The whole fleet is grounded in the hangar - structual cracks detected

Lol - I feel your pain AZ. The slightly perverse issue here was that I backup and renamed my community folder prior to the update. The weird thing was that the newly created and empty community folder rendered the flightplan generator useless with just a GPS direct to GPS co-ords available, However, when I renamed the previous Community folder with all my old mods in, the flightplan generator worked fine. So it seems that on this update occasion, it would have been better to leave the existing Community folder and mods in place.

This is tremendously refreshing to hear! where is this?? Link?

Yeah I’ve never done anything with my community folder other than updates add-ons that needed them after a SU update

This is NOT reassuring.

Didn’t the team know before they release the mandatory update that it was a dumpster fire?

At a technical level they could have tried to explain why they traded existing features for … (something).

At a marketing level they could have prepared a “bonus” carrot in return for the hard stick.

At a business level they could have simply stated that Microsoft’s priorities are with the XBOX. And dealt with the consequences. Speaking of which … Windows 11 anyone?

Didn’t they not know this wouldn’t go well?

Is there another hotfix coming up? if so when, I completely missed it?

I assume there will be because of this post below, but maybe we shouldn’t take it for granted:

That help at the moment not much. Flying in the europe region is still not possible for me because of massive stutters and lagging. From in flight back to main menu result in freezing. The main thread rise up 52ms reaction time.

Switching to US Server and region is a total different thing. Render scale 115 @ 4K and smooth like butter. Main thread about 12-14ms.

Tested lastly yesterday evening.

Where did you get this information?

I’m searching for days looking for the latest updates on what the team is working on. Unfortunately without any good results.

Good to read that they are addressing the big issues that came with su5 though.

Also, does anyone know when the next Twitch Q&A is scheduled?

Check the link I posted a few posts above your post.

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OK, so you would rather they continue to say nothing?

If you use live traffic, try turnign that off in flight and then back on again. Has been known to solve performance degredation.

Live traffic is off at my side since day one also multiplayer.

Couple of thoughts here that may help.

If you are a Navigraph subscriber, simply moving/renaming the Navigraph folders in your community folder will cause issues with the Navigation data. You need to use the Navigraph installer to remove the data - this then properly restores the sim base nav data. That’s probably why the nav data then worked when you put the communty folder back. If you don’t use Navigraph, then it must be something else.

Some issues with hangs or CTDs are also caused by 3rd party purchases in the marketplace. I think Asobo need to explain this better, but if you are having hangs or CTDs, removing marketplace purchases too may well help. For example, I can’t load in to a flight in the London area with Orbx London Landmarks, purchased through the marketplace, installed. So it isn’t just add ons in the community folder that can cause issues.

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Indeed, Alt-F4 is the ludricous way to end a running progam but should not be the way to go…
Don’t get me wrong… even I am sometimes forced to kill FS the rough way…

I haven’t subscribe to Navigraph also my Content Manager is empty. I checked all and my conclusion is to wait for Hotfix @Jummivana .There is nothing to fix and waste time at my side. But thanks for the hints.

Just a thought - I was getting camera creep and found it was from ghost inputs from the game controller I use to fly the drone camera. After unplugging that it was ok. I also find that any on the default controller profiles (for mouse, yoke etc) can cause issues - default mouse was causing rapid flickering inside the cockpit between one view position and another and default yoke on occasion would lead to rapid flickering between cockpit and external camera positions. Solved by using custom profiles.

Like you, I’ve been simming from the early days. I’m not grounded but the impact of SU5 has been exceptionally bad on the overall experience. Better FPS sure, but who cares if the stability is awful, the physics and WX all over the place, the sky washed out and the ground looking like mush. And all the third party mods broken. That’s quite the list and I’ve not mentioned all the terrible installation problems. If this was a car, you’d return it and demand a refund. But all the Pollyanna’s saying, ‘hey it’s never been better’. I’d rather solve problems than sit and complain, but I really am left astounded at what a botched job Asobo did with this. Pressure to make that Xbox release date I guess.


Do you also experience ghost movement in cockpit mode.
Here is what i did, for the xbox controller, i induced the deadzone in the midsection to 10%
This might also help if u use trackir because, when it move the view down by itself it logically, will be off center and this will work against irtracking.

Well, heres the thing - I have removed all the inputs from the profile for anything other than the drone camera and slew mode. So, logically when in cockpit mode the controller should have no effect whatsoever.

I just tested it again and I exactly the same issue - except this time the cockpit view was locked to the far left. As soon as I unplugged the controller the centred itself and behaved normally. So clearly another bug. And I also noticed that its now calling my custom profile ‘Default’ when it is not and that the actual default controller profile has disappeared. To be fair, bugs with controller profiles were around before SU5. It just seems to have made them worse!

With the 2 last SUs, right before the release of the update, I would think “now we are over the hill, things will get better from now on”, but then Asobo still manages to release such a hot mess.

In short, even though I tried to convince myself that we have bounced off the bottom and are in the clear (meaning save from this whole project just becoming so messed up and eventually unmanageable to fix), we haven’t. The trend since release is certainly alarming.

Let’s just hope that we won’t wake up one morning and find that the whole project has been scrapped because Asobo turned it into an unmanageable mess.

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I have camera creep also since update 5 … basically the minute a Microsoft Xbox controller is switched on in the cockpit view creep in circles starts …moving the hat switch on the joystick allows to look around but letting go again the view creeps… This simulator is a Microsoft product…and now has been customised to Xbox …how could someone at Asobo get it so wrong that when you enable and Xbox controller on PC it is not working perfectly??? Especially that it was perfect for almost 1 year…