Time for and old fellow to find another hobby

Verify the integrity of files if you’re on steam. It doesn’t delete the game anymore after doing that and it fixes most “can’t launch” problems. My game wasn’t launching yesterday, verified the files, steam downloaded missing 5MB file and everything works as usual. Have no idea how to do that with xbox version.

Ortho isn’t free, hdd’s still cost money and when you need 20TB at least that’s quite a lot. VFR is not possible in xplane 11 because it has no scenery, i can’t even tell the difference if i’m over austria or spain or over oslo or rome.

Thanks, unfortunately I bought the MS Store version :frowning:

Ortho is free. The storage for it isn’t. Where do you get 20Tb from? My XP install is about 2Tb and contains approx half the planet in Ortho and TrueEarth scenery. So 4Tb for the entire planet? You could buy a 4Tb drive for about a hundred quid these days, probably less.

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Probably way too late to implement, but there is so much software out there in the cloud and otherwise that have at least a few versions available. You will see a version that is a ‘stable release’ and the newer ones available, but the jury is still out on. Those who don’t love new version s/w hassle will stick with the stable release while the ‘I need the latest and greatest’ folks iron out the bugs in the new stuff until it is deemed ‘stable’. IMO, it is a drawback of this new style cloud implementation that you can’t provide your customers a fall-back stable release. Even with my Adobe cloud stuff, I can and do have multiple versions. I seems like a step backwards in this regard. And as far as being ‘too late’ and ‘not possible’, it has to be possible in some regard as they do have a ‘beta’ program where people are using different versions for testing outside of a Microsoft/Asobo development team. Sorry for rambling. Just thinking out loud (in text form :slight_smile: ) of how this trouble seems unnecessary. OK I’m done.

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As a fellow old flight simmer (since the glorious FS II on the C64), I am sorry for your situation. I sincerely don’t have idea why so many people have problems with the new update. Luckily, apart from the (very) long time to download all the required files, in my case the sim seem performing very well, with a substantial increase in fps, and I also noticed a shorter time in loading the various screens.
You also like Farming Simulator, so you have a good alternative to spend leisure time, but my advice is to not completely abandon MSFS. Maybe check the forums in a week or two, to see if some issues are resolved. Otherwise (heresy…) you could buy an Xbox :slight_smile:

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I will, thank you sir. Do you figure, I’m just thinking about that : buying an X box :grin: . But I don’t think I will do that because bye bye Simbrief, Navigraph, SimToolKit, Air Hauler and many others… :frowning:

I’m really beginning to come back the stutters and CTDs being a long-term problem with MS servers. I flew this morning for two hours at 5AM to 7AM with no CTDs. Started it again at 9AM and immediately got stutters and eventually it crashed.

I fly over the same area each time. I can see the wired LAN speed really fluctuating as the stutters happen and then the crash. I’m hoping that after the Xbox surge slows, we’ll start to see better performance.

I’m over 60, it’s really not that difficult to get this game to install and run. Given the lack of technical information it’s not possible to assist but it can be done. Many will tell you that the difference in PC components give thousands of permutation that cause the issue when, in reality, most modern systems are basically the same irrespective of the name on the components. My system is nothing special or revolutionary and I am no engineer. The only thing I will say is this, restore your system to default, that is - re-install windows 10, do not install any garbage on your system, like Norton, optimizers, boosters or other proprietary rubbish that does nothing and start from there. Otherwise I agree, FS is fun.

The Xbox won’t be a savior here. I have seen posts all over the web on issues and crashes with Xbox also.

Fluctuations in your network speed is your ISP, not external servers.

If you could post a link to one of those posts that would be very helpful.

I totally get you, aaphebus! I don’t have any ctd on MSFS, never have. But I do see the oversaturated, blurred and bright textures, flat clouds, pop in and a lot of stuttering and what not. My experience was bad with SU3 but they fixed that in the end, even if it took some time. Other then that my experience has been really good with mostly ultra settings and so on. What I did then and will do now is take a break and wait for (hopefully) a patch/update that remedies all this. Do think this will take a long time since now it´s cross platform to consider. Personally I am not ready to give up quite yet, mostly because I really got sucked into this (when it works) unbelievable sim and have bought way to much scenery, airports and what not. Think I have 85 % of what’s on orbx alone for MSFS2020, don’t even dare look at the money spent :sweat_smile: In the meantime there are a lot of other good games to just have a good, relaxed time with. I am a old professional soldier so I too like playing without hassle and stress with the likes of this (for now) when having some time off.


I never got XEnviro for X-Plane 11 because I always struggled with frame rates with that sim and there was a consensus that whilst XEnviro looked good there was a massive deterioration in performance.

That is absolutely not true. I tested that multiple times and the activity on the LAN while running fluctuates from 10kB/s up to 500kB/s over a 15 minute span when all the stuttering is happening. Early in the morning, it has a steady 2Mb/s and no stuttering. Right after FS crashed, I downloaded a game on Steam at 25MB/s (yes B, not b). It is not my 1Gb fiber line or the ISP, unless Verizon doesn’t like MSFS for some reason and throttles it at random times.

I am sorry to have to put this a bit harsh, but you do have no idea where you are talking about. If you want to defend MSFS no problem, i really liked it myself when it worked, but use fair arguments.

Right there with you…I have a couple of threads about basically the same thing.

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Before you quit or leave for a break, maybe tr one thing. You can‘t start it anyway so it won‘t hurt.

Try this. It helped me 3 times now after sim and windows updates. It won‘t hurt your systen but seems to be a real life (or sim) saver.

Ignore my blabla, just use the link

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Totally agree with you on this. Like I said, total blast last week when flying the DC6 from Norway to Iceland and Iceland to St-Pierre-Et-Miquelon. Sometimes it can be really magic. And maybe that’s why I was filling so bad no being able to launch the thing again after SU5. I just wanted to fly my beloved bird again, but that’s the way it is :wink:

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But after a year you find out she complains about everything, leaves her stuff all over, spends all your money. I’d rather have the blow up doll