Toolbar broken in VR

Toolbar Broken in VR - While using a VR headset and controllers, you are unable to select any of the options in the toolbar menu, or they appear to do nothing.

The team has confirmed and identified the issue. A fix is in place for an upcoming release.

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I guess that means February?

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Better yet, remove SU7 altogether

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Here is your opportunity to help.

I guess “Steam MSFS” is out of the equation…

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With respect to most of the problems introduced as a result of SU7, this has been the reply

“A fix is in place for an upcoming release.”

Anyone care to elaborate on what this might mean, in terms of a timeframe?

Here is a workaround to use VR (tested with HP Reverb G2)
Open Options → General Options → Camera → set Home Cockpit Mode to ON

You will see, that you are sitting way behind the joke, the space key (or which ever key is your reset button for VR cam) is not working.

Two possibilities:

  • Start VR in the Main Menu - move you head a bit backwards and hit your reset button, now sit normaly - you will be relatively normaly positioned (as before)
  • start the flight, start VR now hit ESC - here you are able to hit your reset button

Some key bindings as set baro with “B” are not working, but we are able to enjoy VR!

+++++++Additional content for Bushtrips+++++++
The flight plan will not be loaded if you are using the WT G1000 mod - sad, but it is the case.
Got to
Profile-> Content Manager
Search for G1000 and uninstall the Garmin G1000 NXI addon

Now the flight plan is loaded to the original G1000

After landing, confirm you landing and !DO NOT GO TO MAIN MENU! - click continue and WAIT until the white line appears on your VFR Map. Now you can enjoy the next leg or exit to main menu.
If you resume the trip, the flight plan is loaded.

Best Regards


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As I said: it is now part of the general workflow, will not be hotfixed bit instead has to wait for a later release

At least they will give us a test build on monday.
Lets hope it is not restricted in other fields amd we can actually test their results and help polish them before final release.

This sounds lile a promising idea.
Stable build for those without issues PR who are happy with them sim as it is
Developer build for those with issues and early adopters who are willing to test and report.

I hope it works out!

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No test build for me as I am on PC (game pass)

Hmm, you sure you are not included?
I understand it that way, that only STEAM users are left behind.

Always considered GamePass users as Marketplace users.

I bought my copy on marketplace, so I am in but as said, I expect you will have that option as well.
I think this is exclusively because MS has to make sure that only regular owners can access.
As they can’t evaluate steam customers, they are not included. But everyone else should be easily legitimated by MS.

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Try another aircraft. CTRL-0 only works if there aren’t 9+ instrument views defined for the aircraft you’re flying. For example, I had to mod the Caravan to make it work.

I’m awaiting the Hotfix patch notes as the word MOUSE is missing from the Dev update in the section devoted to this very topic…

Same here! Control panel and windows like Map, etc. are not move/usable in VR anymore. Further, FS2020 often crashes when I activate VR with Strg+Tab in the game (mostly at the time i activate the VR Controller (HTC Vive)). Before U7 i had no problems with VR at all.

What an anti-climax “game of the year edition”, It seems to be the complete opposite “worst game of the year edition”. VR is completely ruined. not only does the toolbar not work with mouse interaction, controlling and interacting with flight control switches, knobs and buttons is also completely dysfunctional. No way to be able to enjoy VR flying. Strange inexplicable things also happen in normal mode (A320 engine overheating??).
I’ve great respect for the achievements of MS/Asobo with MSFS, but I begin to doubt their professionalism and competence with regard to quality control, before releasing updates.
I guess it is the usual, QC cost money, effort and time, a new update with a shiny name gives (perhaps) more paying customers.


Have a look at my workaround - with that you should be able to enjoy VR

Those work arounds get reset every time you either touch the keyboard or the hat in your yoke when switching to external view. I can’t fly like that. I assume you are talking about the CTRL-0 +middle mouse. The other “work around” that was talked about, switching to home cockpit settings, keeps you from being able to click on knobs and switches. Sometimes those clicks work until you touch something else and everything gets out of whack. I completely lose the immersion when I have to walk such a fine line. Supposedly it has been fixed already and Asobo is waiting for “testers” to sign up and they will release the patch on Monday (to testers). Fix is on the way. It will not fix their reputation thought. They have a long walk ahead of them to re gain their base trust.


Great, two days to update MSFS due to errors during installation, then when I can finally use it I get stuck with windows on the screen that I cannot move or close and the toolbar that is not working.
Quite a step backwards, considering that it was working before this update… :roll_eyes: and I was even happy that finally they got the VR controllers working. Pity I can’t fly in VR now.

And here I thought I give MSFS another chance… after nearly a year of “let´s wait and hope they do a good job”…

Pitty, everything useless if the basic VR function are compromised!! Worthless, clearly not qualified for GOTY

Please Report this also to Zendesk, so they know about the problems. I suggested them to make the updates on optional base, so everyone can decide if downloading or not, or maybe later, when major problems and bugs are fixed… now with VR it’s not worth it to Play with all the issues.

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According to the leaked patch notes this issue is Fixed in the upcoming Hotfix.