city in the world in any kind of weather and maintain smooth performance. My younger self would be amazed at that, when I think of all the hours I spent trying to get FSX to run at more than 20 FPS on a laptop. Kudos to the devs for that achievement.

However, SU7 dropped with some pretty glaring issues, particularly affecting those of us who like to fly in VR or use TrackIR-like devices. There were other issues as well, problems with reverse thrust being among them, but I’m going to focus on the VR one here, because it’s not an obscure bug. It’s not something like “If I do a barrel roll over the west coast of Ireland on the third Wednesday of October, the sim crashes”. It’s a bug that affects every single person who flies in VR, and it’s a bug the devs knew about before the release, as they included part of it in the “Known Issues” section of their patch notes. I say part of it, because the patch notes only mention the toolbar, that it’s unclickable. They don’t mention the in-game panels such as ATC, weather control, checklists, Navigraph Charts if you use them…these are all also unclickable. They’ve released an update that completely broke the user interface for VR users, and they did it knowingly. There are various workarounds that get things sort-of working again, but none of them are perfect, none of them work for every scenario, and the bottom line is that we simply shouldn’t have to be doing these things.

I’ve seen people complaining about things like the VR controller implementation, the new haze effects…I don’t mind these things. Development takes time, it’s a complicated piece of software, and everything has to start somewhere. But releasing an update that fundamentally breaks the UI is something I can’t wrap my head around. What is the point in having the community beta test the updates if they’re not going to fix the most basic and fundamental things that they report? What’s even more frustrating is the radio silence from any and all official channels since then. We’ve heard absolutely nothing about when these issues might be fixed, or why the update was allowed out the door in this state. I hoped that the development update this week might shed some light on the matter, but there was no development update this week…only a post advertising a Black Friday sale in the marketplace.

Come on, guys…your community deserves better than that. We’re the ones you’re trying to get to spend money in your Black Friday sale, after all. These kind of experiences leave a bad taste in my mouth, as although VR users and TrackIR users are probably a tiny minority of users, we still paid for the sim like everyone else, and the very least we deserve is some communication about the most recent raft of issues you’ve thrust upon us.


Everything you say is so very correct and I agree with you totally. VR always seemed to me like an after-thought and it has been very poorly implemented since it first surfaced in this game.


Worry not.Even us with no VR have abandoned the sim for now (me at least) as every attempt for a serious flight (pc) and not just flying around,is acompanied by huge and repeative stutters,fps drops,UI changes,camera malfunctions,settings not being able to be saved,various aircraft mechanics gone all wrong,weather completely destroyed and who knows how many more i forgot.
The silence was expected and me personaly,i have nothing to wait anymore.
If the fix it,it’s ok.If not,then i just wasted my money buying this product from day one.



I love reading complaints of a niche group of players…especially when core functionality of the game (launched a year+ ago) doesn’t work - things like weather, real-time traffic, control systems for even “premium” content like the 787.


Very well said!!! For now I quit MSFS, as I exclusively fly in VR. For a company it is absolutely unforgivable to act like that! Shame on you Asobo


I have given up on MSFS too. Until Asobo gets their heads above water and fixes this game I have gone back to my trusty FS 2004. I have collected a lot of addons over the years. FS 2004 works and works well. I got tired of thinking I was going to have a good flight with MSFS only to spend the afternoon yet again having to troubleshoot another problem. It’s very relaxing to fire up FS 2004 and just have things work.


Well said that man. I will not buy anything more for this sim until they fix the friggin toolbar . the pmdg 737 can not wait until its out but i will hold off. buying it untill its fixed.


I bet there are thousands using vr


Excellent post and I completely agree with the sentiment. I’ve been dealing with inexplicable CTDs since SU5 and I’ve reached the limit of my patience. Quality control is terrible and communication on plans for fixes is worse. I only hope that they are taking feedback like this seriously. Perhaps one day soon, I’ll be able to use the software I paid £90 for!:crossed_fingers:

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sure…“thousands” - yeah right. There is likely 10x as many not using VR.

But keep trying.

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I dont use VR but I agree, I have voted. Its not just about my experience.


Oh, believe me, I’m not excusing those things you’ve mentioned there, the approach flyback bug is the number one thing I want fixed in the sim…but the 787 being less than stellar doesn’t stop me from using the sim in VR. I use the A32NX, or the fantastic CRJ. The user interface being borked stops me from using sim in VR, it’s a fundamental problem. There are plenty of fundamental problems that affect non-VR users as well. Snarking at each other and trying to pit the validity of our problems against one another doesn’t achieve anything. Regardless of how niche a group of players is, they’ve paid the same amount of money for the product as everyone else. I’m not on here asking for Asobo to divert all their resources into VR development, I recognise that it’s niche…but that’s not an excuse for them to release an update that knowingly breaks it.


Unfortunately it’s been like this for a while… glaring issues popping up with multiple sim updates, but then silence afterwards regarding those issues. Just look at the bug forums for confirmation of that. There are still quite major issues introduced all the way back from SU5 still present, with still no fix or even just simple acknowledgement.

No matter what different issues we’re all experiencing, at least we can all come together on that point and hope the future changes. In my personal opinion they have focused way too much on shiny new content and way less on actually addressing the core simulation and UI issues. I mean, I’m not saying new content is bad, it’s awesome, and they have been amazing at providing free content updates. They are doing good work in that department. However, I feel like they are seriously neglecting not just sim updates, but also more frequent hot fixes between them. As it stands right now, not only are important issues left to rot in the simulator, but when we finally do get some fixes, they are usually months in the works due to very fixed update schedule.


No problems with my Trackir…

The thanksgiving holidays in the US may be the reason for the silence. Hopefully we’ll hear from them soon, and get a hot-fix soon!

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Performance got degraded in none VR as well. I get in the low 20 fps and even below in some places that aren’t as demanding. That’s with optimized setting mostly se to high. I am running on high end hardware, i7 10700k 5.1 ghz and an rtx3080 with 32gb of ram. Very frustrating that this is the case every other update. Sim update 6 fixed the sim for me and then this mess got release and right back to degraded performance.


I’ve gone back to Xplane 11 for the time being.

I miss flying the FBW A320 but I have the excellent Toliss A319 instead. FS2020 scenery is great but not missed at 37,000 ft. FS2020 weather is currently hopeless.

Best thing about XP11 from my point of view is that VR works superbly well.

I really hope they fix FS2020 but I dont think they’ll do so quickly. Probably not until February and even then, they won’t fix all that needs fixing.

All a bit sad really.


Maybe I’m just lucky but I haven’t had many of these problems with SU7.

The main problems I noticed were the controls being messed up which was solved by deleting my control profiles and reassigning them (just the rudder for me).
The assists were set to Easy mode instead of my normal full on hard mode. Seems to have been ok since I reset them.

The only outstanding problem is the live weather and that seems no worse accuracy wise than any previous iteration, just that the clouds are often too low and touching the ground. Annoying but not what you’d call a disaster, I can always setup the weather manually based on the local weather reports.

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But Asobo Studio is a French video game company located in Bordeaux, France. I very much doubt they celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday there :wink:


True, but communications are handled in the US by microsoft, as are product releases…