Time to say thank you

As well as there are times to speak out loud, there are others to recognize a good job.

It seems this SU7 has fixed the load problems for most of us.

Thank you Asobo


Thanks for making it run worse than before (for me, anyway). :+1:

Got my bush trips working, don’t wanna fly them anymore because I have to dial everything way down to get a decent frame-rate and it looks awful

…one step forward, two steps back.


To Asobo: Maybe saying ‘I love you folks!’ is a bit overboard…but, I LOVE YOU FOLKS!

From day one I said this was going to be HISTORIC and it has been.



I just wish we could get a handle on how it improves for some and gets worse for others. Mine improved (my GPU is taxed much less but the visuals are just as good) but I’ve seen others with close to my specs who are reporting degradations.

It would be nice if MSAsobo had an app that would take a snapshot of your PC while running MSFS and give you feedback on why it may be having problems. There are SO many possible differences between rigs and OS variances and the type of apps running in the background that it’s probably impossible for anyone to help another person diagnose their problems. Well, without a log file of course, but I digress.


The good news is MSFS continually gets better and better with age. The bad news is there is still nine more years of complaining. :grin:


For me, this was a fast download and a very good update…

But, I don’t mess around with the sim and I follow the guidelines to update…

I have had one CTD that I believe was associated to a third party addon…

Thank you Asobo / Microsoft…

DirectX 12 is poor but it is a beta and it will get better…

I am thoroughly enjoying FS2020.


I am thoroughly enjoying this update so far, it also retained my graphics settings and controls. The only part I had to change was the accessibility options, that was all, but easy as I have it on true to life.

I am running it maxed out on everything and the sim looks stunning, I am really happy that I can now actually use the hardware I purchased to run this as I wanted.

Excellent update.


For me this is easily the best game on PC for the past 2 years, it just destroys everything else. It is really incredible piece of engineering (from a programming perspective) and I think sometimes we take it for granted! what a sim.


Thanks for the F18!!!


I’m going crazy, many of us are having performance problems and around here saying that everything is fine? we are crazy? Before I was in 30 STABLE in dx11 now I am in 18-24fps Explain to me, I have restored all the settings.


I know you won’t like it but here the frame rate is about the same as before and things look better.
There’s still a lot that can be improved but it is a step forward. And I like my free pc-6 porter


Thank you Asobo for a great update. :hugs:


Same here - rock solid 30, all maxed out at 4k before update, now chugging to get near 30 in the same situations and airplanes… hopefully whatever happens gets fixed. I still enjoy the sim - just disappointed that the long touted update didnt make anything better.

Yes exactly, you are right and I am very happy it looks the way it does with the hardware to run it that way (which obviously many of us have forked out in spades to buy, for this sim).

That’s why they have given us countless sliders now, so it caters for all types of PCs.

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For me, really beautiful working everything, especially weather and clouds, amazing


I am totally convinced that those who say that the update works well have no idea or look at the FPS. I have it very clear. I have done a thousand tests and I have loss of fps with this update, I do not believe anything that you say works correctly for you.


Also, the night lighting now looks awesome as well, very realistic (I think).

A lot of settings got reset so worth checking them all.


Well there is! Turn on dev mode and enable the fps counter - really good snapshot of where the CPU and GPU are hitting their limits. That’s what I use to tune my system and settings.

The change in night lighting between su6 and su7 is amazing. It’s like night and even better night.