Too bright / colours washed VR

Hello there, anyone have issues with it being almost blinding in vr in some situations? And the colours are majorly washed out. Wish they would do something about this. Thanks.

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Thank you! Have you tested this yet?

Yes I am using it. VR is much better. Not perfick but better!


was just about to post something about the washed colors. for me the sim looks very lifeless (need more contrast and more vivid colors). if im flying around a jungle it just doesnt feel right, the greens look faded and the lack of contrast leaves a lot to be desired.
is there anything i can do to give it more punch? Using Quest 2

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I have used this trick for a while because without its really eye hurting.

But the image is still very bright, as the real sky is also, and thats the simple reason why every real life pilot have sunglasses at his hands.

And simply to reduce the brightness is also the wrong way in my opinion as the the night probably will become to dark.

So my wish to asobo/microsoft for a long long time now is: please give us virtual sunglasses.

Thank you.


Good idea!

Up until SU5 I had been using Virtual Desktop as it has a gamma adjustment, I run at 70% gamma and it looked brilliant. However I have been unhappy with performance since SU5 and am currently experimenting with going back to Oculus link and Oculus runtime. Initial impression is it is slightly smoother, but it is just so bright…

Erm… Has anyone - I’m getting desperate now… has anyone tried wearing actual sunglasses inside the headset? :grin:

Yes I have but the polarisation doesn’t quite work. I understand there is a hotfix in the works for this.

It would be more likely to work with unpolarised sunglasses, as the screens themselves might be horizontally polarised

Ah yes. great observation!

I have filed an amended request to Jorg.

I wearing glasses and need varifocal glasses. Having sunglasses with that cost me another grand. I also try neutral gray foil to reduce the overexposure, working but not very comfortable when weather changes or you catching the twilight.

Having virtual sunglasses would be much more elegant and real life like and the most appointing thing is that everything is already in the sim (remember the movable sunshades in the TBM improvement mod).

I have no idea why it becomes so difficult to implement this feature.

I do it most of the time, with the Pimax 5k+, both in FS2020 and Xplane… as I do it in real life, when i fly C172 on daytime…
Real sky is bright too when flying.

I’ve tried this as well now, can’t fit my sunglasses inside the Quest 2 though! Hopefully we get an adjustment slider or the virtual sunglasses soon…

Reducing the brightness to me is the wrong way because it reduces the white point, whereas the need is to reduce exposure instead: Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement - #280 by CptLucky8


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