The sim has NEVER looked and performed so well

That’s good though. Having a discrete GPU is a big help with MSFS.

In other words, I do not care about the argument you want to have because that is not what this thread is about. I cannot make it any more crystal clear.

But facts show that I do not care about the argument you want to have either. This thread is about and for those of us who are not miserable.


Yea. Should I be getting about 30fps mid flight or 20 ish on the groun with medium settings though with this set up?

Anyways Its a shame they downgraded the visuals, luckily some of the issues have been confirmed or confirmed to be logged by cms the past hour or so.

Keep posts focused on MSFS and not on each other.

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The game actually looked the best on launch I never had any issues… now it’s just a console game. What a shame.


“The sim has NEVER looked and performed so well”
followed by:
“I am in awe, I can’t believe how well the sim looks and performs since this patch.”

This smells like a troll… out to upset those in this forum who have had genuine issues with it.


I have had the same issues as many in here have had with the graphical quality and continue to get loading freezes for some reason when I do a flight plan that involves either London City, Damyn or Southend. Any other airport seems fine. The trim issues remain too. I am also a little concerned about some of the changes to accommodate the gaming, rather than the sim ccommunity. I have no issue with xbox at all. No matter what platform you use to run the sim is fine with me. I do have an issue when the ‘realism’ is affected by a blue pop up box appearing onscreen, telling me I can get xxx points if I land on a runway with a xx mph headwind. I have never seen this before and I don’t want to see it again so I’m hoping I can turn that off in the settings. I’ll buy Air Combat if I want an arcade adventure.

However, I spent a good amount of time on Sunday changing and testing each of my settings. I have a fairly high end PC and have now found a good balance of performance and quality beyond what I ever had before. The difference in VR quality for me is far better than it ever has been too. Saying all that I share the frustration of those that are having issues for whatever reason. Hopefully further fixes will come sooner rather than later and everyone can begin to enjoy their time in ther sim.

As if anyone here would argue just for the sake of it. Customers having a real hard time being able to use the product they bought. OR at least feel right so cheated on hence the constant reduction or at least up and down of visual fidelity this sim, now console game, offers or not.
For the record, FS2020 updated and „runs“ just fine at ultra 4K on my pc. Still I would defend anyone with less luck.

instead of parroting the same marketing blah blah from MS / Asobo and just dare to say “looks great”, make the effort and create a video: load the sim, airliner at the gate, cold and dark, enter all data via fmc including arrival and approach and so on and then fly the whole thing without pixelated clouds, low-resolution ground textures, overexposed cockpit view, constant popping objects when the view changes, use the mouse and keyboard without the mouse pointer disappearing, fly in the evening, show the light effects and cones of light on the aircraft and that nowhere lights float in the air above cities or airports. ALL WITHOUT mods and if it all worked out … then you seem to use a different simulator.

And to MS/Asobo, being a real trooper here not officially saying a single thing and just let the community fight each other, real nice machiavellian move there. :ok_hand:t2:

The sim isn’t degraded but your old settings might not deliver the best visuals and until Asobo updates values in options it may take a configuration hack to get them back … Mostly that is, some things won’t be addressed until the arrival of DX12.


Off topic posts addressed to other users or not focused on the thread’s purpose will be removed (as some already have).

No one is compelled to post here! The purpose of this thread is in no ways to diminish or disguise the legitimate issues that other simmers are experiencing. Please stay on topic if you wish to contribute here.

Many thanks all for your cooperation in this :smiley:

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Spamming it everywhere? I don’t even use it, but I do read the posts of those that do.

Please Explane? … no really!

It does fix LODs, which is the nº1 complaint in this forum, @DensestSnail693 advice is very valid if you actually want to solve anything.

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Hi all :
on my previous post about SU5, being sad and dissapointed with the graphical downgrade, after a few changes to the config file, namely LOD settings being raised to 4.00000 on both and changing the volumetric clouds value to 5, I now have graphical quality on par with SU4, with no hit to fps. It would appear that the menu settings of ultra are not ultra, I have no proof of this, it is just my observations.
I had an absolutely fantastic flying experience last night in Giza and Sydney :smiley: I shall post screenies tomorrow.
A very happy flyer


i guess “we” were right… it did degrade, maybe just maybe not intentionally but nontheless

  • Volumetric Lighting is Missing – This was a shader bug and will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix.
  • LOD Popping and Stutter when Camera Panning – PC Simmers with graphics set to Ultra will experience this when panning the camera around very quickly.
  • Low Resolution Ground Texture – This is a bug introduced when we fixed tree draw distance from high latitudes and will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix.
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Can you do me a favour?. Can you take a picture from 35,000 ft. With terrain LOD set to 200?. I am just curious.

Those bugs were already well known, and obviously they are gonna be patched or sliders be added so you don’t need to modify the user.cfg file, we were talking about an intended downgrade

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