Toolbar broken in VR

Not ignoring VR users, but known issues affecting a smaller population of the user base will be given a lower priority and weighting upon release. It’s the correct method to triage bugs unfortunately.

I’ve been in the software game for 23 years. I understand how difficult it can be to balance these things. The pressure of release deadlines can cause these issues to get pushed out.

Honestly I’m just disappointed I can’t play the game at the moment.

we are now a long time since release and the silence is deafening . Come on absobo say something . This is really getting irratating. Drop controller support put back the toolbar. Hotfix this . You can put back in the controller in 6 months time once you learn how to do it. I am patient but cannot stand poor communication. Yes I know they know about it. It was in the release notes!!! which is the galling thing’


Guys, if it makes you feel better, keep on venting. Asobo already knows about the issue. No matter how many people complain, it’s not going to change the fact that for reasons known only to them a business decision was made to release SU7 on schedule. Within any software company there is a constant struggle between Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Engineering. There is nothing that anyone on this forum can do to change that. Be patient. I have faith that they will get it fixed in due time.


Don’t blame Asobo. They’re a contractor. The deadlines, and ship-at-all-costs is coming from Microsoft.


Of course, I blame Asobo. It’s been days since they met that “deadline” (black Friday, anyone?) and no one has heard from them about a hotfix, and that is the main problem here, that total silence from them. Every company have a public relations office to handle “damage control” mainly, but this total silence in my eyes, makes them the most arrogant company in the business, and as a customer, I will never forget that. I be d…d if I am going to spend a single penny in their Market place ever again. Orbx, SimMarket, any other place but Marketplace. Remember the walk of shame in GOT? I can picture the Queen wearing an Asobo t-shirt…


NO It does not work. Already tried a hundred times

Ehm, we actually never heard ever anything from Asobo here in the Froum.
This is Microsoft alone, more precisely the XBOX Game Studios that are running the show and exclusively managing the community communication.

Asobo was just contracted by Microsoft to program the Sim, but the whole marketing, release policy and communication is strictly MS.
Looks like some important decissionmaker got extended holidays around Thanksgiving and every communication has to wait.
Most inacceptable, but definitely Microsoft side to blame for, not Asobo.


Iv been away for a few days got back hoping to hear about a hotfix for this maddness…How wrong was i :frowning:

Judging by the quality I suspect the VR controller support was added by an intern late one Friday afternoon. What’s been coded is certainly not a serious attempt at VR controller support and is a universe away from what the competition provide.


Same here, VR is unplayable with all the windows in the view. Neither keyboard, nor mouse, nor vr controller are working to get rid of the windows. Fix it asap MS or Asobo!!!

Another day zero communication get your act together Asobo get rid of vr controllers revert back and hotfix please.

But they DID fix… Oh wait, they fixed Reno cheating exploit. :smirk:

As of yet is there any method to remove controller detection from within MSFS? The mouse is my only other input beside my Logitech x52. That combination is my choice even with access to the controllers. If I could disable the vr controllers I’m sure that would take care of my current issues.

Not only that, buddy. The A320 is unusable on VR, i can’t takeoff on autopilot becasue it goes wrong, instead of climb into the selected altitude, it goes down and crash on the city. And i was flying from Bogota to Tocumen Aiport (Finally added as an add-on) and a few mintues before start descending into PTY the plane started to lose speed and altitude quickly, had to make an emergency landing on the ground, and guess what? The rudders start becoming real crazy, going left to right all the time, the plane was even crazier in ground than in the air. I don’t know if this just happend to me or there’s anyone having the same problem here?

If your talking about the default A320 Download the FBW A320 its a million times better than the default

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@Jummivana I refuse to sit here and be ignored like the rest of us. You must have an update on this issue. We have asked politely and recieved no response at all…

Doctor, Doctor, I am constantly being ignored!

The next please …
It’s a bittersweet symphony but take it easy. There is nothing you can do. Just the old game, sometimes you lose, sometimes others win, that’s life.

only hours away from the posponed regular Development Update we can’t expect any seperate feedback on this issue anymore.
It is now - at best - channeled in the regular bug-log workflow and with some luck it will adressed sooner or later.

Overall this was and is a remarkable example how poor the communication with community is when it comes to unfomfortable questions and bugs.
And at the same time it shows how little valued the VR pilots are.
More than 550 votes and no official statement.
But 42 votes on Multiplayer disapearing in Reno had them release a hotfix right away.

Sad, but unfortunately truth, apparently…

It makes me wish they would have sold VR support as paid DLC. IT would work perfectly by now for sure…


Hot fix coming oh its Reno not us. Display driver problems response on these forums within hours .this game breaking fault silence .


I removed the batteries from the controllers and at least I could use Yoke and the mouse. I can’t believe I can’t normally play the game I paid for…

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