The Weather


Everyone has been talking about the wind and weather in the sim. . .

I’m beginning to think perhaps, the weather problem is NOT the flight sim.

So, I use sky vector to plan my flights. I am currently heading to Cozumel Int [MMCZ]
I have been looking at the wind on the metars that sky vector uses right now the current metar
there says this

" MMCZ 221446Z 04005KT 7SM BKN015CB BKN080 BKN250 28/25 A2981 RMK SLP100 52015 971 8/363 SC"

So on the edge of a tropical storm forming into a hurricane, It says the wind is only 5 knots.

in fact if you hover over ANY airport in North america, There is NO wind data, either 00, or max 4 kt.
The UK seems to have wind data available.

So, we know sky vector was here before this new flight sim. So whats the chances that both, sky vector , NOAA, and msfs all the same thing?

In fact Tallahassee looks to be having some weather. Here is the metar [I got these metars from the AWC, aviationweather . gov/metar/data/]

" KTLH 221453Z 00000KT 10SM TS FEW030CB SCT120 BKN250 23/20 A3001 RMK AO2 TSB13 SLP162 OCNL LTGICCG SE-SW TS SE-SW MOV NE T02280200 53023"

I think the problem exists beyond this sim.

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I doubt weather is 225° 3 kts all over the globe. Also, notice how when picking an airport, “–” is shown as wind speed, and direction. I’m from South America and all airports here have the same wind too.


You are correct. It is impossible, but somehow, Skyvector . com. NOAA. gov and MSFS are all independent from each other, yet all report the same.

This is why I say the problem must exist beyond just this flight sim.

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I don’t think the problem is the Sim persay, I think it’s the way it’s talking to these external programs not working properly which could be on either end. The game could be defaulting to base stats because it has nothing else to pull on when it should expect something else.

Give it time :smiley:


Is not over the globe, you have winds on europe for example, i only have this issue on the americas from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, i didnt tryed on Asia, Oceania or Africa.
On Europe works.
And you can see sometimes the real wind on the globe map when you select an airport, but once inside the game it shows you 225/3

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Ensure that live weather is selected sometimes I have to click presets and back to live. After doing that you should start to see the actual weather. Had 25 kt crosswind at EGLL this morning.

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What I am saying is its NOT the game.

When you got independent sources saying the same thing, one can rule the sim out as the sim having a problem.

The weather in the sim IS working.

EDIT: And when I say working, I mean it is using the data it is given.

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Is a real issue, but doens’t happen on Europe

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Ok dude, you understand that this is a real issue with the online weather inside the game, the problem doesn’t happens at Europe, only Americas and i think at other continents too (I didnt try on others but is claimed on the forum too)
I dont think that all the Americas airports from Canada to Argentina are saying that they have wind 225/3, and from ground to FL600, even when you see at the global map on that airports the real actual wind, but once inside 223/5.

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ATIS is reporting weather that isn’t being depicted though. Doesn’t it kind of have to be the sim at that point? ATIS can be reporting 40C and 10 kt winds and the sim still depicts 15C and 225@03 wind. The problem isn’t that the data is missing or doesn’t exist, it’s that it just isn’t depicting the conditions.

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I don’t think you checked enough metars.

KMLB 221653Z 13012KT 10SM SCT020 30/26 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP153 T03000261 $

It’s 225/03 in the sim. It’s a sim problem, period.


This is an static air mass covering all the world, you don’t understand the weather dude, :wink:


Sorry. But you’re wrong. NOAA and all other weather sources seem to be doing just fine and are accurate.

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Someone better inform all these aircraft in the real world that are flying right now based on this incorrect data…

  1. wasn’t trying to start a fire. but I think I did. :scream:

  2. from my observations, if I go to sky vector, the metar there reflects the noaa data, for me it is what I see in the sim. for example when I landed at mmcz, the metar I posted was exactly what was depicted. wind was at 5 kts, visibility was correct and cloud and temps where correct.

thus far the highest I have seen is wind to about 12 kts, from 045. what I do NOT see is wind gusts.

I’m not trying to be combative, I am just posting my own observations from what I see both In the sim and online reports.

On my end, the weather that is shown online is what is being shown in the sim. I am talking about fl100 down to ground.

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What server are you using?
Because my self and a lot of other people doesn´t have the same result?
And is not ok the same wind at all places or altitudes.

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it says us east.

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Me too, try any airport with some different winds something more than 10kts and from any other direction maybe from the east side.
At the Americas.
And tell me the results.

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Try the Northern Europe server. You only get fairly accurate weather in the US on your first start of the sim. Once you leave that flight or change an airplane, you have to restart every time. Doesn’t seem to be that way in Europe.
Also, make sure you start as Administrator. I haven’t had much luck either in the US.


If you can do it now try, KNPA is showing 120/11 right now

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