There is no downgrade in SU5

Thank you!

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It’s very simple. Look up the specs for the Xbox X…no make that the Xbox S. If you PC specs meet or are below those, you received an upgrade. Any thing above those is wasting system resources. Again, I do believe we will see further optimization on the PC side in coming updates.

Wrong and noone who hasn’t been playing on Ultra before and after SU5 should even participate in this “downgrade” discussion


Thanks for this statement, at least this shows that there is no further need to argue with you.

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Exactly. That’s why this past update can’t be the final say on the PC side. It was for Xbox. Any further update I feel confident will improve the PC version. Let’s see what they do next. Then judge

And here a second post from our respected CM:

I agree with you, I see no degradation at all. And prior to update, I had to run LOD at 100, now i can easily set it to 200+ and still maintain 50-60 fps.

Well, SU4 ULTRA, 2K Res NY → 15 FPS (High Same FPS)
SU5 ULTRA, 2K Res + Both LOD set to 5, Film grain 0, sharpen off → 30 fps stable in NY. (it can go higher)

The only problem i have is when MSFS downloads data. It stutters and sometimes freezes (i have 1Gb connection). Which is normal considering the load servers have.

I have been comparing all the SUs so far. For SU5, If you increase the LOD manually it is a huge upgrade for me. I do not zoom in to scenery and i dont care about zoom since i am not gonna zoom while flying with a tubeliner at FL410.

For me weird thing is lots of people have different problems with it, while some people have no problems.

There is a different between the images. Also check your system resources. No matter how hard you push the sim, it will not break the barrier on system ram and Vram that is in place now. And this is understandable with the release of the Xbox version. But I no way can this be the limit on the PC side.

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Asobo absolutely just degraded the sim for pc users and give some distraction with water and landing effects, but the principal purpose was to launch it for Xbox and optimize it for them.


They also downgraded the water itself. We can now see the tiles when it was perfect before.


How can you be so sure of this? Because at this moment people are experiencing degradation. Didn’t Jorg say something along the lines of “first get this stone out of our shoes, and then we can focus on pc optimization again”.
So if people are experiencing a degradation, this is not planned policy to consciously rip off pc users. This is a temporary situation, needed to get the console version released to the market.


Man sim update 5 graphics looking out of this world it’s a 2 for 1 game. I Can load this bad boy up and play fallout 4 as well look at that wasteland lol.

Now this is from the good old days where i am running 4K 300 Lod and recording in 4k while i land at LAX with no stutters no pop-ins and the visual fidelity that we should still have so how did we go from this performance and graphics to what we have now and those screenshots from above is me running 1000 LOD on both Objects and Terrain.

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I dont actually see the graphical downgrade everyone is crying about. It looks about the same to me

I play on high end graphics settings. I toyed around on ultra and ran comparable to high end on SU4 (about 20fps average)

But as far as I can tell, I see very little difference in graphics.

I’m really not sure what I’m looking at on any given side by side comparison of SU4 and SU5. Anyone care to point out the differences I should be looking at?

All I can tell is that SU5 runs better and crashes my computer a lot more.

Just hold tight everyone.

Asobo will address this - they can’t ignore it.
It’s a major fault in the Sim.

Trees popping in like P3D - really? - Nope, that’s not what we bought in to.

Just give them time - they’ll sort it.


There’s a lot to sort though…a lot, it’s gonna take a long time to sort this mess out.


This is the big issue this scale was what gave flight sim it’s incredible immersion especially in big us cities but now it’s not the same.


Posts after next update.

OMG I’m getting 15 FPS less.
It’s stuttering now when I land, never did that in SU5
OMG, they nerfed it, it’s not as smooth any more, gimme back SU5
We want to be able to go to SU5, SU6 totally sucks, it’s not optimized, why am I only getting 25FPS, when I used to get 45?
I don’t care about 5 extra buildings and trees, I want smooth flying performance. Gimme back SU5!

It’s a never ending cycle. Oh well, I’m off to flying and enjoying it.


Hence why the suggestion to let those of us who can handle major LOD and resolution values and exposure/coloring to have a slider and those who are happy with what they have today, don’t have to do a thing. Should be somewhat simple to implement - tons of other games do it all the time.


Where do you saw that?, if until today asobo doesn’t say a word about all issues, people have a lot of problems with a huge investment to make it operable and now they are most concerned in xbox users